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Topic Subject:I finally beat a titan comp.....
posted 21 April 2004 07:16 PM EDT (US)         
Ok i have tried to beat a titan comp 3 times before. One time when i was not very good at all, one time where i was of medium skill, and one time very recently where i was actually pretty good. All three times i lost. The first time i was rushed by th titan and lost. The second time it just beat my army because i was eggy and not a very good microer. The third time i was loki. I had a decent rush going and it seemed like he had definetly lost but somehow he beat me. So i tried again with thor to see if i could win.

Ok i started the game as usual with a mixed villager build. It was on Watering Hole so i did a rather fast classical. I pumped out ulfs from a semi forward base. I was a bit behind my normal amount of military though since my next food source after my first one was quite far away. I went to attack his base only to find his army already there. My ulf/ta army beat his completely mixed rc/ulf/ta army (he was thor as well). I didnt have much of an army left though so i couldnt really follow up and i knew he'd already have an army there once i got there.

So i decided to build up. I made a lot of TA and some rc until i got to full pop (as well as making villies). My base had the river thing that you get that creates choke points near it. He had built up near the choke point as i saw when i went to raid with rc. My raid had no survivors on my side but i used forest fire so it made up for it, killing at least 6 vils total in the raid. During that raid i found out that he had a massive gold operation across the river from me. This gold operation was rather detached from the rest of his base (my FB was a bit south of the choke point). So heres what i did. I managed to use the forests near my area to wall off my FB although if they really wanted to they couldve gotten in theyd just have had to go all the way around. Then i built a dock and one transport ship. I put about 7 or 8 rc in there and got it across to where his gold miners were. I killed at least 9 of them before his army came when i put all of them in the transport except one that couldnt get there. I got him to run away in an attempt to get back to my base. Well it turned out rather well in that his whole army followed it. So i got my rc back there and killed the remaining 7 vills.

The period afterwards didnt have much action. I got to heroic and boomed out of three tcs. I also built a hill fort and upgraded my units. At this point i was rather sure that i was winning and i saved the game. If i hadnt saved i would have gone for rag/FW but since i did i decided to experiment. i went tyr and used fimbulwinter. His response was also fimbulwinter and a HUGE army that crushed me. Luckily i had saved it. So i tried the same with baldr and ragnorok with a fully upgraded army. I was ravaging his base but he had like 7 hill forts and i couldnt get them all down fast enough. I tried the same again but agian lost.

So i decided to stop experimenting since it obvioulsy wasnt working. I tried again and went baldr. I used ragnorok but didnt upgrade as much as before so as to not give him time to build up (although i still had every armory tech and champion units i jsut didnt get all the myth techs). I then went and took down the tc he had that was close to me and built my own on it. He used fimbulwinter and attacked with half his army. I couldnt use FW since fimbulwinter stops all gp's. I still beat his army that was quite a bit smaller. He only sent half his army because i had sent about 12 heroes of ragnorok and a battle boar to harrass some wood vills across the map so his army was there killing them. i then went on to his base and used FW. I split my army into three. One i told to take out any army he had there. The other i told to take down hill forts and the third i told to take down longhouses. Around then he took a his actual army complete with ballista to take out my FB. He had taken down the houses, my trade route and my longhouses so i couldnt reinforce. Then before FW ended i had started to take down his main tc and it finished but i still took out the tc. Now i had only about an army of 30 guys and if i lost them i was pretty much finished since i only had 120 wood not enough to make a tc or a market to trade for more wood. Then i realized he had gotten 2 more tcs. I first took down all his houses and other buildings then took down the first tc. Then i went on to the other (which was the one i had stolen earlier). by this time he had taken his huge army into my main base and demolished it but luckily i had upgraded my towers which did considerable damage. So none of us had any tc's. He had like 7 or 8 ballista and an amount of jarls that i had seen like a minute earlier and estimated to be at a strength of about 10-15. I only had about 20-25 heroes of ragnorok so my army wouldve lost in a fair fight. Luckily right as he was taking down my last tc i attacked behind his army and quickly took out the ballista. My tc's and towers had killed his unreinforceable army of jarls enough that he only had about 8-10. My army beat them and so won the game.

Now i wouldve posted this in the war story forum except that i want to ask a question and make a few comments.

1. I want to upload this game on to this site because it was truly a great game but since i had saved it then tried a few times from that saved game i cant seem to find it. Does anyone know if i should be able to find it or is the second half of the game lost forever?
2. I tried at the same skill level to beat a titan comp with loki and failed. This just shows that thor is better than loki.
3. Ragnorok/FW is truly awesome because without it i surely would have lost.

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posted 21 April 2004 08:25 PM EDT (US)     1 / 4       
im 1-5 titan i hate how they 100% handi but i beat it at joutiehm hop rush.
Seraph (in absentia)
posted 21 April 2004 08:28 PM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
Hey, good job there Jake!

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posted 21 April 2004 08:47 PM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
Cool, but beating a Titan won't really help online.

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posted 21 April 2004 10:59 PM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
yeah i know that but nevertheless without abusing the AI its not that easy. I once saw a guy beat two of them that was crazy.
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