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Topic Subject: Age Of Mythology Heaven FAQ & Guide
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posted 19 March 2004 05:17 PM EDT (US)   
Due to the sheer number of Sticky threads in General Discussions, we felt that compiling them all into one location was wise. Therefore, the AoMH Moderators will be updating this as new information is acquired.

Hopefully you can find the answer to all your question here. If not, feel free to post!


Age of Mythology Heaven

  • Age of Mythology Heaven Forums
  • Age of Mythology Heaven on ESO
  • Age of Mythology Heaven Ladders
    The AoM Basics
  • Stats
  • Misc
  • Newbie Guides
  • Gameplay Basics
    -The Titan
    -The Manual
  • Game Interface
  • Strategy
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  • General Multiplayer
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    Recorded Games
  • Basics
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    User Enhancements
  • DIY
  • Downloads

    This includes segments from many sources including:
    AoMH General FAQ
    Glory of Sparta's AoMH FAQ

    Age of Mythology Heaven

    Age of Mythology Heaven Forums

  • Introduction to Foruming at AoMH - A Guide a must read for any forumer
  • HG Forum Guidelines Forum Code of Conduct & Forum User Agreement
  • HG Forum FAQ ubb code, smilies and other good stuff

    Age of Mythology Heaven on ESO

  • Forum Parties at AoMH – A Guide What’s a forum party? Find out!
  • ESO Contact Database a list of forumers' ESO names.

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  • Replies:
    posted 19 March 2004 05:18 PM EDT (US)     1 / 55  
    The Age of Mythology Basics

    Age Of Mythology Stats

    AoMH Game Info Central All about the units, buildings, civilizations, god powers and more.
    Titan's X-Pack Central What you need to know about Titans, Atlanteans and all the other cool x-pack stuff.


    Common Abbreviations:

  • Mokon's Abbreviation Thread
  • Swinger's Dictionary of AoM Terms and Phrases
  • Eye of Iperion's AoM Vocabulary

    Newbie Guides


  • Zhaz's Age of Mythology Newbie Guide great article for those new to RTS and AoM.
  • MFO's New Player's Guide by Nomad_oWn and MiCroSlave.


  • Unit Questions
    The fundaments of damage, armor and upgrades.

    Gameplay Basics

    How do I pick up relics?
    Greek and Atlantean Heroes, Norse Hersir, Egyptian Pharaoh's and Egyptian Priests with the Hand of the Pharaoh upgrade have the ability to pick up and move relics. To pick up a relic, select your hero and right click on the relic. To utilize its bonus, select the hero carrying the relic and right click on a temple. You can only store five relics in one temple.

    For more information, consult the Relic Guide.

    How exactly does empowering work?
    Empowering doesn't really speed up gathering like it says in the manual. Instead, whenever a villager goes to drop off resources, you get an extra 20% resources for free. So if he gathers 10 food and goes to an empowered granary, you get 12 food.

    Empowering also speeds up the construction of buildings by 50% research of technologies and training of units by 30%. It does not affect Villager training or Age advance. Finally, Empowering gives Town Centers, Towers and Fortresses an additional 50% attack rate.

    Note: Ra Pharaohs empower resources at 15% instead of 20%. Speed up construction by 30%, research time by 50% and building fire rate by 50%.

    Why can't I build more than 10 houses?
    The population limit in AoM works differently than it did in AoE and AoK. In AoM, you can increase your pop cap in three ways.

  • Houses boost your pop cap by 10, but you can only have 10 houses. Atlantean Manors support 20 pop, but you can only have 5 of these.
  • Town Centers boost your pop cap by 15, but you can only build Town Centers on settlements, and you can only have one Town Center until you reach the second age.
  • Researching the Fortified Town Center upgrade in the third age increases the population supported by your Town Centers to 20.
  • The god power Citadel adds ten additional pop slots.
  • Isis town centers support three additional pop slots.
  • Eye of Horus, a relic, grants town centers two additional pop slots.

    Note: Your pop cap cannot go above 300.

    How can I repair siege weapons or ships?
    You don't repair siege or ships in AoM, instead you heal them. Anything that can heal normal units also heals ships and siege weapons. This includes Athena's Restoration god power, Apollo's Healing Temple technology, Egyptian Priests, Pharaoh's, the Son of Osiris, Forseti's Healing Spring god power, and Freyja's Valkyrie myth unit.

    How can I heal my units?
    The Egyptian Priests and Pharaoh have the ability to heal. If you wish to heal with Greek, Atlantean or Norse, you must worship certain gods.

    For the Greek, Athena's god power Restoration will heal a large number of friendly units in the target area, but you can only use it once. If you worship Apollo, you can research the Healing Temple technology, which causes temples to heal idle units within their radius, one at a time. As Norse, if you worship Forseti, you'll gain the Healing Spring god power; if you worship Freyja, her MU - the Valkyrie - can heal units in the same manner as the Egyptian Priest. Atlanteans can worship Oceanus and get Caladria MU, a flying unit who only serves as a scout and healer. Oceanus also gets a water MU, the Servant, which can fight and heal.

    The Titan:

    I have researched the "Secrets of the Titans" technology, but the Titan Gate button doesn't show up beneath my God Powers bar!
    The older versions of mods like Enhanced Tooltips don't support certain features in AoM:TT. Get rid of the mods, and replace them with versions compatible with AoM:TT.

    Is there any way I can move my Titan across the water?
    No. Titans cannot go in Transport Ships, Underworld Passage, Sky Passages or anything else that would transport other units readily.

    Can I get a second Titan?
    No, not in normal gameplay. This would require an added trigger in a Random Map or Scenario.

    The Manual:

    Aren’t Thor’s cavalry supposed to generate gold?
    No. This bonus was taken out prior to the original release of the game.

    Game Interface


    How do I change the game speed?
    Simple answer: Sorry, you can't. AoM has no game speed settings. The closest you can get is to use one of two cheat codes. "CONSIDER THE INTERNET" makes everything in the game slower, while "LETS GO! NOW!" (Two spaces) makes everything in the game faster. To enter these codes, hit enter while in the game, type the code in (it must be in all caps) and hit enter again.

    How do I build gates?
    To build a gate, you must first build a wall. Then, select a long section of wall, and you will see a gate icon on the interface. Click this to convert the wall section into a gate. Gates cost 15 gold apiece, Atlantean ones cost 23 gold.


    What do the Colored dots and the Red Turtle next to players names mean?
    The Yellow Dot indicates a Moderate latency, the red, High. The red turtle indicates that this player's computer is causing the game to slow down.


    How do I pause/unpause?
    Use the "Pause - Break" key located in the upper right hand corner of your keyboard. In Multiplayer games, the player who pauses the game need not be the one to unpause it.

    How do I take screenshots and full map screenshots like in AoK?
    Hit Ctrl+ F12 to save a screenshot. They will be saved in .jpg format in your Age of Mythology/screenshots directory. For the Titans Expansion Pack, they are stored at My Documents/My Games/Age of Mythology/screenshots.

    To take a full map screenshot, hit Ctrl+Alt+F12 - but be warned, this takes a very long time even if you have a powerful system, and generates a huge .jpg file. Expect file sizes of around 20 MB (minimum.) The image will be saved in the same directory as a normal screenshot.

    How do I show Scores, like in AoK?
    Hit the F4 button to display Player Scores.

    How do I show the game clock?
    Hit the F11 button.

    How do I zoom and rotate?
    Press + and - to zoom the camera in and out. To rotate the camera, you must first enable camera rotation at the options menu, then use the mouse wheel or hold down Ctrl and use the cursor keys.

    How do I rotate the camera?
    Make sure camera rotation is enabled in the Options tab. Once it's enabled, you can use your mouse wheel or CTRL+ arrow keys to rotate the camera.

    How do I minimize the Interface?
    Press Ctrl+Down Arrow.


  • AoMH Strategy Section
  • AoMH Deathmatch Arena

    NerVe Clan
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  • posted 19 March 2004 05:18 PM EDT (US)     2 / 55  
    ESO and Multiplayer

  • straight from the horse's mouth, news, statistics, downloads, support, and a FAQ

    General Multiplayer

    How do load a multiplayer saved game?
    Start a multiplayer game as normal. Under game type (by default, Supremacy) select 'Restore game'.

    Can I play multiplayer with only one CD?
    Up to three players can play in a local area network (LAN) game on the one CD-Key. You can do this by starting AoM normally, taking the CD out, and then taking it to the next computer to start the game. To play on Ensemble Studios Online, (ESO) you must have a unique CD-Key.

    How do I play custom random maps and scenarios?
    To play a custom random map, place the Random Map files (*.xml & .xs) into your Age of Mythology/rm directory for AoM and Age of Mythology/rm2 for AoM: TT. Then start a game as normal, and where you would choose from the normal maps, look for the custom map you just added.

    To play a custom scenario in Single Player, place the scenario file in your Age of Mythology/scenario directory. Open the game and hit the 'Single Player' button on the main menu, then hit 'Load Scenario'. Choose the scenario you're looking for, select the difficulty and hit start.

    To play a custom scenario in Multiplayer, place the scenario file in your Age of Mythology/scenario directory. Open the game and start a multiplayer game. Where you have the dropdown box to choose your game mode (Supremacy, by default) select custom scenario and pick the scenario you're looking for. Any players who join your game who do not have the scenario will have it automatically transferred to them upon joining.

    Does it matter who hosts the game?
    If you are hosting a game with 4 or more players, a fast connection will help. If your game crashes, the original host must be the one to host the restored game. Again, it can be useful to have a host with a fast connection to distribute the saved game. If the host is the one who crashed then someone else from the game will have to send the saved game from their "savegame" folder. If there are any AI players in the gamem they will be run from the host’s machine. AI players can make the Host's Computer unable to keep up with the normal pace of the game, causing lag.

    Other than these cases, it doesn't really matter who hosts. All the computers in the game run all of the calculations regarding interactions in the game. This is to ensure that no one is cheating (a difference causes an Out of Sync). So the game runs at the pace of the slowest computer.

    What ports do I need to forward on my router in order to play online?
    You must have UDP ports 2300-2400 and 6073 forwarded in order to play. For more see Microsofts FAQ page about this

    ESO Specific

    How do I whisper to someone on ESO?
    Type "/name Message", i.e. "/GloryOfSparta Can you hear me now?"

    Where can I find a stats tracker for original AoM, since Holbert was taken down?
    Try PAoM's Stats Tracker.

    Where can I find the overall AoM:TT Community stats, such as most Common God, etc?
    The DoC Clan Site.

    NerVe Clan
    SMF AoE3 Recorded Game Data Mod
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  • posted 19 March 2004 05:19 PM EDT (US)     3 / 55  
    Recorded Games

    How do I record my games?
    First, turn it on under the Options Menu. Only your last ten games will be stored (be it Multi or Single Player). If you wish to store these 'recs,' move or rename them.

    Can I watch recorded games with Windows Media Player or Real Player?
    No, the recorded game files only contain the commands that each player gave during the game. Without the game to play back the commands, they're no good.

    What are .rec and .rcx files and where do they go?
    .rec files are AoM Recorded games and go in your Age of Mythology/savegame folder. .rcx files are AoM: TT Recorded games and go in My Documents/My Games/Age of Mythology/savegame folder.

    How do I watch recorded games?
    Place the recorded game in the appropriate location. *.rec files for AoM into your Age of Mythology/savegame folder. *.rcx for AoM: TT into My Documents/My Games/Age of Mythology/savegame. On the main menu, click 'More,' then click 'Recorded games,' and open the file you are looking for.

    When I watch a Recorded Game and leave fixed view on, it just stays over the player's Town Center all the time. How come?
    Recorded games only record Camera Movements for the player who recorded the game. For all other players, fixed view will not function correctly.

    Utility Programs
    Recorded Game Info & Rename Utility Helpful program for seeing basic info about rec games without having to load them in AoM. A big thanks for this one, Aleste.

    NerVe Clan
    SMF AoE3 Recorded Game Data Mod
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    posted 19 March 2004 05:19 PM EDT (US)     4 / 55  
    User Enhancements

    - Guides on how to make and implement your own improvements to the game.

  • Chichiri's Guide to Hotkeys A good guide on how to configure your own hotkeys.

  • User.Con Hotkeys MiCroSlave's Guide to using hotkeys with user.con files.

    Where are the hotkeys that I change in-game saved?
    They are saved in your player profile (a .prf file). It can be found in Age of Mythology/Users for AoM and My Documents/My Games/Age of Mythology/Users for AoM: TT. You can use a text editor to open and edit these files.

    How can I get rid of the intro cinimatics?
    Right click on the AoM icon, select Preferences.
    Add “+noIntoCinematics” to the command line.

    Like so: "...aomx.exe +noIntroCinematics"

    How can I rotate buildings in game?
    You have to go into game.con or gamex.con and find the line:

    //map ("mousez", "building", "uiWheelRotatePlacedUnit")

    Simply delete the '//' and it then enables you to rotate a building foundation with the mouse wheel.
    thanks Mickey T


  • MiCroSlave's Enhanced Tool Tips
  • Player Color Changer "You don’t have to be blue every time in single player!"
  • MicroSlave’s Custom UI

    NerVe Clan
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  • posted 19 March 2004 05:29 PM EDT (US)     5 / 55  
    blank post as place holder in case wanted at a later time

    NerVe Clan
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    posted 20 March 2004 05:00 AM EDT (US)     6 / 55  
    Empowering Buildings with the Pharaoh gives -50% Build Time (not 30%). Technologies and Units Research/Create 30% Faster.

    Also, Empowering Towers/Fotresses/TCs gives +50% Fire Rate (not +100%).

    Ra Priests Empower at +15% Resource; -30% Build Time; -20% Research Time; +50% Towers/Fotresses/TC Fire Rate.

    posted 20 March 2004 11:36 AM EDT (US)     7 / 55  
    Several of your links are broken, namely:

    The AoM Basics
    Recorded Games
    User Enhancements

    Halo 2 Stats | AoMH | AoE3H | FMT
    posted 20 March 2004 05:01 PM EDT (US)     8 / 55  
    Flam, why don't you just post everything in one single post?

    GLORYOFSPARTA | RTWH and M2TWH Site Director, AoMH Game Information Admin, HeavenGames LLC
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    posted 20 March 2004 06:07 PM EDT (US)     9 / 55  
    Er many threads has this replaced? Not many by the looks of things.

    Halo 2 Stats | AoMH | AoE3H | FMT
    posted 20 March 2004 06:45 PM EDT (US)     10 / 55  
    how do i change my title screen backround?
    posted 20 March 2004 08:41 PM EDT (US)     11 / 55  
    okay, thanks. I'll get the empowering stuff corrected.

    The forum guide thread and forum party guide are suposed to become web pages any time now...

    The links are running into issues with the forum redirects and html stuff. The goal is to make the link load in the same page but as you can see that's causing some issues I still haven't figured out how to get around. it was working earlier

    Multiple threads help keep thinks more organized, make it easier to link to specific sections and make it eaiser to edit.

    goldencowman, i think this should answer your question.,17288,,all#15

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    posted 21 March 2004 10:24 AM EDT (US)     12 / 55  
    THANX Flammifer
    posted 22 April 2004 00:39 AM EDT (US)     13 / 55  
    great job. it is pretty good
    posted 23 May 2004 12:37 PM EDT (US)     14 / 55  
    How can you heal a titan I dont know how pls tell me
    posted 23 May 2004 02:29 PM EDT (US)     15 / 55  


    How can you heal a titan

    The only way to heal your titan is to research "Mythic Rejuvenation" which is accessible to Hekate.

    GLORYOFSPARTA | RTWH and M2TWH Site Director, AoMH Game Information Admin, HeavenGames LLC
    AoMH | RTWH | M2TWH | Ancient Greek Festival - 3rd to 4th of June in Watford, UK, 2006.
    "Whoever obeys the gods, to him they particularly listen." - Homer
    "GoS OWNS for being female and liking The Simpsons and Rammstein." - Crazed Ewok

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    posted 29 May 2004 08:30 PM EDT (US)     16 / 55  
    How do u advance ages? It says click the button but there is none!
    posted 04 June 2004 08:21 AM EDT (US)     17 / 55  
    You can only advance ages if you have

    a) The appropriate food/gold to advance.
    b) Made the building that's required for the advance: Temple (Archaic), Armory (Classical), Market (Mythic)

    Only then will the advance button become visible in the Town center.

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    « . ° ¤ Scenario Designer | Woad Creations ¤ º . »
    posted 25 June 2004 12:40 PM EDT (US)     18 / 55  
    uhh i cant connect to eso >_<
    posted 26 July 2004 03:29 PM EDT (US)     19 / 55  
    can i get a job at heavengames?

    posted 02 August 2004 03:19 PM EDT (US)     20 / 55  
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    posted 03 August 2004 02:51 PM EDT (US)     21 / 55  
    I would like to know how much scenario are in the expansion's campaign? (I don't want to use code for this to lower my game pleasure)
    posted 31 August 2004 10:39 PM EDT (US)     22 / 55  
    i think its 10 yeah, way short compared to vanilla
    posted 04 October 2004 08:19 PM EDT (US)     23 / 55  
    How do u beat Just enough rope scenario? It is number five in "fall of the trident
    posted 29 October 2004 06:00 PM EDT (US)     24 / 55  
    As far as I know you cannot complete Just Enough Rope in some illegal copies of the game. Is that your problem?

    s i g n a l f i r e s
    posted 22 January 2005 09:45 AM EDT (US)     25 / 55  
    Where can I find the protox list?
    posted 06 February 2005 01:31 PM EDT (US)     26 / 55  
    what file do u put downloads in when u install?!?!? I know about the my games and all that stuff i just dont know how to install it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im so mad i could....

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    posted 09 February 2005 09:00 AM EDT (US)     27 / 55  
    whats the operaters do example <= =<
    posted 06 March 2005 01:25 PM EDT (US)     28 / 55  
    Can I play on ESO with the Enhanced Tooltips?
    posted 12 March 2005 01:35 PM EDT (US)     29 / 55  

    Is it possible not to place building always in the same direction? I mean is it possible to rotate them? I figured out how to do it in the map editor, but can I do it in normal gameplay too?

    posted 13 March 2005 09:19 PM EDT (US)     30 / 55  
    In the game, you can't rotate the buildings. I don't know why though... :-/
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