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Age of Mythology Heaven » Forums » Strategy and General Discussion » Strategy advice (Greek - Zeus (involves Ceasefire and Underworld Passage))
Topic Subject:Strategy advice (Greek - Zeus (involves Ceasefire and Underworld Passage))
posted 17 February 2010 03:28 PM EDT (US)         
Skipp this part to get to my question/suggestion:


I'm new to the forum and I'm not a pro at the game either. I started playing it when it still new but has stopped after some time. Because I was very young when first playing the game i didn't realize how complicated this game is actually and how many things there are you must know to be a good player. I would normally just play against the computer and use the cheats to give myself tons of resources and then win with ease. Now that I'm a bit older I understand English much better I installed the game once more on the computer as I was bored and I started looking for some strategies for the game on internet and found this site. I learned much about the game and improved my play a little but I still suck at it pretty much

Start reading here:
While reading some of the guides and some posts on the forum I came up with a new idea. When playing as Zeus you can choose both Hermes in Classical and Apollo in Heroic. This is what I done:

-as soon as the game starts i put all my villagers to food and make another five
-once the other five are made I put 4 to food and one to build temple
-I advance to Classical and make 6 more vills
-3 to gold, 3 to wood, 1 to build dock
-2 fishing ships, two vills from food to gold and the one from the dock to make houses (2-3) then to Armory
-advance to Heroic and make a Pegasus, then send it close to enemy's base without getting spotted
-make enough vills to have a steady income of gold and food (wood is not as important, but make sure you have enough to build a couple of petrobolos and helepolises during the game)
*from here on it depends on which civ you are playing against*
-use Underworld Passage and send the free villager to other side, build barracks, archery range and stables (whic ones should be built depends on enemy's units(OFC don't forget to scout in the beginning))
-make a fortress very close to enemy's base and a tower a bit further so they can guard one another
-use the Cease fire and start popping Myrmidons, 1 petrobolos and 1 helepolis should do the job of taking down the TC
-by now you should get to mythic age already and OFC better choice is Hera as her GP gives you much greater chance that your siege weapons stay alive and take down the TC before the enemy can make a new army and also medusa doeas a great job at taking down enemy units trying to kill your siege weapons
-when enemy's TC is destroyed kill all the vills in the area and destroy all the building that produce enemy's units then build your TC
-when the main base is taken down I think the rest will be easy and he will not try and send his army to your base cause then he will lose his

Please tell me what you think and if it has already been suggested I apologize. I will be more than glad if you have anything to ad and maybe make it better.

Also consider that I'm still new to the game and if the idea really suck try to tell me nicely (don't be mean)

That's all.
posted 17 February 2010 03:44 PM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
You will be beaten in classical with that build against anyone above 1600. This is because your economy will be very poor.

Using underworld to build behind your enemy is a very common strategy for Zeus and Hades.

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posted 17 February 2010 03:46 PM EDT (US)     2 / 5       

do you play online?
or just the campaigns and against the computer?

cuz that strat wouldn't hold up too well on eso :P
posted 17 February 2010 05:44 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
"-as soon as the game starts i put all my villagers to food and make another five
-once the other five are made I put 4 to food and one to build temple"

As Kyles Mom from Southpark would say, "What what whaaaat?!"

If Im reading this correctly, your villagers sit next to the TC once they are made waiting for the fifth one to come out. At which point four head for food and one to a temple. First of all, how can you build temple if your getting hunting dogs, which only means your not getting hunting dogs... Bad idea. Secondly, a villager not working is a wasted 50 food and pop space. So why not send them to food as they come out until the fifth one is done, then start sending them to w.e resource is next...periodically! Its true you want to save your military units until they are one big army rather than send them one by one, but economic units are completely different. Resources dont fight back!* You want to gather as much as you can while you can so you can beat your enemy to the punch.

If that was verbalized poorly, sorry, ive been out of it recently.... I hope somebody understands what Im saying though.

*Minus the animals who DO fight back, but dont go for them first I guess...

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posted 18 February 2010 08:22 AM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
Well, a couple of things... you should considered what your opponent is doing wayyyyyyy before the heroic, I mean late archaic. When you hit classic you want to have some idea as to your opponents strategy and possible counters.

Also, your BO sucks. You want at least two on gold and wood going into the classic to ensure a decent supply when you hit a classic and have to build...

Man, I think that this strategy isn't that good... I mean, I think your underestimating the ability of melee units to destroy siege, and even vills vs siege. Unless your facing a 0000, your opponent is likely to have some sort of defence once you reach heroic/mythic, and it is almost certainly going to be capable of defeating 1 petro and 1 heli before they take down the TC... 20 vills could do that (depending on enemy troop micro obv...)

First, go play ESO, if you get some experience against real people you should become far better, the AI is no substitute, even on Titan... Also,don't try to invent your own strategy when your pretty much new to the game, look at others and emulate first...

Didn't mean offense, only to help XD...

Legacy eh?

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posted 20 February 2010 08:55 AM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
Ok, instead of denouncing his very bad strategy. We should at least help him with some suggestions, for example, give him some links like this: Ok Narval, here is a link to a strategy website for Zeus its a googlesite so it's legit haha:

Also like BlackLegacy said; Don't make your own strategy just yet, look at and study great players strategies, find their build order, how is their town structured for a defense? Or how is their forward base built, if they have one. Trust me, find a build order, use it, modify it until it works for YOU.

Credits: The peoples who made those googlesites, and bothered to make those build orders and strats.
And AoMH, because its so awesome.

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