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Topic Subject:How do u quote?
posted 18 December 2005 00:49 AM EDT (US)         
can someone tell me how to quote plz... i do not know how to... usually to quote i just type in the following

Quote by (name)

??? how do u really quote?

Someones life was once history ---->to story ----> to legend----> to MYTH....
Our life will once be history ----> to story ----> to legend----> to MYTH...
And maybe they might make a game out of it... like Age Of Mythology (The Titans) ..... LOL

posted 18 December 2005 02:26 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
you put a q with square brackets around it followed by the quote you want to use then the same thing but with a / in front of the q. example:
[q*]remove the astriks and the quote would work[/q]

to quote a person you do the same thing but with = and the persons name inside the first box, behind the q example 2:
[q*=me] remove the astrix for the quote to work[/quote]
if yoiu need any more clarification look at the bb code which you can see if you look beside the ,essage box when you reply, just click on where it says bb code in blue

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Seraph (in absentia)
posted 18 December 2005 03:28 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
And if you have Firefox you have to type in the codes manually.

Closed, as this is not really AoM relevant.

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