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Topic Subject:Ra v Atlantean
posted 29 July 2009 08:36 AM EDT (US)         
So recently I decided I would like to try Egyptian after I came back to this game as it's a civ I've never really played before. I chose Ra as this god appeals to me more.

I've been playing a few games both rated and unrated, however I'm having trouble beating Atlanteans. They usually go up at around 4:30 and start raiding me and keeping units on gold mines, and I struggle to take them back. I've tried both classical fighting and going FH but I've still lost due to them having the tc's and map control.

Advice is really appreciated, such as what time i should be advancing at, what tactic i should be adopting etc. Thanks.
posted 29 July 2009 10:16 AM EDT (US)     1 / 6       
Atlanteans are pretty hard matchups for Ra.

There is however 1 cookie cutter strat which will pretty much garanty the win vs any 1800- atty:
Fast Titan:
Advance early (no later than 5 min with Bast) fortify your base, make a few priests, aq slingers in 1 rax. dont forget to grab all cheap eco ups (husbandry, pickaxe, plow, handaxe) + 1st and 2nd monu. Aim for a 11 min heroic (13 farms + rain) with Hathor. When your gold mine runs out put all the gold vills on wood, sell wood in market and go for mythic with Osiris. Also build a siege camp. Research Secrets of the Titans asap and finally break out with Titan + Soo + Mass Mu + Siege + Slings.
Example :

If you're facing better atty's, than there are 2 possible strats:

4 min Rush with Pharaoh + Shifting sands (shift 1-2 atty vils), than a little later flood spears with your shaduf + rain food

4.30 Rush with Pharaoh + 2 Sphinx, after the rush defend with slings and semifh, break out around min 11-12 with eclipse + upgraded sphinx (dont loose any of them before eclipse) + camels + chariots + some rax units

Always go Hathor - Osiris and aim for a rather early tt
posted 29 July 2009 02:32 PM EDT (US)     2 / 6       
In addition to what eddy said, my advice is to not fall behind in tcs and lose the boom-war to the atty if your not FTing. This seemed to be my mistake a lot, I'd win all the battles with barracks units/sphinx, but the atty would age jump and get a titan/mythic gp because of better econ
posted 29 July 2009 04:40 PM EDT (US)     3 / 6       
Thanks for the replies, nice advice I'll have to try that FT tactic out next time lol, i was skeptical if my enemy would let me do that but that video showed its effectivness, made me laugh too :P

Is Bast the best minor god versus atlanteans then? Up to now I've been using Ptah for the cheaper farms and liked spamming Wadjets against them, though I havn't really given Bast a chance againt atty.

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posted 29 July 2009 09:17 PM EDT (US)     4 / 6       
Lower rating you could get away with a villy rush, which is rather funny.

Oranos turmas are always a pain, especially since your rax units can't catch up, so instead get crenelated towers to protect your villies. If you feel you have trouble with raiding, go ptah. His cheap farms allow you to spend more on troops, and his shifting sand can save some villies from death, or you can shift some of his raiders into a "jail" (a box of walls) built next to a tower.

Bast is better in the long run though, for her farm ups and eclipse will let you win a titan battle.

If I feel like I can get to a reasonably fast mythic, I may go for horus instead of osiris. Locust+tornado+roc+seige against a titan gate will kill it within seconds, pushing him back rather far.
posted 29 July 2009 09:39 PM EDT (US)     5 / 6       
walls > towers - Aussie/Kiwi AoT and AoE3 clan
posted 29 July 2009 10:01 PM EDT (US)     6 / 6       
That's an exellent game, Eddy.

I haven't even seen that strategy before, and you executed it beyond perfection tbh.

The rest of the comments may aswell be ignored, though. I don't think any of them actually faces the issue at hand with this matchup.

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us"

Gandalf - JRR Tolkein. The Fellowship of the Ring
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