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Topic Subject:zeus or hades?
posted 12 July 2009 05:43 AM EDT (US)         
I just wanted to know people's views on who's better. A lot of people say Zeus is better because of hoplite advantage and myrmidons. But Hades also has stronger buildings as well as Gastraphetes which can tear down buildings easily. I know they can both do collosus spam, and Zeus has better favour collection but doesn't Hasdes also get Arphodite who increases favour. (even though it's not much)I just wanted to know what makes Zeus more superior to Hades, other than the minor god choices, as I know many will say "Hades doesn't get Hermes or Dionysus"
posted 12 July 2009 05:57 AM EDT (US)     1 / 9       
Zeus vs Hades

Hades is better, myrms won't do bonus damge so they are not as pop effective as normal. Gatras have same attack so they are the same as normal.
Zeus's bonus (hops bonus damage vs buildings, faster movenement and faster favor) is not as effective vs hades, because of his tox, more building HP and Aphrodite.
Zeus GP is better than Hades', except if the Zeus is going to rush (sentinels are a pain).
Zeus's Mythic hero is better than Hades', and IMO Zeus's god upgrade is better, more HP for heroes is great.

They are close though, but I think if players of the exact skill play this mathup, Hades will win most of the time.

Zeus vs others / Hades vs others

Myrms have bonus damage, what makes them extremely good and much better than Hades's Gastras. Also, Zeus has or better hips and GP (Dionysos) or better GP (and some other myth ups) (Apollo) than Hades (Aphrodite), or the Hades also goes Apollo and then he loses his faster favor faster building. Hades has faster building rate than Zeus though.
Zeus has better god upgrade and hero again.
In this mathup it is, again, close, but I would say Zeus wins because of Myrms.

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posted 12 July 2009 06:59 AM EDT (US)     2 / 9       
OK, I didn't know about Hades faster building time and yeah, Bella is one of the best heroes in the game and Zeus v Hades would mean Hades would win because myrmidons get a disadvantage.

It's like Ra and Isis, Isis would beat everyone but Ra can beat Isis.

Also why does everyone hate posiedon, I've been facing a lot of Posiedon players who always kill me by using pesrtilence, even though I build at home as Thor, anyone know any counters other than full pop RC
posted 12 July 2009 07:12 AM EDT (US)     3 / 9       
Poseidon going Ares vs Thor? This is strange unless pest rush. I would go hermes and full hip if Poseidon vs Thor and Thor would go full rc in this situation.

Hades only has faster build if he gets the Aphrodite up. Aphrodite is > Apollo btw.

posted 12 July 2009 07:55 AM EDT (US)     4 / 9       
The Possy Pest rush on maps like Savannah can be very good, I once saw how Hells beat Spoeft with it (Possy vs Thor)
posted 12 July 2009 11:07 AM EDT (US)     5 / 9       
You mean Magic?

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posted 12 July 2009 12:20 PM EDT (US)     6 / 9       
Well most of the time when I get Ares rushed on closed maps like watering hole and alfhiem, don't really know any proper counters for it as Posiedon gets loads of hippikons with cheaper stables and cavalry. By the time I do get an army he just outmasses me.
posted 12 July 2009 03:16 PM EDT (US)     7 / 9       
It really depends,
What I like about Hades is fee soldiers, that's right, more meat shield for my upgraded tox , faster
I also like the Gastraphetes, its a mini siege weapon and counter infantry in one!

Zeus is good, but I usually only use him if I feel like doing an Athena rush. His late game is also good, with the ability to spam myth units and myrmidons
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posted 12 July 2009 05:48 PM EDT (US)     8 / 9       
In Zeus vs Hades specifically, I like Hades. I personally prefer archers to infantry, and the Vaults of Erebus with that handy 3/4 per second gold trickle is a plus. I think that you can't underestimate the gold trickle. Otherwise, there's several examples of how both gods have similar stuff. That is in reference to Collosi (sp? talking about those giant monsters with the sword), cavalry, and siege. And, yeah, I like the Gastraphetes.

However, in general when playing other gods and other cultures, it depends which situations archers and infantry are better in. Against Norse, I would prefer archers; with Eggy, I like infantry more; Atty, I like archers; and finally, with Possy, I'm thinking infantry.

"We are only supposed to stereotype the games, and not the gamers. I think I might have blurred that line with mine though? Oh well, if the shoe fits... " - AnastasiaKafka
From here
posted 19 July 2009 02:30 AM EDT (US)     9 / 9       
I mean Hells
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