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Topic Subject:Recs Pack database
posted 07 September 2006 06:09 PM EDT (US)         
Hello all,

I posted this on sanctuary a while ago but never here.
I'm working for a french site and we have a big database of packs.

Here are some example:

Experts packs:
Pack AOM Starsky 38 Mo
Pack AOM Elitex 3.6 Mo
Pack AOM pG_Fire 14.6 Mo
Pack AOM Salska 10 Mo
Pack AOM Lion 3.3 Mo
Pack AOM Juzam 6.6 Mo
Pack AOM Sydney 3.2 Mo
Pack TT Ourk 10.1 Mo
Pack TT Skipper 161 games 17 Mo
Pack TT Point 5.8 Mo
Pack TT Fird 8.7 Mo
Pack TT Hope 6.5 Mo
Pack TT Juzam 19 Mo
Pack TT EliteX 3.5 Mo

Tourney packs:
Pack Tournoi Orca 0.7 Mo
Pack Tournoi Classique 2.3 Mo
Pack Tournoi l'EdT 1.9 Mo
Pack Tournoi RaS 1 Mo
Pack Tournoi défis 0.4 Mo
Pack Tournoi WON Winter Tourney 2k5 AOM 2.6 Mo
Pack Tournoi WON Winter Tourney 2k5 TT 2.1 Mo
Pack WCG 2003 AOM 17.8 Mo
Pack InvexCup 03
Pack AMD pG Challenge 03

Pack AOM 260 games 23.2 Mo
Pack TT Paradox 10.7 Mo
Pack TT Râ 14.7 Mo
Pack TT Act1on 5 Mo
Pack TT 350 games 38 Mo
Pack DM AOM#1

I collected those packs to keep a trace of the old games and also to help people, because there is nothing better IMO to watch recs from experts to learn faster.

Simply -----, then choose your category and then you will have the list. Clic and d/l It's in french but it's really not hard i think

Hope you'll like it.

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