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Topic Subject:A few ideas
posted 20 January 2002 03:04 AM EDT (US)         
1. The scene displayed could depend on the cummulative LOS of the units, except not just in terms of range. Certain units would be better at spotting things such as snares. If you march a formation from point A to point B and there are enemy snares on the way, whether or not the snares would be revealed on the screen would depend on what units you had in that formation. Also, tracks left behind by units might not be displayed unless certain units are in the formation.

2. What if the AI controlling a formation of your units would behave differently depending on which units were in the formation? How about a certain military unit that would function as an officer in a way. If he was part of a formation, the automatic AI controlling the rest of the troops in that formation would be improved. Otherwise, they might all need to be manually led around by the hand a little bit more. For example, archers would tend to automatically seek cover behind infantrymen and infantrymen would do a better job of protecting catapults and archers.

3. How about a mythological archery unit that could fly and swim?

4. How about an indepence setting for units? You could have a default setting as far as how independantly you wanted your units to act in the absence of direct orders and could alter it to make them act more or less independant. Also, individual units as well as possinly unit types could have their specific independance levels altered.

5. Boiling oil pots could be constructed on walls at intervals and dumped by clicking on the pot and choosing to dump it. Obviously, it would be better if villagers dumped the pots, except I don't know if units are going to be able to mount structures.

6. What if priests weren't purchased like other units. What if a villager was taken to a Temple and turned into a priest. Actually, I think it would be interesting if all units started out as villagers.

7. Does anyone know if favor accumulation will be enhanced by praying at Temples and/or Wonders? If not, what do you guys think about the idea?

8. Regarding snares, how much impact do you guys think placing snares and/or alarms at chokepoints in the map could have on the game?

9. I know I posted about this before, except I have been thinking about it a little. Imagine there was a wrap-around map. The screen would look no different, except there would be no edges. It would simply display the LOS based on the units and buildings in the selected location the same way it does now. The mini-map would look like an atlas. It would look flat. If you clicked on a different location on the mini-map, the focus would change the same way it does now. There would be no spinning on either the screen or the flat mini-map. The only difference is that you could keep on moving in one direction and circle the map like you can on this round earth.

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posted 20 January 2002 12:58 PM EDT (US)     1 / 12       
1) I'm a little confused, but I don't think snares are in AOM, and I hope that all units will leave foot prints, or none will leave foot prints. Otherwise it is just another thing to micromanage. Flying or swimming units would not leave foot prints though(obviously).

2) Sounds OK, not something that I necessarily want. Maybe the Heroes could be the 'officers'.

3) I think it would be too powerful, but everything can be balanced. Finding a myth unit that actually did this though would be tough.

4) No, I don't like it.

5) I don't like it, I would rather just have a tower or something.

6) No, check out Battle Realms...

7) I don't think so, because only the Greeks gain favor by praying at temples.

8) I don't want them

9) Excellent idea, I'm all for it

BTW welcome back Newbie

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posted 20 January 2002 01:52 PM EDT (US)     2 / 12       
9) You mean that you go anywhere you want and never come to an end?Sounds cool, but then the landscape would have to be made new everytime and this maybe would cause lags.Also if you take your fast Pegasus for example and fly around you would have a so big map that this mybe would also cause lags.And the resources wouldn't be limited.

Or did I understand something wrong?

And what do you mean with these "circling"?

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posted 20 January 2002 01:57 PM EDT (US)     3 / 12       
most of these ideas are way way too complicated... Inventive, but far out of reach...

1. snares? Perhaps you meant the trap I was talking about in my defense post. Well this is way complizated for gameplay, and how would it ahve nay meaning? How would some units be able to see traps better then others?

2. what AI formations? Why would you want the AI to control your units. Too complicated for gameplay.

3. Was there ever a MU like this? I can't think of one. Swimming units generally has not been the style of ES. The giant turtle? He is an exception. Just put the untis on the ships.

4. Would units take the liberty to attack teh enemy? Just haveing attack settings is fine. You like this independence/ AI stuff don't you?

5. I like this one for art, instead of murder holes having towers shoot at the base, they should dump builing oil. Nice!

6. All units villagers? Way way way too different. It would be so hard to get the hang of it. Just buy the priests, and everything else.

7. FAvor is mased at 100. You can't enhance how much you accumulate I would not think.

8. I like snares, see my AOM defense post. I think you would like it. Good idea...

9. Sorry very inventive but majorly complicated. ITs to olate for that anyway, we ahve seen teh interface and its a normal map... Sorry...

Good thoughts,


posted 20 January 2002 01:58 PM EDT (US)     4 / 12       

It doesn't have to creat anything new. It's like going around the world in a plane. If look at a map of it, it has to end somewhere, but if you fly off the end of the map, you just started over on the opposite end, there was nothing new to create.

Did that help at all?

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posted 20 January 2002 02:07 PM EDT (US)     5 / 12       
9) good idea, but i like it the way it is.

except ofcourse in maps that are like the entire world, but in most maps its only a part of the world and cant be circly than

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posted 20 January 2002 03:17 PM EDT (US)     6 / 12       
2: The unit AI should be equally good for all units. It'd just be an annoyance that my units act like morons sometimes.

3: If it flies, why would it need to swim? It'd be an awesome unit to raid with.

4: ES could make such a feature... but 99% of players would ignore it. I doubt they'll waste their time.

5: Perhaps as an upgrade to towers... although I don't really like making powerful defesnes.

6: Not good for RTS. Too much micro involved.

7: ES says they've got some more goodies coming out of wonders in AoM. We'll see soon enough (I hope. )

8: Outposts serve this purpose fine.

9: Perhaps in a later game... it'd be very interesting to remove the pocket players and make people fight on all fronts, but it's something ES would have to implement early so that they can make sure it works.

posted 20 January 2002 03:37 PM EDT (US)     7 / 12       
2) There needs to be some incentive to use formations, I don't think many people used them in AoK. Maybe they could give units in formation an attack/defense bonus, like in Cossacks.
5) Depends on how common/useful static defenses like wall will be in AoM. It probably works better in a castle sim, like Stronghold.
6) Probably too much of a departure from the AoE tradition. It works reasonably well in Stronghold.
9) No! The earth is flat disc, if you go to close to the edge you will fall off! Unless the Midgard Snake gets you first of course.
posted 20 January 2002 11:31 PM EDT (US)     8 / 12       
1. I'm not quite sure on this one.

2. Since the formations in ES games are not locked formations like in EE, so I don't know how much this feature can affect them.

3. Sounds cool

4. Not sure on this.

5. Got to have this! It would be very awesome! Iit would be like in those movies about ancient Greek warfare (and AoE 3 should have this!)

6. I don't think this would be very fun in multiplayers, although that sounds good in campaigns.

7. If I understood you correctly, then praying at temples/wonders to get favor works pretty much like the relics in AoK, where the more relics you have, the faster the rate of favor coming in. It's in AoM.

8. I think Ensembles Designers opposed the idea, and perhaps one of the reasons being that it would make multiplayer games annoying.

9. Wrap-around map would be very cool for real-world map games! It could be made as a game setting option (i.e. medium map, large map, giant map...wrap-around map).

posted 21 January 2002 07:52 AM EDT (US)     9 / 12       
This is a differant/stupid idea, but what about town hangings?

Just say u have reached ur pop limit, or u particually dont like a villie (BECAUSE HE/SHE IS SO STUPID!!!), or even if you caught or converrtd an enemy unit, how about, having some of your units gathering around an area, where that watch the TRAITOR?!!?!!?? get hanged. This would increase conversian resistance for all the units that witnessed this(assuming monks are gonna play the same role as in Aoe1 and 2), aswell as free up some spaces for more powerfull units.

Once you think about it, it is a pretty dumb idea , but i was thinking about it and thought i might aswell tell it to everyone else.

p.s I think (9) is a cool idea

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posted 22 January 2002 07:24 PM EDT (US)     10 / 12       
Putting vills in buildings to make units no offense I think is stupid I have played a game that does that and it is totally annoying the way all the other games units were made was fine.The globe is a good idea maybe in the xpack.I love the idea of dumping things out of the tower it would be interested instead of shooting an arrow when A unit is attacking your base you could dump a pot of oil on them however these pots would have to have some limit and take a while to fill up or have a unique way of filling up.The formations are fine however smarter infantry that tried harder to protect ranged units in certain formations would be nice.

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posted 22 January 2002 10:38 PM EDT (US)     11 / 12       
I just hate how long it takes, first make a villie, then make a soldiar, then wahtever...

I just like the original aok way.

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posted 22 January 2002 10:45 PM EDT (US)     12 / 12       
1. Sounds good

2. It might be difficult to do but i like it.

3. No!

4. No

5. Sounds cool, but i really don't know.

6. No, too much micro

7. I think you can only pray at temples

8. No much of an affect imo.

9. No, you could just put a wall at the very edge of the map and that wall would be impossible to attack. This is a cool idea, but it causes too many problems.

Good post Newbie!

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