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Topic Subject:Kronos standard land BO(Not krush)
posted 22 August 2007 00:54 AM EDT (US)         
Can anyone help me get a not krush land bo?

So far i do..

2 food
1 wood
1 gold (manor)
1 gold
1 wood(temple)
1 food

Up via prometheus at 5:00(I have a krush BO, i know how to up earlier)

3 Crax, Aq one of each unit type(if not against cav gods, 2 are turma)
1 Rax, Aq Murmillo
Temple, Aq proms

So i have 25% Murm, 25% kat, 25% Cheiro, 25% Turma(sometimes more if i deem it not necesarry to make kat)

Any suggestions/help/tips/flaws?

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posted 22 August 2007 06:04 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
same as for oranos. generally 430>500. if you really want to go 500, add an extra chubbie to wood at the end.

guild (hd), food
gold (manor @25g, temple@100g)
rest on food til you can up.

on high hunt you can put 2nd last one on wood, last one on gold.

get pickaxe/hand axe.

once you age up balance your econ to 3-2-2 (f-w-g)

2crax/1 rax, 2*turma+murms+proms. valor oracles to attack faster.

hes making inf, switch one crax chieros once your econ has expanded a bit, cav harder than your murms/proms can handle, switch one to katas.

build more production buildings as you go. - Aussie/Kiwi AoT and AoE3 clan
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