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Topic Subject:Hardcore setting for patch!
posted 10 April 2003 06:46 AM EDT (US)         
Im a bit worried after reading some threads that some units might be totally whimps to balance things up in any coming patch.
Take the kraken unit for instance,its a sea monster for crying out loud!Its supposed to wreck ships by the dozens!!
I dont want any patch to make it equivalent to a bass in strength so i vote for that there should be 2 settings in AOM,one for those that play competively on any ladder,and one for all casual gamers.

That way the game and all units can be balanced so not one civ have any units that makes it unfair and much easier to win for one player in hardcore gaming and the players that just play for fun get to keep the powerful units like they should be,at least for a game of fun against the computer.

posted 10 April 2003 06:57 AM EDT (US)     1 / 10       
I was thinking the same thing about having the 2 setting for aom hardcore/casual. Casual gaming is actually better with (slightly) overpowered units, not that most people would notice at that level. They also generally prefer stronger building etc.

The kraken may need to be strong to be realistic but it doesn't have to be cheap as well.

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posted 10 April 2003 04:23 PM EDT (US)     2 / 10       
Ya... good idea, the only thing is that they might not tone down the kraken they just will make it really expensive... thats what I would do at least...
posted 10 April 2003 04:43 PM EDT (US)     3 / 10       
i hear that Fangor(about the Kracken)
posted 10 April 2003 04:50 PM EDT (US)     4 / 10       


The players that just play for fun get to keep the powerful units like they should be,at least for a game of fun against the computer.

They already can. Single player/casual people have the most flexibility. Its VERY simple to alter techs/units (I think Vachu's editor makes it even easier but I haven't tried it). When I don't feel like playing online I usualy take out my notepad and start playing around with my proto/techtree file and enjoy having custom changes like everything 1pop with -90% cost and training time on every single unit and fast building rates, or an AoE type mode with everything 1 pop and incredibly strong buildings and ability to build Town Centers anywhere, or mass MU wars with super MU battles. The possibilitys are endless for SP/casual people.

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posted 10 April 2003 04:51 PM EDT (US)     5 / 10       
The kraken should be changed. Even though I think it's cool and I play loki, krakens are just wayy to overpowered. 2 krakens can wipe out a fleet.

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posted 10 April 2003 05:10 PM EDT (US)     6 / 10       
not that i thinkit is needed but i dont care just make sure rated is on the hardcore setting

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  • MurphGuitar
    (id: Sir William of Pork)
    posted 10 April 2003 05:20 PM EDT (US)     7 / 10       
    Celois could you please explain how you edit that stuff? How do you make it so you can build a TC anywhere? And especially the make-every-unit-one-pop, how do you do that?
    posted 10 April 2003 05:24 PM EDT (US)     8 / 10       
    Sure, its pretty easy. Let me go write up some pretty simple steps. I'll edit this post and put it in here when i'm finished

    1. You'll need AoMED and for easier usage you should use BAR Explorer
    2. Use BAR explorer to open located in .../Age of Mythology/data folder3
    3. Extra proto.xmb and optionaly techtree.xmb and use AoMED to convert these files to .XML using 'Direct Conversion;
    4. Open the proto.xml with Notepad to start editing. Techtree is for techs/advancements.

    Now for editing stuff.

    For population you would find the unit you want and look for <populationcount></populationcounter> and just edit the number. Like an chimera is <populationcount>4</populationcount> you would edit 4 to 1. To make things go faster for changing -EVERY- unit you can use Replace All (CTRL+H) but its only avaible to Windows XP Notepad. To change everything, Enter in <populationcount>5</populationcount> and set it to replace with <populationcount>1</populationcount> which would edit everything with 5pop to 1. Just edit the number down until you get to 1 and volia, every unit would be 1 pop. Of course considering the file is quite big it may appear that notepad has crashed and may even say its not responding but it is.

    For changing TC to be built anywhere you would look for the unit "Settlement Level 1" and remove the folling tags for it:
    Although theres an problem with the graphic when you build it, there isn't the normal building construction area but rather an completely built TC on fire.

    Theres plenty other things you can do such as making Anubite jump all the way across the map or making Medusa have an special recharge in like 0.10seconds or whatever.

    Now to make your changes take effect you take the proto.xml and put it in your .../Age of Mythology/Data folder. Beware though, you can't play online with these changes although you can play with someone over LAN/Direct IP if you send them the file and have them put it in the data folder. To remove, make sure you delete the proto.xml AND proto.XMB which is generated by AoM as soon as you load it.

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    [This message has been edited by Celois (edited 04-11-2003 @ 01:10 PM).]

    posted 11 April 2003 10:28 AM EDT (US)     9 / 10       
    Good post Celois,thanks.
    The Dover Demon
    posted 11 April 2003 11:43 AM EDT (US)     10 / 10       
    The AoMED link doesn't work.
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