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Topic Subject:The Ballista
posted 12 October 2008 07:01 PM EDT (US)         
This is a guid about the Norse ranged siege weapon that rain death over the enemys line and destroy their town.

The stats of the Ballista

Pierce Damage: 9 x 4 bolts
Crush Damage: 4 x 4 bolts
Range: 4-30
HP: 85+20% Odin
Hack Armor: 20%
Pierce Armor: 80%
Crush Armor: 90%
Speed: 2.4 meters/second
Line of sight: 40 meters
Training time: 17 seconds

150 wood 150 gold 3 pop

Improvements to the ballista
Draft Horses +20% move rate
Engineers +25% attack, x1.10 damage vs walls
Burning Pitch 20% crush damage

The Ballista is easly massed if you got a lot of wood and gold and it take only 3 pop like most cavalry do.

It hits likely with one bolt but if the enemy got more units near the target then they also be damaged by the fire of this deadly machine.

conceivable use

The Defending Ballista
Build a wall on strategic points, our bases and towns then you build a group ballistas and put them behind the wall.
The ballistas can then do greatly damage to enemys fron 30m distans and force them to use siege that your troops can easly destroy if the enemy leave them alone do to the fear of the ballistas and this can increase the time of the siege special if they use close combat siege or normal troops but catapults and petrobolos can destroy ballistas easly but they is worser against troops.

The Attacking Ballista

Build good amount of Ballistas and some defenders to them.(if your in team you could make your army only of Ballistas and use the teammates troops as defence)
Then you send them and their defenders to the enemy.
You could have a good use of all improvements.
Use the Ballistas los to lokate the enemy and begin to bombard them with the Balistas and then they rech them they shoud be significant weaker of the fire if they have a lot of infantery but cavlery can be dangerous but they could be beaten by your troops and if you win over ther army target all Ballistas to destroy theirs production buildings, towncenters and houses to make it harder for the enemy to get an army to storm you and destroy the Ballistas.

The besiege Ballista

Make a group ballistas and build a wall near theirs wall if they have one and attempt to get near their townceter and do it hard for the enemy to conter attack your Ballistas by bulding a large wall many tower and got a lot of troops then you reach the range you want begin the constrution of the wall but lookute for attacks then you are very vulnerable but if it succes you got a very huge advantage and build longhouses and hillforts to fill your ranks.

The Ballista vs other ranged seige

Catapult vs Ballista

advantage of the Ballista

Better range without engineers
Better vs units
Better short range


worser aginst building, ship and seige.
weaker or less hp.

Catapult is the ranged siege of Egyptian.

Petrobolos vs Ballista

Advantage of the Ballista

Better range without engineers
Better vs units
Better short range


worser aginst building, ship and seige.
weaker or less hp.

The Petrobolos feel like mixture of the Catapult and Ballista.

Cheiroballista vs Ballista

Advantage of the Ballista

Better range, los and damage vs building
lesser pop use, better armor


weaker vs infantery, minimum range shot slower
expensiver, slower and available much later.

Cheiroballista is the Atlantian siege that they can already build in the second age and it excellent vs infatery but weaker vs buildings.

The Ballista is best vs infatery or ship and it can do damage to archers and cavelry too.

It win pop battle vs all archers if they dont get clouse and then attack,Cheiroballista,Petrobolos and ships.

They are much better if they are guarded.

The bolts do area damage but often one bolt do a really hit.
The others do about the half damage and this dont apply against buildings there all bolts hit and do full damage.

They dont get a range bonus if you rechers engineers but they get bonus fron the burning pitch improvement.

Compare to most siege machines they are very good at units but they are weak and not as good vs building.

Jacqui Coyness
(id: Jackpb)
posted 12 October 2008 07:05 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Wow. Nice post Kora.

This is really helpful for my game play...

It's kind of like that one by erm...

what his name?
Tyre... I think.

"First, Jackpb isn't in the game. (Check the list of players in the main post). Thus, Night Actions targetting him/her will never come to fruition.", Dragon Lance Mafia.
SC2H Seraph
posted 12 October 2008 07:14 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
I wonder if Tyre would be proud. Fad/spam threads? Come on you two, you know better than that and I'm not in a forgiving mood. No more.

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