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Topic Subject:Loki and Isis
posted 13 July 2007 02:06 PM EDT (US)         
posted 13 July 2007 10:02 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
ok, since my computer where i play aom is occupied, ill watch them here.

lokiodin, your recs arent really that good.
you lost the game for a few reasons.

1. you stop making vills after like 20.
man, you can't even hope to win a game with 20 villagers.
as eggy, if u have 3 tcs have 80 villagers, or if u have one, just make like 60-70 vills.

2. dont make spears if you arent being attacked.

3. go bast then nyhtphsys

4. dont let him build a tc so close to you

5. if you have 2 town centers, build villagers from both of them.

6. as for the jotenheim games......
i watched them... stop playing that map, it is really gay... and there isn't much strategy involved other then controling the center.

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posted 13 July 2007 10:43 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Thanx that really helps!
posted 16 July 2007 11:07 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
OK lokiodin.... no offense intended anywhere but u did terrible....

I watched the first game. awfull...


  • Even before the game starts, u can start playing... As soon as u see the screen that shows the map that u will be playing, and while you check your opponent's God, you should hit H +v+v+v+v+v to start queing villies in you Tc...
  • (right at the beginning) You left ur TC idle for like 4 seconds.. never do this (by following my advice in the last tip)
  • Waypoint villager from your TC to the resource u want them to gather, dont let them walk to a point to wait your command to go gather X resource, this takes to much time from you...
  • Going for wood with ur initial 2 villagers is useless... u dont need that wood so early.....
  • U should strt sending villies to food (hunt preferrably)
  • Use ur priest to scout!! u left it sitting there for hours (specially on low hunt maps so u can get goats)
  • Your pharoh gives ur buildings bonuses and help them train military units faster.. nevertheless, an empowered TC will not train villies faster...
  • ASAP send ur goats near ur TC so that nobody steals them..
  • 2 vills to food?? Ur BO sucks... go find a good one here
  • (2:50) U had a TC not producing villagers... DONT
  • (8:27) u had 1286 gold - 44 wood - 53 food... WTF... balance ur economy......
  • (10:35) u got housed... at 18 pop!!!! By the 10 minutes mark u should have loads more villagers than 18...
  • Build houses around towers to rpotect them....and build them earlier..
  • Try advancing Bast then Nepthys like Squeeo said... This way u can use ancestors GP followed by eclipse.. one of the most deathliest combos around...
  • U had only like 1/3 map scouted... scouting is really important... scout all the map!
  • Build ur migdol near a Gold mine so that raids become dfficult to your opponent...
  • Leave space between ur buildings and your TC for farms...
  • As soon as u build your second TC, start producing villagers from it...
  • WTF with those anubities?? Were u trying to raid??? Dam... U should send them to kill villies, but as soon as u see theres an army near, run.. then go find villies somewhere else... and the earlier u raid, the better..
  • Why in earth did u casted serpents GP in the middle of the nothing?? U see, going anubis is not recommended for a typical Isis... But in top of that u wasted ur GP... If u have serpents, keep them until u can use them wisely..
  • U left map control to him... expand... make a lot more villies, make more military buildings, make more TCs, make more houses, make more army, make more buildings, make more everything!!
  • Keep on doing villies!! Dont let ur TC stay idle until u have liek some 50++ vills!!
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