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Topic Subject:Cataphract
Jacqui Coyness
(id: Jackpb)
posted 12 October 2008 06:58 PM EDT (US)         
This is a unit that you cant build but you can use it in the editor.

It looks like Achilles but is not as good.


Hack damage 8 bonus 1,5vs infantry
Hack armor 10
Pirce armor 40
Crush armor 99
Speed 4,8 m/s

3 pop
50 food
100 gold

Special cant be build

Very bad hack armor and speed but good pirce armor.

Its not good vs nothing but archers.

Its got benefits from armory and cavalry improvements but its still bad and other units do better for the cost that not exist.

Example a jarl that cost 50 food and 80 gold can kill it and got 50hp left and the jarl do 4* bonus damage vs mus it also got one more damage and double the hack armor of the cataphract.

The only advantage of the cataphract is that it got slightly better pirce armor but that is best of this two units?

Even a Hippicon beats it one vs one and it cost is only 40 food and 80 gold but the Hippicon got only 25 pirce armor against the Cataphracts 40.

Its only good vs archer but it can beat a hoplite but the others do a better jobb hear too.

Its not good at all and is cost is excessive for a unit that you not can build.

I think you wouldent train this unit anyway.

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posted 12 October 2008 07:08 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
You know, I've always wondered how to effectivly use my cataphracts when I'm in sup. Thanks for this. It's awesome to know now.

Though I think you should ask... Tyre? Or sumin' if it's okay to use the stuff he spent so long to get.
SC2H Seraph
posted 12 October 2008 07:14 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
I wonder if Tyre would be proud. Fad/spam threads? Come on you two, you know better than that and I'm not in a forgiving mood. No more.

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