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Topic Subject:AoM VS Warcraft III...showdown!
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posted 25 July 2003 02:01 PM EDT (US)         
Which do you think is better, gameplay wise? I personally prefer AoM: I think WC3 is too slow. But what do you think (Q: does this belong in Heluiim)
posted 28 July 2003 11:01 AM EDT (US)     31 / 40       
pure rushing??? lol if ur good it doenst

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  • KRool
    posted 28 July 2003 07:22 PM EDT (US)     32 / 40       
    Isn't it the most pure rushing if 95% of winning goes from the effectivness of your early rush?

    At least in my view, that's rock/paper/scissors combined, which shouldn't happen in RTS. Economy should beat Military power, Time advantage should beat Economical Power and Military should beat Rushing - but it doesn't because some units are so fast. Normally rushers face the disadvantage of needing to run over to the enemy... Ok, forgot that 50% of that rushing depends on having the earlier forward base... ... ...
    Ack, forget it, don't start me on ranting about the implementation of rock/paper/scissors in AoM, that's it's real downside, WC3 and RoN are much better on that.

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    Anyone There
    posted 29 July 2003 01:26 AM EDT (US)     33 / 40       
    Aom is much better.
    WC3 isn't even a strategy game, it's a damn RPG with a couple of units hastily thrown in to follow your super hero around.
    But, the WC campaign just kicked so much ***, Blizzard does their cinematics like no one else.
    posted 29 July 2003 06:15 AM EDT (US)     34 / 40       

    War3 > AoM

    Unit design is most important thing in RTS in terms of FUN.
    Units in Aom are all the same. Yes they look different and have different stats but have no special abilities. Aom is not bad game, but this is big minus, because game gets boring really fast. I can only pump units from barracks all the time ... this is not Funny. This is reason why War3 is 10x popular than AoM.

    aom dude
    posted 29 July 2003 06:28 AM EDT (US)     35 / 40       
    That is the reason why you dont belong in this forum.
    I like the units in warcraft, but AOM is more realistic. And I think the unit designt is pretty good.

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    posted 29 July 2003 07:17 AM EDT (US)     36 / 40       


    ...the multiplayer really sux. Its just massing units! Whoever masses the most expensive unit wins!


    Don't post such things in a thread like this without playing each game online for a while and becoming better than lvl 6!

    If you can adapt and play a game without fixing on the same units you will get many completely different wc3 games (with TFT). And the most expensive unit isn't the best lol. taurens get OWNED by simple air unis for example.

    The feeling of beeing in a story is way better in warcraft through it's scenario. I miss the "commander in mythology battles" feeling in AoM. Actually I miss the mythology feeling at all...

    AoM is a great game I really enjoy to play but I have very bad online experience with it. ESO just sux and lags.

    Even if is plagued by, as I call them, "Fatal Morons" (total idiots building no units, telling you they don't play to make you lose, making no anti air when air comes etc (I've lost 13 games cause of those)extreme noobs with 30% winning rate) and its matchmaking sux (as lvl 10 you still play with lvl 4 in team games- between lvl 10 and lvl 4 is a huge experience difference)I enjoy playing with it because it never lagged, there are always 20000-40000 peeps online (Frozen Throne)and you can chat, and find friends easily.

    I think this also falls under gameplay. The game idea is completely different so when i want to play more epic I play AoM and if i want to feel like in a book i play Warcraft...

    I can't await World of Warcraft... That won't let me stand up from my computer for hours and hours...

    We will see how ES can fix the mythology lack in The Titans which really really really seems to be so cool that i throw my warcraft CDs away.

    To put that all in a nutshell I would say that warcraft has deeper feeling than AoM providing you fun for longer time, also through its good online enviroment.
    But if you take the time to learn AoM you will get better and more interesting games.

    Anyway as I say too all people I know : Get both, you won't be dissapointed!

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    posted 29 July 2003 10:04 AM EDT (US)     37 / 40       
    First time I've posted in a long time (I've actualley been playing WC3)

    They are both very good games. WC3 has a RPG feel to it and the heroes play a major part. The games also end quicker and many of the units have powers. (Mortar Teams and their Flares, all the spellcasting units such as the Priest and Sorceress.)

    AoM's units do look better but the cinematics stink. I do like AoM's economy better. AoM requires less micro. AoM actualley seems easier to me or maybe just because I've played it longer. Overall, they are both very good games and I do not like one over the other.

    posted 29 July 2003 10:59 AM EDT (US)     38 / 40       
    I can't play this game online anymore because it's so monotone. You lose all your creativity. In 1v1 follow a BO then build barracks pump some rc and ta then rush.(cant play team games because none of my friends play on ESO) Best rusher and constant flow of units win. AoM is overally a very good game but I just get bored playing online. I'm at the moment waiting for TT maybe it can help me get rid of that feeling.

    In other ways playing with my friends is better because when you play against them they don't rush like crazy sometimes they turtle usually boom but apply different strategies.

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    posted 29 July 2003 04:07 PM EDT (US)     39 / 40       
    Personally, I prefer Warcraft 3 since it offers more action. During battle, we have to control a lot of things, like casting spell, using items, running the hero,etc. Likewise, it gives us a real feeling of fighting.

    Moreover, War3 is more original with complete new concepts (for RTS of course):heroes, items, creeps, a lot of spells/ability. And they have AIR UNITS. The list can go on and on ...

    However, AoM is still a great game, but not as fun as War3.

    aom dude
    posted 29 July 2003 04:33 PM EDT (US)     40 / 40       
    I would play an RPG if i wanted items and spells.

    AoM no air units? Niddhog, roc, phoenix. Play the game before you post

    It's lame to quote yourself - aom dude
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