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Age of Mythology Heaven » Forums » Strategy and General Discussion » Maps discussion: Sudden Death, King of the Hill, Regicide
Topic Subject:Maps discussion: Sudden Death, King of the Hill, Regicide
posted 30 July 2018 11:18 AM EDT (US)         
So, what are your opinions about these maps? Also, out of curiosity, what would you say are the best civilizations/gods for those maps?

Starting with King of the Hill, as you all know, King of the Hill has three different modes which essentially feel and play like completely different maps: On the grassland mode, you essentially want gods that are very good at both taking down fortifications, and building then. Hades would be one of my personal favourites, but Isis would also be very good for it. Notice, though, that this map is actually really open: Even rush-based gods can still obtain success by simply ignoring the vault and attacking the opponent main base directly. The "Ghost Lake-like" mode is the one where you are the most likely to choose to ignore the damn vault and attack the opponent base directly as, well, after all whatever army you are using to protect the vault you could just as well be using to smite your opponent. So it mostly plays like Ghost Lake, and most of the tactics you would use on Ghost Lake will work here. The Chinese, with their Gardens and thus resulting lower-then-average reliance of natural resources, can have a good time, especially Nu Wa with her cheaper human units, ability to quickly replace lost villagers and ability to build Markets earlier on, for as long as you watch out for, you know... The gigantic area on the center where you cant build anything.

And, as for the naval mode, well, obviously your top priority here will be civilizations with a good navy. I feel less qualified to discuss this one then the other two on virtue of my loathing for water maps, but IMHO, the Chinese in general have probably the best navy the game has to offer, due to a combination of a impressive economy, several naval upgrades and being the only civilization with amphibian myth units. From the Heroic Age onwards, most of your army will be cavalry, what is also convenient on such a map, as if you decide to attack your enemy base by land, your troops will get faster. Last but not least, the Chinese have great population efficiency, what matters a lot on water maps.

Sudden Death, again, is a good map for Hades because not only he can protect himself from attacks pretty well, but a single usage of Earthquake on the Mythic Age timed right can pretty much win you the game . Actually, to either have a "disaster-type" god power, or something that can protect you from then( Like Isis bonuses ) is vital. Other then that, Atlanteans will be annoyed by their own unability to build extra Town Centers restricting their ability to gather favor, but they have their ways to make up for it, such as their very fast early economy letting then fortify quickly, not to mention start attacking quickly.

And Regicide... I will start by saiyng that, I really like the aestethics of this map And how this time, the Regent is actually slow enough that cavalry can catch up to it. Anyway, I would say that Poseidon is quite good on this map thanks to its cavalry rushes and Heitaroi, as well as Ra due to its Camels but other then that, this map plays a lot more "standart-ish" then you would think. It is possible to turtle, and even recommended on team games because each player will start with a bunch of resources around their base, but it is open enough to allow for rushing just as well.

EDIT: Just for fun, as for what civilizations would I say to have the most trouble on each of these maps: THe Norse in general can have a bit of a trouble in both the grassland mode of King of the Hill as well as Sudden Death, in both cases for similar reasons: They lack a proper "disaster" god power, and have very weak buildings. This goes double for Thor, who lacks Heimdall special bonuses. However, the Norse can make up for these weaknesses by choosing the right minor gods( Like... Well, Heimdall. As well as just about any gods that offer you giants. ). The aquatic mode of King of the Hill can generally give problems to civilizations with weak navy and/or just unexceptional early game economy, like Hades( With its lack of naval myth units, which... Tend to be kind of game breakers, and the only minor god it has that offers naval upgrades being Artemis ).

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posted 30 July 2018 01:22 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
lack a proper "disaster" god power
This goes double for Thor
fw and rag goes doubly for thor

I like only king of the hill ghostlake variant, because otherwise it becomes "wonder" laming style of the plenty (you should capture it not because of the timer, but because of the resources intake, it's really quite huge, especially early)
posted 30 July 2018 01:34 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Neither Finbulwinter nor Ragnarock are going to be much use if you desire to, let us say, take down your opponent Citadel, are they ? Although, Fire Giants and Bersekergang-boosted Huskarls can both be helpfull for this purpose. This is actually why I mentioned "especially Thor" there, actually: Odin has better siege then Thor, better Huskarls, and access to the Mountain Giant. Loki gets to spam Giants more often, and in particular it gets Hel, who gives you all three Giant types plus Nidhogg, all of which are great at taking down fortifications. And both of then get Heimdall, a god which Thor lacks, what kind of is essential if you wish to play a defensive tactic as the Norse( Which, to be fair, even with Heimdall they are only good at on the Classical and maybe Heroic age ), and which grants Undermine, which for the purpose of taking down fortifications is actually much more usefull then either Ragnarok and Filbulwinter.

Ragnarok is certainly a powerfull god power, but it is not what I would call a "disaster" god power. A "disaster" god power would be something that you can cast and basically have a large chunk of your enemy forces and buildings be rapidly destroyed, like Meteor and Tornado.
posted 02 October 2018 08:13 AM EDT (US)     3 / 3       

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