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Age of Mythology Heaven » Forums » Strategy and General Discussion » Isis and the other eggys + monument protection + titan gate
Topic Subject:Isis and the other eggys + monument protection + titan gate
posted 12 February 2004 05:15 AM EDT (US)         
I think ES really screw up this thing.
We are all thinking about 1v1 games, outbalanced this and that. But it is not the case just the concept is wrong.
First of all let us see Isis' monument protection. Seems to be quite a nice bonus and actualy it is a nice bonus. But then the way it is granted a bit sily.
First of all it should be a research which cost res. After all it blocks GPs for *free*. And in my opinion all eggys should be able to research it. I would put the research available in heroic but their range should be extended.
I feel pretty much unbalanced (EDIT: incorrect word, one sided) the Titan situation. I have never lost to a norse titan. Guess why: they have never been able to build one. When they could the game was anyway a gg. So stupid that they cannot build it with their villagers (I mean hell! How to protect it???? Or how to protect your villagers when you build the gate?)
Ok: coming back to the monument protection. There is one additional thing necessary: either ALL gates should have a protection range OR Isis (or eggys) should loose it while building the gate.
It is very annoying in 2v2, 3v3 games (where the game easily goes until Mythic/Titan) that the weakest but untouchable noob Isis player, who is covered by his mates and by the terrain (for ie: watering hole) builds the titan and sends his roc to the other's gate to meteor shower it.
Actualy this happened to me many times and there is nothing you can do against it. Isis will build his titan always while you loose yours most probably.
Personaly I prefer the idea to have the gates protected from GPs. Double edged weapon...
OR it would be even better to prevent god powers from ALL players including the one who has the protection. That would bring real fun to the game and more strategy to the use of the monuments. Or: it should block at least your teammates GPs (so if somehow I reach the gate with a large troop they dont get cursed and lightning stormed).

I know, I know. It sounds as a complaint. But it is not! I feel the game pretty playable right now and very much balanced. Just these kind of modification would bring some colors to the real multi games. Would make the game less one sided.

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posted 12 February 2004 05:49 AM EDT (US)     1 / 7       
I do see your point. And its one of the only reasons Id pick Isis these days. They did nerf the range of the protection in the last patch. But most of the gps that one would consider to use on the gate can be cast out of range. It bothers me a lot more earlier in the game when Im in her base and cant us gps.

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posted 12 February 2004 07:04 AM EDT (US)     2 / 7       
u think its unbalnced cause u can't beat an Isis Titan?

try knocking down the monuments first

posted 12 February 2004 08:01 AM EDT (US)     3 / 7       
Ed: please read the FULL article.

It is not that I cannot beat. EDIT: it is about the fact that all the game are the same, whether I win or not.

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posted 12 February 2004 12:06 PM EDT (US)     4 / 7       
Well With Isis you have to take some things inot account before you all go on the Nerf Isis thing.

1.When Original AOM came out...Isis Monuments blocked GP''s her MAIN Bonus..ES never intended or foresaw this being used to an Unfair advantage in the Titans with the Construction of Titan Gates.

2.Best way to Balance this is...Make GP's NOT be able to Destroy a Titan Gate IE:Meteor, EarthQuake, Tornado, Lighting Strom, and any other GP CAN"T hurt a Titan Gate.

this does 2 things

1.Takes away some of Isis Advantage without Nerfing Her Monuments anymore.

2.Makes it easier and more Viable for Norse to build a Titan.

I think this makes things fair because there is alot of GP's that don't even Hurt Titans at all...think the only GP's that Hurt titans are Earthquake, Lighting Storm, and Bolt, Implode for Example doesn't effect titans, neither does Shockwave or meteor

Thinks this would slove the problem

posted 12 February 2004 02:42 PM EDT (US)     5 / 7       
well if u could beat it u wouldn't be cry'n about it.

i only see post, no article

posted 12 February 2004 08:05 PM EDT (US)     6 / 7       
Eh, I think it is fair for Isis. Main god bonus, also you can take out monuments and use gp then. Also, only some gods bonuses to titan strength, like zeus's hera's monstrous rage.
The unbalanced parts are norse not being able to use villagers, or having to completly ruin there economy with ragnorok. The only thing I think that is needed, is a way to see the range on those stupid monuments, because I can spend 20 seconds on trying to see if FF works.
Doesn't Hel have some minor bonuses for a titan?
If anything else, it is that Isis gets 2 free bonuses for her titan. Monument protection and eclipse. But it isn't bad. I don't complain.
I think that this can be balance better by giving a higher favor cost to a titan for eggies. Like 75 favor instead of 50.
Or Maybe norse need less favor cost, because of the favor, it is impossible to fast titan with them.

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posted 12 February 2004 09:42 PM EDT (US)     7 / 7       
Well Norse building with Military is a ADVANTAGE..but it is also a disadvantage later in the game...norse isn't a Late game civ

for example...Egypt relying on Gold to build buildings is a Great ADVANTAGE EARLY in the game...but once the Gold mines run out and you have to rely on trade this gold Dependancy becomes a DISADVANTAGE

much like Norse Military being able to Build buildings is an Advantage early because they don't have to take villes of their econ to build buildings thus they can easily throw up longhouses all over the map and take that map control in early classical to Late Herioc age...but later in the Game...nore military building buildings is a Disadvantage..when earlier in the game was an Advantage

The Atlanteans Econ is an Advantage early in the game...but the longer the game goes on...Egypt, Greek, and Norse Surpass Atlantean Econ even with Equal upgrades Because Egypt, Greek, And Norse Villes can gather more Efficently with Econ techs where as Atlantean Citizens only gather faster, but not more Efficently hence Atlantean Econ is at a Disadvantage later in the game where they had an Advantage early in the game

Greeks Wood Dependancy is a Disadvantage Early on...but the Longer the Game goes on..wood Dependacy becomes an Advantage for Greeks as Gold and such isn't as important as it is for Egypt for Example and their is almost always ample wood which means Greek Wood Dependacy becomes an Advantage later in the game...when it was a Disadvantage early.

what im saying is Every Civ has it's Advantages and disadvantages....or the Game would be unBalanced...With Norse i feel you gotta be "agressive" early on to be sucessful with them...if Against Atlantean hurry to Hero and get Hillfort units to fight Atlantean..if Against Egypt play a raiding game on the gold mines and do a Brisk Hero, if against Greeks fight them in classical just depends on the civ you use...and you gotta find out what civ you use and how to best use that civs advantages to the max while hiding your civs disadvantages and take full benifit of your civs bonuses i think

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