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Age of Mythology Heaven » Forums » Strategy and General Discussion » The 36245th Set topic
Topic Subject:The 36245th Set topic
posted 31 July 2003 02:33 AM EDT (US)         
People say that only high ranking player who are good at micro can use Set well. Here are the Set bonuses:
1. Priests can convert animals
2. Pharoahs summon animals
3. Free hyena at starting and free animals every age
4. Slingers +10% hp and hack armour
5. Migdol strongholds cost 25% less
6. Archers train20% faster
I don't really think that it takes a 1800 player to take advantage of bonuses 3-6, and even players who aren't as good at micro can take advantage of 2, even if he cannot use it fully. I haven't used Set online and have met very few good Set players, but even on paper he seems overpowered, and I think he can be nerfed without making him underpowered for lower ranking players. What do you think?
P.S.: The game info needs to be updated, the Set slinger bonus is still 20% hp on Game info.

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posted 31 July 2003 02:43 AM EDT (US)     1 / 7       
heroes realy should get their bonus against set animals back.
posted 31 July 2003 02:45 AM EDT (US)     2 / 7       
Perhaps not the full bonus. A jason used to kill hyenas in one hit. It should be x2 or x3.
posted 31 July 2003 03:52 AM EDT (US)     3 / 7       
I think if they made it so Set's animals took 1.5 as long to build/convert in the first age it would fix the early Set rushes.

But.. Who knows...

Giving heroes a bonus against animals would mean Loki would be able to dominate Sets rush wouldn't it?

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posted 31 July 2003 05:18 AM EDT (US)     4 / 7       
Another imbalance with Set is that MU's can't use their special attack on them.

For example a Minotaur can use his special on human soldiers and even certain MU's like Cyclops, Einherjarls and Avengers!

But he can't do that to a bunch of monkies and hyenas, why?
If he could use that attack a monkey or even a crocodile would die in one shot instead of taking 4-6 hits on the minotaur before he kills them!

Anyway, there have been so many different suggestions about how to nerf Set that I don't think ES will not know what to do.

posted 31 July 2003 06:07 AM EDT (US)     5 / 7       


'The 36245th Set topic'

But actually when I said that another post was the 36364th Set topic (which was true). There have been 2 more set posts since that makes this the 36367th Set post.

Well back on topic. I think heros should have the bonus against the summoned animals given back. They count as MUs that's wahy other MUs can't use their special attack, so heroes should get a bonus. Not as big a bonus as before but enough to make animals counterable. Maybe a x1.5, like Zeus' hopps vs. buildings. At least it give animals a counter that doesn't damaged you're eco (i.e. vills to counter them).

Don't judge those who try and fail.
Judge only those who fail to try.
posted 31 July 2003 09:52 AM EDT (US)     6 / 7       
I didn't exactly check the number, I put in anything that comes to my mind.
posted 31 July 2003 11:33 AM EDT (US)     7 / 7       
Threads like this make AoMh look stupid.
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