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Topic Subject:Great strategy or silly!?
posted 16 December 2005 06:03 AM EDT (US)         
God -> Oranos (maybe Kronos!)

When playin' the game (online!) I most often arrive in the classical age in 5.30 mins ... while advancing i was building a new tc... now my question -> is it smart to only build Turma's for raiding and mix in the cheiro + kata later, or should I just build like 3 c-rax and 1. turma+kata, 2. turma+cheiro, 3. turma only
)temple also prome(
Is this smart or should i just build the turma ... (i know against greek i shouldn't!)

pls help .. just wanna know if i'd better go only turma's first or just mix in from the beginning!

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posted 16 December 2005 08:13 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
i think the most important part would just be to make sure your Turmas are grouped separate from the others , having them in the same grp would cut there speed in half and speed is why they are so effective for raiding
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