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Topic Subject:What you have done for a choke point.
posted 15 July 2005 00:33 AM EDT (US)         

I was just recently playing a game in Vanilla, and I wanted to start a thread up to just see what you guys have done before.

The map was Jotunheim, with only one hole and four players; Me and three AI. After a long match, the enemy had the pass as fortified it something aweful. I was Isis and I had a growing army, with three large settlements I had a moderate population. Eventually, after a long fight, my Zeus ally managed to get Hoplites through the tough Norse fortifications, however his army was killed and I got fed up. With my small surplus I made three Siege Towers and loaded every troop I could into them and sent them off. When they arrived they battered the Hill forts and other things and then I unloaded the troops and sent 'em about. .

Now what have you done in a situation like that before?

posted 15 July 2005 02:26 AM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
Ended the game because playing vs the stupid AI sucks dick.

Any siege would have been good against fortifications. I suppose going mythic and then using catapults would have been most efficient. Needless to say that the catapults must be defended against attacks.

But is it not boring for you to play with and against players that have no brain?

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posted 15 July 2005 03:16 AM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
When I played 1v1 Oasis on rated I was going to loose the match badly. I was Isis on mythic and I had only couple units left but pretty much resources. So I put them in to Roc and took them to middle of one big oasis.

Thankfully my opponent was Loki and he didn't have anything that flies except his Nidhog which I killed whit priest in the hide.

So he had found me. I got already dock and lots of War barges, Lighthouse and temple. Guy started to chop his way to middle of the oasis but i shot his villagers with my petsuchos and war barges. And he wasn't even smart enought to take all town centers so he would have won. And after awhile came "player is not responsing" And I got points.

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posted 15 July 2005 09:08 AM EDT (US)     3 / 5       


After a long match, the enemy had the pass as fortified it something aweful.

You mean your opponents constantly sent units through the opening, because the AI will not build for choke points.

Regardless of how some players feel about the AI, a Titan AI makes a worthy opponent; IF you let it build up and attack first. The AI in AoM:TT has a number of options which are not in AoM, and make it pretty good for practicing new strats.

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posted 15 July 2005 05:54 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
personally i would have use catapults to take out the fortifications (walls, towers, forts, etc) and forced his army to go after your's. after the towers were down i would send the army in, with the catapults taking down the rest of the buildings.
also, u could have built towers and a FB where the catapults would shoot from, soless troops are killed during the fighting.
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posted 16 July 2005 03:36 AM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
i think AI is too easy, apart from titan, cos thats just no help at all
i let the comp attack me the first many times, just to get owned by my jarls, then he comes in with counter cav, just to get owned by my backup TA. it gets annoying cos i dont get to go online much apart from on weekend nights
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