posted 03 October 2003 04:21 AM EDT (US)   
I have just been away from home for 1 week and have been without internet. I got back a couple of hours ago, go on the net and OMIGOD!!!!!The front page of AOMH is full of news, I go on General Discussions and it is ONLY Titans stuff. And to make it even worse, I am in Australia and Titans isn't out for two weeks! As if this isn't enough torture, my ISP has changed something and my modem is not supported by the new system and is only connecting at 28.8kbps, hardly a speed for any type of gaming. I now have to buy a new modem for at least $50. I HAVEN'T PLAYED A GAME OF AOM FOR A MONTH bcos of my slow internet. I am going crazy. I absolutely can't wait for titans. And no, I won't get it off Kazaa or whatever, I pay for my games.