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Topic Subject:This is just sad
posted 16 December 2005 08:32 AM EDT (US)         

I explained a few posts ago that i was trying to become a better Norse(Odin) player , yesterday morning after watching a few good recorded games i gave it another shot
and failed as usual dropping from upper 1600's down to 1540ish

I decided to just switch back to Isis and stick with her , i played about 10 games yesterday (or more) and as soon as i broke 1600 i would have my opponent beat and they just paused the game , this didnt happen once..........but 3 times!! , one guy just sat there and laughed , the other two times the opponent said nothing

would be nice to see a time limit on the pause feature

posted 16 December 2005 09:12 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
There is a limit on the pause feature. In rated games, your opponent can pause the game no more often than 5 times. And you can always unpause if you like. So when your opponent is pausing, simply unpause by pressing the "Pause" key on your keyboard. This will happen 5 times at most, then he can no longer pause the game.

No offense intended, but I am afraid he rather laughed about your non-knowledge of this detail than about the pause trick itself...

Unrated games default to unlimited pauses for everyone. Then again, unrated games are unrated so who cares. If you do care, then note that the game host can restrict the number of pauses here as well. (in the additional settings) Either host the game yourself and do so, or ask the game host to do so and check if he has obeyed.

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