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Topic Subject:Interesting rates of fire
(id: eine_gurkensalad)
posted 06 January 2018 10:52 AM EDT (US)         
Hello everyone

You probably know that in aom damages are expressed in seconds.
It means that the more an attack is slow, the more it will inflict on each hits (the kraken is a good exemple) so that eventually it will deal the labelled attack per seconds.

Yet, this is not the case for 2 types of attack:
-the lightning attack
-the area attacks
And it's quite useful to know the length of this attacks to know if they are powerfull or weak, especially since we can't find this informations in the proto files.

The lightning attack is done by only 4 units in game:
-the petsuchos
-the Mirror tower
-the SoO
-the Man O'war

These attacks can't miss their target (even if it moved through the entire map during the firing), but deals per hits.

The petsuchos, the Man O'war and the SoO have a 3 second recharge time.
So the petsuchos deals ~19 per seconds, the Man O'war ~8.3 and the SoO actually 20, (both with 4 targets).

Now, the mirror tower is so strange that I can be interested if people know how it works.

The only thing I can say is that it has a 1 sec recharge time and it seems that if it attacks a single target without any intervention it's indeed 1 sec...

the area attacks are an attribute of a lot of special attacks but it's more the recharge time of the special attack which is important, and you can find them in the proto.

However some units attack only with this:
-the phoenix
-the fire lance Shennong and the Sitting tiger Shennong
-the Earth dragon and the nidhogg
-the titan

-something else ?

The area attack has 2 specificities:
-it inflicts in an area defined in the proto (as a range of action)
-it inflicts on the area where it hits (not necessarely on the target)

The phoenix has a slow 2.7 secondes recharge time, so his attack is more about 15H 15P

The fire lance has a shocking 1.5 seconds recharge time so with his bonus *4 against buildings it's far more efficient than the normal one... On the contrary a sitting tiger needs 4 seconds to recharge so the bonus *4 is a good balance (it's good to destroy gathered houses or similar things).

The earth dragon has a 1.5 secondsrecharge time where the Nidhogg has 2 sec.
So with 30 H 30 C for one and 40 H 40 C for the other it's exactly the same attack (it's juste a bit more practical to have a faster recharge time, and you have also subtle differences such as the areas in the proto).
And lavishly the nidhogg still have a bigger attack than the phoenix (which has been slightly improved with the expansion).

I wanted also to speak about the vermillion bird but this thread is long enough and I don't have the truth
please write if you know smthg about it

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That AoM Guy
(id: aom expert)
posted 25 January 2018 09:41 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
good stuff, I know the firestorms that the bird creates are actually their own thing and can be changed by modifying the damage and even the lifespan.

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(id: Lilitu)
posted 26 January 2018 10:25 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
More AoE-Units: Einherja, Nemean Lion, Avenger, Scarab, Lampade, Fire Giant, Battle Boar, Sphinx, probably Heka Gigantes/Minotaur/Cyclops, also with Projectiles Satyr/Manticore but that's not really AoE ...mmh, maybe even more.

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(id: eine_gurkensalad)
posted 27 January 2018 00:27 AM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
I didn't want to talk about special attacks because they do in most cases the damages written on the proto or on this forum and it's quite logical ;')
What you said is true, among the units you talked about just 2 doesn' t do this : the minotaur which just throw and that's all, and the satyr just throw 3 or 6 projectiles which are normal (and i think that spécial attacks inflict what is written and not per second, even if there is no area
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@tag i'll do further tests

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