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Topic Subject:Top 5 best cavalry major gods.
posted 02 May 2018 08:41 PM EDT (US)         
So, as with my two previous top fives: One major god per civilization, no more, no less. And, for the purposes of "cavalry" units, I am including units which take bonus damage from anti-cavalry units, what means, the Mounted Archer will be considered as a "cavalry unit", but the Turma and Chariot Archer will not. With that said, lets get started:

#1: Odin

The Jarl is perhaps the most versatile cavalry unit in the game, being able to tackle both most human units and even several myth units alike, and of course, Odin has the best Jarls on the game. Admittedly, Thor Raiding Cavalry is slightly better, but honestly I much prefer Jarls to Raiding Cavalry due to their superior versatility. They also make for a great combo ith Throwing Axeman over their bulk and ability to handle anti-infantry units: In fact, the Jarls generally cover many of the units that would be ones first thought to use against a Norse player( Hypapsist, Axeman, Cheiroballista, Cataphracts etc. etc. ). I dont know how popular of a opinion it is, but much like many consider the Fanatic to be the ultimate infantry unit, I consider the Jarl to be the ultimate cavalry unit.

#2: Nu Wa.

A big weakness of most of the Chinese cavalry units is their superior focus on population effectiveness over cost effectiveness, but of course, Nu Wa makes up for it. You also get the War Chariot on the Mythic Age, a unit that is almost as versatile as the Jarl... Though it lacks that precious bonus against myth units, which is why Nu Wa is at number 2 rather then number 1. Still, gimmicky as it sounds, combinations like, oh let us say, Cataphract + Mounted Archers, or Cataphracts + Fire Lances can prove a lot more effective then you might think

#3: Ra.

It is sad that I am picking the only Egyptian major god to lack Thoth here because I actually really like War Elephants. Still, I gave Ra a place on the top 5 archers list on virtue of his awesome Chariot Archer/Camelry combo, and well, you cant just forget the other half of the combo, now, can you? Ra camels, with Osiris upgrades, can be potentially the best anti-cavalry cavalry in the game. Though I heard Promodoros are cost-effective against then, I am pretty sure they need to be heavily upgraded, and Camelry is far more versatile then Promodoros, so here it goes.

#4: Poseidon.

Due to his bonus, as well as having acess to all cavalry myth technologies, Poseidon cavalry is potentially the most cost effective of any Greek civilization. Perhaps, for the roles each is suppose to take( Counter archers for Hippikon, and counter cavalry for the Promodoros ) the most cost-effective in the game. Still... Poseidon still lacks a cavalry unit that likes the sheer power and versatility of some of the units that I have described above, such as the War Elephant, the Camelry, the Jarl, or the War Chariot. And the Heitaroi is not as good of a unit as one might think: It is a strictly offensive unit, and the Promodoros is more versatile under most circunstances.

#5: Uranus.

The Atlanteans are stuck with a single cavalry unit, the Contarius, which under most circunstances, is basically a weaker Hippikon. For being the speed bonus, and the Theia upgrades, as well as the option of making it into a hero, Uranus gets the best cavalry out of any Atlantean major god, but... Is this really bragging material?

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posted 03 May 2018 02:20 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
contarius is a weaker hippikon is more accurate than "contarius is a weaker prodromos" because prodromos is a specialized counter-unit where as hippikon as well as contarius is mainline cavalry
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