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Age of Mythology Heaven » Forums » Strategy and General Discussion » What civilization has the worst cavalry: Greeks, or Atlantis?
Topic Subject:What civilization has the worst cavalry: Greeks, or Atlantis?
posted 31 March 2018 11:40 AM EDT (US)         
Now, the reason why I am indecise between these two civilizations to begin with is because they both lack what could be called a "heavy cavalry unit"( That is, as I elaborated before more then once, a cavalry unit that is also effective against infantry. ) I dont know to what extent is this relevant to others, but it is to me: But hey, if any of you would like to explain why do you think that, say, the Egyptians, Chinese or Norse would deserve the title of "Worst cavalry civilization" instead, I am not stopping you. Technically, I dont even think that Greek or Atlantean civilization is necessary terrible: It is just that they are not as good as the other civs, at least in my eyes.

Now, the Atlanteans have only one "true" cavalry unit( The Turma is technically considered a archer despite being mounted ), which is the Contarius. In terms of raw stats, like all Atlantean units, the Contarius is pretty powerfull: It is essentially a frailer but faster version of the Hippikon, and it becomes particularly powerfull with the Hero upgrade and Theia improvements. However, it shares a weakness with the Hippikon: While it technically can kill some infantry units( Like Ulfsarks without the proper upgrades ) in 1v1, it actually occupies three population slots, the same amount as the Jarl, while not having the same raw power as this unit. This is not to say that the Contarius has-No-Strong points: With Theia, plus the Hero upgrade, it can become the hardest hitting cavalry unit in the game and effectivelly rival its Hippikon counterpart in meele combat: However, it will be costlier and occupy more population slots, so it is still not worth it.

Overral, I think Greek cavalry is still slightly better, as, factoring in the Greeks own god upgrades, the Hippikon not only stays consistently cost effective against the Contarius, but the Greek also have more options for their cavalry, like the Promodoros and the Hippikon, while the Atlantean Contarius is likely to be reduced to a fairly niche setting, as it only counters archers and, as a cherry on the top, the Atlanteans have other anti-archer units like the Destroyer and the Turma. But hey, if any of you have your own opinion on the matter, I am all ears.

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(id: TheBronyKing11)
posted 01 April 2018 00:06 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
A "heavy cavalry" unit is a slow, but strong cavalry unit, not a "good versus infantry cavalry" Jarls, Hippikons, Chinese Cataphracts, Greek Cataphracts and Contarius are all considered heavy cavalry.

Both the Greeks and Atlanteans have the best cavalry in the game (Poseidon arguably has pretty eh Hetairoi, which should be more powerful than the Hippikons due to being the best cavalry of the antiquity period of history) the civilization with the worst Cavalry would be the Egyptians, as they only have the Camelry, a Soft-counter vs Archers, and heavy counter vs cavalry, and fits the role of a medium cavalry more than anything.

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posted 01 April 2018 09:07 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
... Pretty sure that most of the units you mentioned as "heavy cavalry" sans the Hippikon and Contarius -Are-Reasonably good against infantry. Actually, even the Hippikon and Contarius can take on some infantry units on 1v1( Such as Ulfsarks without god upgrades ). Either way, correct me if I am wrong, but-Technically-, this game doesnt have a official definition of what counts as "light" or "heavy" cavalry.

On top of that, you seem to be focusing exclusevly on how cavalry fares against archers. The Camelry alone is more versatile then either the Contarius-Or-The Hippikon( It can essentially be treated as a mid-term between the Hippikon and the Promodoros ), and the Egyptians also have the War Elephant. I think the point where I was triyng to get is, the only real reason the Atlanteans have to produce cavalry at all, is when dealing with archers: Whereas most civilizations also have access to anti-cavalry or even anti-infantry cavalry.
(id: eine_gurkensalad)
posted 14 April 2018 07:14 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
there is only one "heavy cavalry" (slow but powerfull cav) which can actually beat most infantries in this game: the war elephant.
It's a lure to think that jarls can beat inf, because they are more expensive and also a bit faster, and they are specialised against myths (even if they beat cav and archer... but not inf (basic inf of course, not specific).
For me the cataphract isn't a heavy cav because it's fast and relatively cheap, but yeah they destroy most infs except full upgraded thor-bragi ulfsark or katapelts.

The chinese WC beat inf only considering at equal pop cost, but they are definitively bad if we look at the equal price cost.

Egyptians does have very good cav, because camelry have better characteristics than other similar cav in a general look.
For me they replace both prodromos and hippikons, as a more practical but just a bit less powerfull than the greek combo.

And eventually, if there is no doubt about the status of worse cav civ for the attys, i would not put greek just above, because if you don't have hades you can use hermes+dyonysos to have the best cav, and it's even better with the cost with poseidon...
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