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Topic Subject:user.con
posted 23 April 2004 01:19 AM EDT (US)         
I have my customized hotkeys all working the way I want except hotkey for classic myth, heroic myth, mythic myth units. Any thoughts why? My gamex.con aka in game options hotkeys does not use u, i, o, or p key for anything, so no conflict that I can think of. This is what I have in user.con in startup folder...

// Myth unit production mapped to same series of keys
map ("u", "game", "tis(\"Sphinx\") tis(\"Wadjet\") tis(\"Anubite\") tis(\"Cyclops\") tis(\"Minotaur\") tis(\"Centaur\") tis(\"Troll\") tis(\"Enheriar\") tis(\"Valkyrie\") tis(\"Promethean\") tis(\"Automaton\") tis(\"Flying Medic\") tis(\"Servant\")")
map ("i", "game", "tis(\"Hydra\") tis(\"Manticore\") tis(\"Nemean Lion\" tis(\"Scylla\") tis(\"Petsuchos\") tis(\"Scarab\") tis(\"Scorpion Man\") tis(\"Leviathan\") tis(\"Battle Boar\") tis(\"Mountain Giant\") tis(\"Frost Giant\") tis(\"Kraken\") tis(\"Satyr\") tis(\"Behemoth\") tis(\"Dryad\") tis(\"Stymphalian Bird\") tis(\"Nereid\")")
map ("o", "game", "tis(\"Colossus\") tis(\"Chimera\") tis(\"Medusa\" tis(\"Carcinos\") tis(\"Mummy\") tis(\"Avenger\") tis(\"Phoenix\") tis(\"Sea Turtle\") tis(\"Fire Giant\") tis(\"Fenris Wolf\") tis(\"Jormund Elver\") tis(\"Lampades\") tis(\"Argus\") tis(\"Heka Gigantes\") tis(\"Man O War\")")
map ("p", "game", "tis(\"Roc\")")

posted 23 April 2004 04:34 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
I think thats too many on the list try mapping only 3. If that works then try slowly incresing by two or 3 until it fails
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