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Topic Subject:Although matty said the reason,I still think it's wrong
posted 30 September 2003 03:51 PM EDT (US)         
Confirmed: RC in Titan get boosted.

They gain 5% more hack armor.

The new Rc status will be:

Hack damage 8.HP 105.HA 20%,PA 34%.

I asked matty why such a change.

He said since in XPack every civil can build TC in classic,Norse wont be willing to mass RCs.They need builders.

However,I think rushing will beat booming if booming side has no good unit to counter rushing.

I dont have good sense about Atlanteans units yet.Let's think about old civils.

For greek,the available option is Hippikon or hoptlite for against RC.In AOM hippikon lose to RC popwise and cost wise.Hoplite may win,but when you want to mass hoplite,you need a lot of food and will you still have enough resource to grab extra TC?Even if you have that much resource,can your villagers finish the building before the massed RC coming?They are fast enough.with raven's help,it's easily to get LOS on 2 TCs.Further more,in Patch 1.07 you will lose resource for losing partly built buildings.I suspect that is also implemented in Xpack.

For egypt,RC beat both spearman and camel pop effectively,makes Egypt has no counter units for RC in AOM.Now the situation is even worse.

All on all,the purpose is to beat opponent,not grabbing TC.

When you have extra TC,but has no right unit to counter opponent's unit,it will be terrible.

Also TheMoonGoat said,Thunder hooves is nerfed.Originally it give Rc 20% more HP,now only 10%.

Let's check the hack HP of a RC between AOM and AOMX.

Regular RC(AOM): 123.53

Regular RC(AOMX):131.25

Meduim RC(AOM):135.30

Meduim RC(AOMX):143.75

Regular RC with thunder hooves(AOM):148.23

Regular RC with thunder hooves(AOMX):143.75

Medium RC with hunder hooves(AOM):160.69

Meduim RC with thunderhooves(AOMX):157.5

With thunderhooves,old RC will win 3 to 5 HP,however,without it,RC will win by 8.

I think RC will be a even bigger issue in AOM Titan.Even Norse players admit RC is overpowered units but it's compensation for weak TA(sb also say ulf which I dont think so).

But ES make the imbalance even larger by boost RC and weaken TA,which sound wierd to me.

What do you think?

posted 30 September 2003 04:03 PM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
Don't lose sleep over it, from the looks of things Norse got nerfed big time and Eggy got some help, not that Isis really needed it but anyway, the point is Norse are worse off in the XPac. Lets play the game and see how everything stacks up and then judge if Norse, if anything, might need a boost (Throwing Axeman need help against Axeman/Hypaspists!).

The following statement is true. The previous statement is false.
posted 30 September 2003 04:15 PM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
I dont say norse the whole civil is imbalanced.I can see TA is pretty useless aginst anything.
However,the RC is just too powerful.
In aom or aomx,RC will beat almost every unit except swine array ulf,horus spearman,prodomos,myrm and maybe Ra's desert wind camel.
On the other hand,TA lose to all cavalry(maybe prodomos is exception),All archer,and most infantry.Even what they should defenitely counter: Hoplite can fight them fairy well.
It was the problem in AOM,now it's enlarged in AOMX.
I say it's wrong.
posted 30 September 2003 04:44 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
What's an RC?
posted 30 September 2003 05:33 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
Raiding Cavalry and I agree it is a pretty dumb idea to boost the rc. They already beat hipps pop and cost effectively and spearman pop effectively. Capturing another tc will mean didily squat if your population is 60. I doubt that you'll even be able to capture a foward tc as greek without taking a hard hit to your economy making your new tc wrothless. Besides, it doesn't take that many units to take a foward tc. A norse player could do it with half a dozen infantry now and still his army of RC would come up even with an army of hipps.

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posted 30 September 2003 06:08 PM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
es playtesters are sucky, get used to it
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