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Topic Subject:trouble for Anti in Classic?
posted 26 January 2004 03:37 AM EDT (US)         
i'll start by saying i'm a Norse(Thor)player.

the next patch is making a change.

specificly.....Ulfsarks, Hoplite, Murmillos and Spearman received damage bonus increase vs. Turma.(actually, i didn't know any of them did bonus damage in the first place)

i don't presume to know how much this bonus is. but i hope it was tested in the following situations.

Anti vs Eggy in Classic:

1: Anti builds Turma + CB(i don't see why Anti would build Katas in Classic vs Eggy, but they may build Murms). Eggy builds all Spears getting a few upgrades(say the medium up plus obviously a pierce armor up)along the way. the Spears do bonus damage vs both of Anti's units that in turn both do pierce damage.

2: Anti builds Murms in place of either the Turma or CB.
dosen't seem like much of a problem there either. Eggy need only add a few of their uber Axemen that will have the same pierce armor upgrade. plus the Spears and Axes have 40% hack armor. although i think this situation is better then the previous, i'd say Anti will come out lossing. as a note, i don't play Eggy but for all i know a Spear spam may work hear too.

Anti vs Greek in Classic:

this one is a little more compilcated as i believe Hops recieve no bonus damage vs CB. in this case Anti can contend by not Turma spamming.

1: Anti builds Turma + Kata. Greek spams Hops.

2: Anti builds Turma + Murma. a Hop spam might work here too.

3: Anti builds Turma + CB. this is gonna be wood intensive.
i have seen this done but how long can that be sustained. i'll bet Gaia will be able to though.

Anti is gonna have to go with either Kata + CB or Murma + CB vs Greek. so how cost effective are CB? i can imaging that even before the patch, one or both of those two combos would have been used and found to be effective or not. but i don't play either of those civs so perhaps someone else can comment on that.

Anti vs Norse:

1: Anti builds Turma + CB. LOL....GG NEWB! 30 RC win in a laughable way.

i'm not gonna go much deeper into Anti vs Norse. the situation pretty much remains the same for the Norse. there's no way you can sustain an RC + Ulf combo. we can only hope the nerf Kata and Turma recieved is enough to make RC + TA effective vs Turma + Kata/Murma. or that an Anti player is dumb enough to spam Turma.

it seems Eggy is in a very good position vs Anti. Ra revisited? Greeks may do well vs Oranos/Kronos. Rise of Gaia? well anyhow, just food for thought. i'm sure there's a ton of holes in the above. so comments are welcome.

posted 26 January 2004 04:46 AM EDT (US)     1 / 4       
Atties can just beat norse by massing murmillos(if everything else fails). Norse need an anti infantry unit that can actually beat anti-cavalry infantry. Hopefully ES will realise this.

But i agree that atties will have an uber hard time against egyptians with the new patch.

Greeks are ok. All single unit spams beat mixed armies. Greeks vs atties will be pretty balanced. Again here, murmillos is the key to victory(they can beat toxotes in open field).

ESO name : Relaxing

Eisai ellinas? Tote ela sto

posted 27 January 2004 11:49 AM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
in Classic, other then cav. the single unit spam didn't work for the most part. but that's more then likely cause no civs in AOM had a great cav counter until Heroic. with AOT the Atlantians changed that with Kata.

with the recent nerf of TA Eggy, for instance, might be to able to spam Axemen vs a Norse. now once the patch is released Eggy might be able to spam Spears vs an Attie. it's kinda funny how ES realized the potential problem of Husk vs CB and gave CB a higher multiplier vs Husk. i think that an Attie may be in big trouble vs an Eggy player. but hopefully ES thought of this as they thought of the Husk vs CB and did a good amount of testing.

posted 29 January 2004 00:03 AM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
well according to another former hear at AOH Spears got less of a bonus then the other units that recieved one. hopfuly it's enough to force them to build more then Spears in Classic vs an atti.
posted 29 January 2004 00:26 AM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
OOOOOOOOH i finally realized that anti meant Atlantean. For a while i thought you were talking about your mother's sister.

I told you I'd be back.
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