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Topic Subject:RECORDED GAMES (Viewing Upgrades)
Sir Losealot
posted 20 April 2004 06:36 PM EDT (US)         
I like to watch recorded games; however, I also like to see which upgrades my opponent uses. I will often click on a building, etc. and even thought the post game will list # of upgrades, I never see the specific upgrades for that building, etc.

Is there a way to see which upgrades an opponent researched?


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posted 20 April 2004 07:07 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Yes. Click a unit that would recieve the upgrade, and either click the little "i" on its portrait or press F1 to open its help window. The window will show what upgrades it has. Unfortunately, you have to do this reasonably often to get a good idea of when someone is getting each upgrade. Another thing you can try is to show build status messages under Options, although I'm not sure if this works in recorded games.

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posted 20 April 2004 07:16 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
It does, turning build status messeges on will tell you when something is done researching, but it wouldn't be telling somebody when the person that you are watching when they first started researching it. And to accuratly have an idea when to do many of the things for techs requires watching the game in normal speed. At the same time, you can't know what the other person is getting there techs too.

What is cool, is that you can see most upgrades on units. I like Shiny Norse Weapons.

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