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Topic Subject:Deathmatch rush
posted 04 August 2006 07:09 PM EDT (US)         
Ok I've created a pretty effective Hades rush in deathmatch games, but I was wondering if anyone good at dm (and at hades) could give me some advice.. Here's what I do:

First age I send 4 of my villies forwards, the rest work on the temple. I also produce one more villy and have him and one of my temple builders make houses. I send my kataskapos for their back TC and advance.

Second age I produce cyclops from my temple repeatedly. I take one villy from the temple and work on an armory. The other three begin work on military buildings around my back tc. I produce an ajax and then a villy from the tc. In my forward base (usually between my forward tc and enemy's forward tc) I make three of all military buildings with my three villies and my fourth I have make defensive walls and towers.

I advance, produce 2 more vills from my tc, and make one villy make a market. In my forward base I make an army which usually consists of toxotes, hoplites, and hippikons with cyclops (I should have like 4 by now). This is when I begin my attack on my enemy tc.

I advance to the final age and begin work on my backward tc. I then have my tc produce villies (on repeat) and I change my army in my forward base to include gastraphetes. Then I pestilize his military buildings. I also make sure to keep him from getting his backwards tc, with my kataskapos making sure no one's building. If they do I just send some units over to stop it.

I use the underworld passage where my kataskapos is, and earthquake his houses once I get it.

Generally that's about all there is to it. If done right, I usually win before I even get my final god power. However I was wondering is there a way to make this more efficient and deadly? The strat is obviously based around winning with god powers (pestilence being perfect for a rush) and heavy cyclop seige. Any ideas would be awesome

i r n00b
posted 05 August 2006 06:35 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Yeh this is a basic Hades rush, but if you really want to win (which should work below 1750) just coldrop him (with Hades you might want some Helepoli too, Zeus just hoprush and fast drop).

Watch out for dumbodrop or scaradrop or mercrush, however. And definitely don't try this vs Thothpush.

Seraph (in absentia)
posted 05 August 2006 02:29 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
What you have outlined here is a modification of the infamous and intimidating Hades rush that has been in use since the game came out, and it is a good one.

I warmly recommend that you send your Cyclopses out to scout the center, and harass the enemy builders and the building foundations they are working on. The enemy is likely to have a Hero or two out. Therefore, it is a good idea to micro your Heroes on those who belong to the enemy. This will possibly keep the enemy Heroes occupied while your Cyclopses do their job.

Hades is an extremely powerful god, with all his attack technologies. Going Artemis is a good choice if you face massed Colossi; an equally sized horde of Chimerae will eat them up in seconds.

Never expose your villagers to the enemy, and make him or her micro the units around the building foundations.

Also make sure to scout the sides and corners for potential sidebuilds.

Good luck!

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