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Topic Subject:Countering Atlantean Classical Attack as Norse
posted 30 July 2006 12:44 PM EDT (US)         
Hey, I am a 1619 Odin player and I am pretty good with him. The only prblem I have is facing Atlanteans. For instance my friend who I play alot with is Kronos an he makes about 50% Katapeltes, 25% Cherioballista, 25% Turmas (and some hero Turmas), and soem Prometheans. As an Odin player I prefer making Raiding Cavalry early but the Katapeltes counter them and when I try to make Raiding Cavalry and Throwing Axemen they die rather quickly too. I have tried a Fast Heroic, but he always seems to catch me off guard. What is my best strategy against him, should I stay in Classical and if I do what units should I make, or should I rush to Heroic, and how exactly am I supposed to do that and survive?
posted 30 July 2006 03:35 PM EDT (US)     1 / 8       
Against Kronos, do not try this strat.

Against Oranos and Gaia. do a 4:30ish advance (I forgot the BO but play around and watch ex_Hope's odin games )with your forward temple. AQ Hesir after clicking the advance button from temple to deal with early prommies.

Upon advaning immediately through AQ dwarves to gold (you should have at least 5 dwarves on gold already) and enough wood to make 2 longhouses.

AQ hesir from one and a Ulfs (after about 3 or 4 change to RC). Once your hesir's enough favor, switch temple from AQ hesir to AQ Enhinjars.

IMPORTANT - Stop AQ of drarves and mix in gatheres to wood and food.

The Enhinjars horn boost along with the favor your hesir's are generating should allow you to beat anytihng the atlantean player throws at you.

Use your Raiding Calvalry to raid and deal with any hero turmas and cheriobalistas they can make. Micro enhinjar's and horn-boosted hesir's on prommies and use your ulfs to make more longhouses/temples.

This may sound stupid but once all hero turmas are down, send enhinjars from 3 directions to close in on regular turma with your RC. Undermine TC for the win.

If they make murmillos, your horn-boosted hesir will beat them.

Against lots of katas and cherios, make full hesir,RC, and myth. ONLY USE RC against cherios and turma. Make your other units attack his other units

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Rogue Agent
posted 30 July 2006 03:40 PM EDT (US)     2 / 8       
Nice strat, but where will u get all the resources for einherjar and do u have any thor strats?

posted 30 July 2006 03:45 PM EDT (US)     3 / 8       
Resources ofr Mass Myth are easy once you Autoque dwarves adn hesir.

Ask DeathandPain - hes a thor master.

posted 31 July 2006 01:58 AM EDT (US)     4 / 8       
i r noob wrote an excellent guide in which the Norse vs Kronos matchup is explained. Look here. With Oranos, it is not much different.

Your best chance is to advance early and make lots of ulfs, adding RC and TA a little later. But you will still fail unless you are playing a chunk better than your opponent.

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posted 31 July 2006 11:01 AM EDT (US)     5 / 8       
Ice cream dude if i dont say so my self......Your drawing is very inspiring
posted 03 August 2006 10:53 PM EDT (US)     6 / 8       
50% kastaspeltes, 25 % cheiros, 25% Turma(Some Heros), and then some prometheans... 50+25+25+(a number 1 or larger for prometheans) thats an impressive percentage of over 100% for his army. Man he rocks.

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posted 04 August 2006 00:06 AM EDT (US)     7 / 8       
that was a looooooong reach to make fun of him... worthless too...
i r n00b
posted 04 August 2006 08:44 AM EDT (US)     8 / 8       

If the map has some hunt and he can't touch your first gold + you have a good 2nd TC position you will win, however.

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