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Age of Mythology Heaven » Forums » Strategy and General Discussion » What is your favourite( And least favourite ) Major God?
Topic Subject:What is your favourite( And least favourite ) Major God?
posted 23 March 2018 08:32 PM EDT (US)         
... Hopefully the title speaks for itself. Here, let me start:

Favourite: Hades. I am personally a big fan of turtle strategies, which Hades supports, and similarly a big fan of late-game tactits involving lots of powerfull but expensive Myth units, and a combo which I personally grew rather fond of is Colossus + Gastraphetes. Colossus is obviously good against cavalry( ... Not to mention human units in general ) and makes for a amazing meatshield that can dish out large amounts of damage of its own, while the Gastraphetes is good against fliyng myth units and its very long range allows it to hit most units who otherwise could try to hit-and-run the Colossus. This tactic can be used to some effectiveness even against the likes of Chariot Archers( As the Colossus will be soaking up most of the damage, letting the Gastraphetes hit then with impunity, and it would be a bit hard even for such a mobile unit to try to maneuver around the Colossus without taking quite a few hits along the way ), and though I wont pretend there are no counters to it, if you can mass enough of those units to take out a opponent settlement in one sweep, oh boy does it feels fun.

Least favourite: Tough call, as there is honestly no major god which I would personally call "bad", but I think I will give it to Set. I still think that, if anything this god is overral underrated( It has a decently versatile selection of Minor Gods, being able to perform decently well strategies involving both foot soldiers or the more powerfull Migdol Stronghold units ), but overall, it... Actually just hits me as a "jack-of-all trades" god, what I wouldnt mind, except there really isnt anything in particular it excels at. What puts it as the worst, though, is the fact the Animals of Set tend to activelly get on the way: You really only need a couple of Hyenas for scouting at most, but then you get a bunch of animals who you didnt asked for and which you probably would have other units that can use the population space better anyway. In a minor nitpicket, it also has the worst economy out of any Egyptian major god, not only lacking any bonus of its own, but also lacking Bast economical technologies( Toth may make up for it to a extent, but he is a Myth age god, and by this point, well, if your opponent was going to outboom you, he already did. )
(id: Lilitu)
posted 23 March 2018 09:41 PM EDT (US)     1 / 13       
I think u partly confused Set with Ra, since Ra is the one with the strong Migdol units. Set has cheaper Migdol Strongholds (300 gold 10 favor instead of 400 gold 10 favor) and a bonus on Slingers. A quote from wikia:
Slingers and Chariot Archers are trained 20% faster.
Slingers have 10% more HP and 10% less hack vulnerability.

I feel like Set is for the the most people the most difficult to play good, even for some egyptian players which are a weird bunch anyways. But in his history he became famous because some guy won an old official money-tourney with Set even though no one believed him to be tier 1. The Set animal harass is kinda good.
Interestingly he is kinda like Hades-Ares-Apollo-Artemis granting the whole egyptian archer line ups with Set-Ptah-Sekhmet.

Favorite: Odin, always Odin. First ofc. Norse require you to actually have decisions instead of aq in the TC with dwarves and ox carts, also they are kinda mobile and offensive with military builders, one barracks for everything, ox storage and longboat carry cap. Well, I guess I like the wood base nomadic Wildlings. With Odin I like the Ravens, Hill Fort Focus, going Ulfs, Jarl or Huskarls and most Myths (not a fan of battle boars or fire giants).

Least: A couple of years ago I'd've (<lol) said Set too. I dislike how Isis goes always A/E and Ouranos/Kronos go always Prometheus (due to bad game balance), but I can't punish the gods for their players on this rating. I'm also not a fan of which I never played though. From a opponent-perspective I guess it would be Zeus (building damage), Ouranos(unit speed), Isis(monuments, mercs, A/E, Hathor) and Ra (Rhino, mercs, Hathor). I really don't like how abusive some strat's are. Set at least has no Hathor.
And now I found my least favorite god: Hathor. I don't pick her and I hate playing against her. She just feels cheaty. The Sundried Mudbrick is okay, everything else is some kind of pest.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos

Steam: Order of Azarath
Discord: Azarath @

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posted 24 March 2018 02:39 AM EDT (US)     2 / 13       
Favourite: Odin because I'm like bonuses which helps me a lot in fights against enemies, regeneration of soldiers is cool because allows me to be raiding eficient without need of healing springs

Least: Set not have interesting bonuses due to fact as is slinger-animal based
posted 24 March 2018 08:02 AM EDT (US)     3 / 13       
Sorry, I misexpressed myself. When I said "the more powerfull Migdol Stronghold" units, I meant as in, more powerfull, when compared to the Barrack units. Set can perform both decently well in strategies involving the cheaper, but weaker Barrack units and the stronger, but more costly, Migdol Stronghold units. That is one of the few advantages I give Set: As I said, the fact he has a decent selection of minor gods( Anubis is the only minor god he grants that I would classify as "bad": Every other one is potentially very good depending in your strategy ) is one of the few advantages I give him.

EDIT: I also forgot mentioning, I think Prometheus is kind of overrated, as though his bonuses are powerfull, they are only going to be particularly relevant if the opponent plays a myth unit-based strategy, and even then only during the early game( As as the game progresses and your economy grows, the resource cost of turning your units into heroes is no longer nearly as much of a problem as the population cost. ) Leto arguably became just as good, if not better, since Volcanic Forge got buffed to boost the pierce armor of-All-Human units, heroes, and ships, alongside with Automatons. Oceanus is still quite underwhelming, but hey, fliyng healers are something that is going to be usefull all through the game, whereas the Prometheans will eventually get outclassed by the more powerfull late game myth units, so I dont put him-Completely-Out of the equation...

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shallow sam
posted 26 March 2018 07:45 AM EDT (US)     4 / 13       
I personally enjoy playing Oranos a lot. I am also a fan of turtle strategy, although I'm not sure he is the best for that. I just find his empowering infantry very strong alongside already ridiculously powerful arcus (when upgraded to heroes). I love archers so much, also one of the reasons I love Hades as well.
Furthermore, I like the Hekka Gigantes myth units that can serve as siege weapons, army clearers and damage soakers.
The fire syphons that atlantis has access to is also ridiculous. With 4-5 syphons you bring any none wonder/titan gate buildings to ashes within 10 seconds.
Question that could be addressed to me is "since you like Myth Units and siege weapons so much, why don't you pick Kronos". Well i find that the advantages that come with Kronos on making myth units cheaper is not that significant in the late game which is when you will want to have those myth units. Furthermore, the improvements for siege weapons are also extremely late game focused.
With Oranos's focus on infantry, I can enjoy its benefits all throughout the game basically.
Also, Oranos has access to the teleportation with its Major God special building. Along with helios's vortex (assuming you chose him for mythic age) you will have a very high mobility in your game that cannot be neglected. You will be able to bring your army any side of the map within seconds.

I don't often play pvp, I mostly play against AI. My personal favorite is to turtle in Jotunheim while being outnumbered. 4 turrets with 10 archers garding each of the pathways with walls are too strong to overcome early game. If you can make all these archers into heroes and protect your walls nicely, no one will ever get close to your town center.

For my least favorite Major God, It's a very difficult choice to make. Because I don't really dislike any Gods. Age of Mythology is a well rounded game and the part that i enjoy the most in the game is the mythology. Since every Major God has myth units and fun things about it, I won't pout when i have to play them.
I would say though that the Major God I play the least is Poseidon. His gameplay just doesn't suit mine. If survival is absolutely not based on sea domination, you will not see me building a dock any time soon. Furthermore, cavalry really isn't my go to soldier unit. Since I believe Poseidon's purpose is navy and cavalry, I believe his playstyle isn't for me. It is worth noting that this is only personal preference based on my own gameplay. I would perfectly understand how someone who plays with sea and cavalry would be thrilled to play Poseidon haha

Add me if you ever wanna play with me! Name's Shallow Sam
posted 26 March 2018 09:54 AM EDT (US)     5 / 13       
Ironically, I see Poseidon more as a "Cavalry and economy" god then a naval based god per say, though it has a couple of naval bonuses. I will point out it on my opinion has the worst Myth Age of any Greek Major God: The Heitaroi is probably the weakest of the Myrmidon/Heitaroi/Gastraphetes trio: The Hippikon is much more cost-effective in standart combat, with the Heitaroi being restricted to being a strictly offensive, raid-based unit, with also some degree of usage against ranged myth units. The cheaper cavalry bonus, like most unit discounts, is one of those bonuses that becomes increasingly less relevant after you reach the Myth Age, and honestly, I dont particularly care about the Hippocampus nor the Militia.

However, it makes up for it on its own way. It is a excellent god for raiding and harassing: Both the Hippikon and Promodoros are already good units for raiding purposes because of their speed, the Hippikon high pierce armor that lets it resist building fire, and, in the Promodoros case, its ability to counter most the few units actually fast enough to catch up to it. Poseidon discount for cavalry means you will be investing less resources into then as you use then to raid, and since the whole point of raiding is to cripple your opponent economy to make it easier for you to outgrow then, that basically means you have more resources to invest in your own economy. In the old days, the fact Poseidon was the only Major God that lacked access to any healing weakened that strategy by a lot, as there wasnt much of a reason for you to bother bringing your cavalry back to your base if you were going to have to eventually train more anyway: But today, with the addition of the Physician, you can raid your opponent with some cavalry, have it run away, heal it up, and send it back at your opponent, saving even further resources. And of course, though poor for Greek standarts, Poseidon can still get a good Myth Age simply because of how good the options it has for Myth Age Gods( You can choose Hephaestus for the most powerfull Myth Unit in the game, in terms of raw power, as well as a God power which will speed up your economy and thus perhaps let you train less villagers and have a bigger army, or you can choose Artemis for one of the most offensivelly devasting God Powers in the game, a Myth Unit that is less powerfull however much faster, and also to boost your archers attack a bit, so they can kill those pesky anti-cavalry infantry faster. )

Summarising, Poseidon is a good pick if you want to keep up raiding and annoiyng your opponent all through the game, and Hades is a good pick if you want to turtle up, shrug off your opponent own attempts to raid, and focus your resources in a massive assault. At least, that is how I play these gods most of the time anyway
posted 29 March 2018 07:50 AM EDT (US)     6 / 13       
Thor is my favourite God. Cheap - and better - Dwarves; no food cost to go gathering... so a few Dwarves straight to a mine give a nice boost to Thor's economy early on. Dwarves and Villagers don't have to build anything - bar farms - so they can be left toiling away at their tasks. Plus no need to build drop sites for wood or other resources with the Ox Cart at the start, so time and resources saved the Ox Cart gives Norse the ability to move around and gather from different places on the map, so more time saved on not rebuilding drop sites when resources are exhausted in one place. Thor can also have a Dwarven Armory in the Archaic Age which helps weapon improvement early and gives strong upgrades to armor and weapons late on. Playing Norse also means just concentrating on Infantry and Cavalry units generally, so I like that and I find Thor the most fun Norse God to play.

If we are including the AoM EE, then the Chinese are my least favourite culture and I dislike all of their Gods. I just don't find them inspiring. I remember disliking Gaia in the original expansion, but it's been a long time since I used her.
posted 29 March 2018 09:32 AM EDT (US)     7 / 13       
"The Chinese are my least favourite culture and I dislike all of their gods"

Straight from the list "Lines that seem racist out of context" XD. Okay, sorry, just joking. Seriously, though, would I be right to assume that you like plaiyng as "faster", more rush-based civilizations? It seems to me to be the case, considering your favourite God is Thor, who is a good God for rushes with a very fast economy, and your least favourite culture is the Chinese, a highly defensive civilization, and you mention you dislike plaiyng as Gaia, also a mostly economical and turtling based major god. I may be jumping to conclusions here, but I am just saiyng, that does seem to speak a lot about your play style

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posted 29 March 2018 01:30 PM EDT (US)     8 / 13       
Well, out of context that line could come across badly, but of course I am on about AoM. However, I do hate playing the Chinese civilisation in the EE as it's so buggy... I just don't enjoy the experience of the DLC. If it was fun to play I'd give them a go no problem. (I did complete the Tales of the Dragon campaign, but only on Easy.)

As for playing Thor; I do like to get up to strength as early as possible because everybody else does... even then, I often find hoards attacking me before I am ready! But by using Thor's Dwarves I can save on food which in turns helps me advance to the Classical Age a bit quicker; not advancing under 7 minutes generally means Game Over. So yes, I like to play as Thor but I wouldn't say I am great at playing as Thor!
posted 29 March 2018 03:12 PM EDT (US)     9 / 13       
Eh, even as one of the "slowest" gods, it is not too hard to advance to the Classical age in five minutes or less.Even in a turtle strategy, though, you are right that your first priority should be to get to the Classical age-Immediatly. Before that, you are basically just a sitting duck.
posted 29 March 2018 03:34 PM EDT (US)     10 / 13       
Yeah, I can advance around 4:30 with Thor now, I was averaging around 6:00 with other Gods at one stage. I found through experience that 7:00 was Game Over territory though.
posted 31 March 2018 02:52 AM EDT (US)     11 / 13       
In my opinion, Loki is my favourite, his hersir bonus is so much fun to play with and the random myth is perfect. I mean Norse in general are just really fun to play, as when you take over territory, you can just instantly spam buildings... I guess that the Loki, Hersir spam is a bit overpowered, but who cares? They are only really overpowered for the Classical age and are just countered with an infantry spam.

My least favourite has to be, I would say Set or Oranus, but that's really only because of Set's animals and Oranus is overused. I honestly don't like Poseidon, he has no water bonus (except a free scout) and the only cavalry bonus is 'Cavalry units cost 10% less and the lord of horses upgrade, that adds +4 sight' quoted from the age of empires wiki yes, the militia are useful, but only if you carelessly let a building get destroyed. Overall I just think he is really underpowered, and just like Zeus but slightly worse, and to top it off, he gets a lure god power, literally the most useless starting god power of them all.
P.S a minor god of the Atlanteans (Theia) has Poseidon's secret upgrade that gives her cavalry a plus 15% hack attack, and 10% cheaper, which is significantly better than Poseidon's cavalry.
posted 31 March 2018 07:54 AM EDT (US)     12 / 13       

Poseidon also lets you build stables for a cheaper cost, what may not SEEM like a big bonus, but, say, in more competitive games and/or if you happen to be a very agressive player( As I elaborated above, Poseidon is better played by a "raiding" player, ), and you are going with a cavalry-based tactic, you are going to want at least 3-4 stables in order to maximize the speed where you produce cavalry and keep up with your enemies, and being able to build then faster will help. He also provides access to Hermes and Dyonisus, both of which provide additional upgrades to your cavalry, though technically so does Zeus. Overral, Poseidon has undisputably the best cavalry of any Greek major god, though this may not be bragging material as cavalry is a minor weakness of the Greek to begin with( The Hippikon and Promodoros are both good at what they are SUPPOSE to do, countering archers and cavalry respectivelly, but the Greek lack what I would personally call a "heavy" cavalry unit, along the lines of the Jarl and the War Elephant. This is a weakness they share with the Atlanteans, interestingly enough. ... And both civilizations also are known for having excellent infantry to make up for it... )

The Lure god power is-Circunstancially-Really good if you want a quick source of food on the Archaic age but doesnt feel like taking your chances and letting your Villagers too far away from your base, though depending on the map, it can prove completely useless. And it becomes pretty much completely useless either way from the Classical Age onwards, so I can see why many people would say it sucks. I agree, however, that Loki is awesome, especially with how it is the only one that grants access to Hel, which is arguably one of the most overpowered Myth Age gods in the game. Sure, you have to build your way around her a little bit, and the Norse are not generally known for their ability to stall, but once you get to her, any kind of "late game weakness" the Norse would have is swiftly corrected.

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posted 31 March 2018 11:37 PM EDT (US)     13 / 13       
you pose a good point my friend, I just believe that Poseidon needs a bit more of a bonus, in Greek mythology he had an awesome reign over the sea, but in AOM he's just average
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