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Topic Subject: What am I doing wrong?
posted 06 September 2006 10:52 PM EDT (US)   
Ever since I hit 1700 I've been doing worse than I ever have before. I'm on like a 30 game losing streak. I can't beat Zeus cause his troops are better, and he always hoplite/mino rushes, or kills my economy with centaurs. I can't beat oranos cause one shockwave kills my ulf and raiding cav, and hersirs train too slow. I can't beat Isis because crenelated towers. Throw up a miggy and just run your chariots away. Attack teh miggy, die to chariots. Attack chariots, die to miggy. I can beat Ra and Set just cause they don''t get uber minions or GP blocking god powers. I can't beat Kronos cause he krushes me. I can sorta beat Hades and possy by raiding. But it seems like if people see 1700 on advanced set up, they feel the need to double team me, and my allies seem to never help. I know how(in theory) to beat the gods in 1 vs 1 except maybe kronos, but its so hard. Like oranos. He can beat you with shockwave. He can raid you 100 times better than you can raid him, because he only has like 7 villagers to micro, which have tons of health and can mide in a building. Krushes are impossible to counter effectively, the only way to stop Isis is to have 5 hersirs with your army and 5 at home, and out boom her in a 30 minute game. SO, any tips? I'm really tired of losing =(

EDIT: I'm beginning to think thor isn't OP. I mean, he is late game. But you have to PAY tons to get an uber army with armory ups. I mean sure, dwarves are helpful in your economy but that doesn't make up for better bonuses, like oranos' faster turma

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posted 07 September 2006 02:14 AM EDT (US)     1 / 5  
If you fall into such a streak, the best way out is sit back and watch some elite replays of Thor players against some of the gods that you are having trouble with. Watching how other players win with your god gives you new ideas and increases your morale and motivation.

But you are right that Thor loses to a well-played Zeus, ties at best to Hades, is slightly inferior to Isis, is weaker that Kronos and Oranos and has a hard time against Set, too. On that background I have never understood why anyone called Thor "op", and I cannot remember ever having seen an elite player do so. But a lot of players ignore the fact that effectively, Thor loses to a lot of gods, and argue like "He gets better dwarves, they are so op... and his armory ups are so uber..." - and ignore that other gods have bonuses of their own and that effectively, Thor is really superior to almost no god.

Thor is fun to play because he is so versatile that every game is different, and he does stand a chance against most opponents. Watch elite replays for suggestions how to solve your problems.

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posted 07 September 2006 03:01 PM EDT (US)     2 / 5  
I dunno how to watch replays is the trouble. THe zi flie its in is one I'm unfamiliar with
posted 07 September 2006 03:02 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5  
go to www.agesanctuary.comthen, they come in the rcx file which u can jus put str8 into ur folder and watch via game

posted 07 September 2006 07:32 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5  

Quoted from daP:

called Thor "op"

Having mythic armoury ups by 15 mins is soooo not OP

posted 07 September 2006 08:32 PM EDT (US)     5 / 5  

Quoted from fox7574:

go to then, they come in the rcx file which u can jus put str8 into ur folder and watch via game

Thanks so much for this link. This is awesome... no more of that WinZip, WinRar crap!

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