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Age of Mythology Heaven » Forums » Strategy and General Discussion » Which major god plays the most as the Byzantines from AoK?
Topic Subject:Which major god plays the most as the Byzantines from AoK?
posted 26 April 2018 09:30 PM EDT (US)         
Just something I have been wondering, as the Byzantines are my favourite civilization in AoK. My first reflects would be to say Hades, as Hades can pull a mean turtle tactic, but... Again, just wanted to know what you may have to say.
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posted 27 April 2018 02:54 AM EDT (US)     1 / 4       

great yet another bait thread from brainlets for brainlets

I'll give you a hint: "Hades" because he has buildings with more hp, and the fact Age of Mythology doesn't have trash units, (greek) fire ships, and no god (or civ for a matter of fact) has cheaper ages. Ra does have cheaper camels.

Hades has stronger buildings, is intended for booming and is Greek, the closest you'll get to Byzantines in AoM. End. of. Discussion.

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posted 27 April 2018 10:02 AM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
I am pretty sure Ra doesnt get cheaper camels. Stronger camels, maybe. But not cheaper camels. Eh, I was just triyng to bring some life to this forum, as I feel they tend to go dead for long periods of time.

Speaking on paralels between hades and the Byzantines: Did you knew, originally, the Cataphract was going to be Hades unique unit? They scrapped that, however, because they thought it didnt made sense for Hades, a god who revolves so heavily against archers, to gain a cavalry UU. But the concept got recyled into the Chinese Cataphract from the current games. It does makes me wonder how it could have went if the Cataphract had been Hades unique unit instead of the Gastraphetes ( For those who want to know how its stats would have been ). In one hand, I grew fond of the Chinese Cataphract already due to it being relatively versatile, but on another hand, I feel Hades wouldnt have as much synchrony with this unit as it does with the Gastraphetes, considering how Hades lack the minor gods dedicated to cavalry.
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posted 27 April 2018 05:10 PM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
Don't be rude. :/

For the building bonus it's Hades.
For stronger defenses in general it might be Egyptian however.
For the cheaper line upgrades Isis comes closest.
Maybe the Egyptian classical army comes closest to trash units too.
Going for some sort of strong or elite cavalry Poseidon or even Norse could be in the picture as well.

So when you're saying the Byzantines are your favorite civilization, it is maybe worth it to take a closer look on what you like about them most.

If your focus is a strong defensive civilization with some focus on trash units, fast advance times into some kind of knights, Ra could be it as well as Isis with their first god power especially used to get a cheap advance, especially going through Hathor for stronger buildings in general.

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posted 27 April 2018 09:15 PM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
Well, in general, I liked the Byzantines on the original AoK for three reasons: A: Their excellent defenses, and B: The fact their Imperial Age tech tree allowed then to basically poke at the holes of your opponent tech tree in the late game fairly easily, and C: The Cataphract was a hell of a potent unique unit, with few things that I would classify as a "hard" counter.

I already know I really like Hades( As I played this game before I played AoK ) and that he is probably my favourite major god. The Greeks in general seem to be intended to be the "Jack of all Trades" of this game. Yet they have no "Cataphract-like" unique unit. THe unit on this game the most like the Cataphract is... Well, probably, you know, the Cataphract. So, maybe I should experience more with the Chinese from now on? Shame that the Chinese Cataphract doesnt resist anti-cavalry damage, though. I imagine it would make it overpowered, but could you imagine if this could counter Camelry and Promodoros the same way that the Cataphract in AoK countered Camel Riders?
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