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Topic Subject:atty wars
posted 17 July 2007 07:53 PM EDT (US)         
any good tips for atty vs. atty on any map really,

but i just lost a kronos vs kronos on alfheim (stupid map with the no hunting whatsoever... except by gold mines on the corner closest to him farthest away from me wtf?), and it started me going turma and murmillo with him cheiro and murmillo...

i was winning for a while til he made nothing but cheiro and although innacurate, it basically was like a splash damage explosion with all the arrows hitting something, tried using vils to kill it, but no... when theres enough of them vs. slow vils, you don't win...

any tips on how to beat same god?

gaia on gaia i have no problem because if i'm actually paying attention i normally own them without any real troubles...

oranos on oranos normally murm flood with sky passages works out quite nicely... not sure about over 1660 thats the highest i've tried out oranos with.

so i guess, just what are the tips?
posted 17 July 2007 08:01 PM EDT (US)     1 / 9       
have you tried using medium katapeltes vs cheiro? i believe they win pop and resourcewise
posted 17 July 2007 08:09 PM EDT (US)     2 / 9       
hmm they do?

is that a viable option??

cheiro still get bonus vs them, and the murms in front can hold them off long enough to be shot right?
posted 17 July 2007 08:13 PM EDT (US)     3 / 9       
jambre they might win pop wise and resource but they dont win in combat.
posted 17 July 2007 08:14 PM EDT (US)     4 / 9       
so whats your advice pc?
posted 17 July 2007 08:42 PM EDT (US)     5 / 9       
atty vs atty is very fun. i play as oranos and i usually have a combination of turma murmilla and prometheans. i go up at 430 and have all military buildings on autoque. i attack and put rally points in front of the enemies base. i try to keep the pressure on the enemies side of the map and destroy his gold income. also remember to get military,armory,and eco ups.
posted 17 July 2007 08:43 PM EDT (US)     6 / 9       
thats y i normally win, my econ ups are always all researched, enemy looks at the game at the end and wonders why they lost with only pickaxe handaxe HD and farm upgrades.
posted 17 July 2007 08:50 PM EDT (US)     7 / 9       
Kronos vs. Kronos? Why not try a rush, or one of my favorte strategies the Kkrush.

While this may not work for all same god plans,basically IMHO you should just still do your strategy but get all the technologies.

I R O N C L A W 7 7
Everything that shines ain't always
gonna be gold.
posted 17 July 2007 09:39 PM EDT (US)     8 / 9       
just do exactly what he does, but better

id ususally go up a bit later since they cant really rush you hard, your econ will win it for you in the end.

vs chieros you want (in order of preference)
focused turma
your own chieros
murms (only if you can close with them and surround them before they start shooting... your opponent has to have terrible micro.

katas are a waste.

get pierce ups. as oranos/gaia dryads and/or symphs are good. as you get higher rated you'll find that the game usually follows the path of extended classical fight then both players go titan.

murm flood will lose to turma/murm + micro - Aussie/Kiwi AoT and AoE3 clan
posted 17 July 2007 09:53 PM EDT (US)     9 / 9       
a krush vs. krush is very fun, and annoying. Who ever kills each others econ faster wins!
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