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Topic Subject:Odin guide
posted 24 October 2018 03:08 AM EDT (US)         
Hi there,

i hope i chose right part of the formu to ask some questions.

Let me introduce mysefl. I am really newbie. I play Odin. I like Odin, but i don't know how to play Odin correctly. I am former StraCraft Brood WaR player and i have problem in AoM when i mass units i have plenty units, town centers but stoped at 160 and very often i have bad units (weak) and i am stucked at classical age or ages less than oponnents. We always play multiplayer, map Alfheim, and team are 4v4 and more.

And there are some questions:

Is it better to make less unit and be faster in better ages?
Is it good make more town center and when?
What are the strongest parts of Odin?
Nerly all the time we play, i play against someone who has elephant, what is the best counter to elephants?
What is the main part of the Norse in multiplayer game? Should they rush or haras or be a good support?

Thx for answers.
posted 24 October 2018 07:27 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
norse is a raiding civ, because of paper made buildings and generally low hp units it does not have the means to stand very well against otter civ on later ages and odin is more on the point here since thor have more armor up and loki cheaper heavy instamyth, only thing oding have going is his early hunting/eco boost and ravens, so you should be using that to early arrass your openent to keep it at bay til you outtech/eco him.

riders or wanderer up hulfsarks are your early arrassment tool, riders are faster but cost more and longer training rate, take ulfis if delayed/low food, use them on any number you can aford, arrass ,retreet and repeate, use ravens to spot your openent hunting.
do not heavy invest in farming til there is no living creature left to hunt, hunting is oding thing so exploit it as much as you can.
for later ages jarls are your best bet all around even against elephants, suport them with axemen or fire giant(best norse tool in my opinion) about siege, the 2 dudes with the tree trunk are cheap and efective, the vallista is not very good at killing buildings but can do the thing at certain situations and even can offer some suport, housekarls can stand their ground well if no hipapist/axemen around, plus practically inmune to pierce damage and cost wood.
thown centers are important strategic resourses so if you can aford it with out harming your eco take or build cheaper tower to prevent you oponent of doing it.
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