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Topic Subject:That's it, I need to ask for help
posted 31 January 2019 05:31 AM EDT (US)         
Hi everyone, I'm back.
The last time I posted here was in August of last year. I was never a prticularly active member since my time of joining in 2014 or 2015.

I've been frustrated recently over a particular problem. I nearly always play as Atlantean, by the way, and I'm much better at the game than I was years ago when I joined this forum. I found it so frustrating at the time that just HAD to take a break from it for a year or so. I'm better now, but the problem is that I often STILL find myself with not enough tactics up my sleeve. I usually find myself just going for the the standard 4.30 Classical and then build up a military for raiding or (more often) a Classical fight. I'm actually not particularly good at raiding. Just not aggressive enough. And when I try to be, I get entire raiding parties killed without achieving much if the enemy is staying in his base and has few or no vulnerable villagers.

My typical Classical fight approach works against noobs/relatively noobish players, but when it doesn't go well, I get stuck in the Classical Age while my opponent gets into the Heroic Age, especially if he's Egypt, as Egypt is particularly good at fast heroic.

First of all, I'd like to learn a Fast Heroic strategy as Atlantean, AND as Greek since I'm learning to play Greek and get stuck in the Classical Age as Greece even worse than I do as Atlantis. I figure that doing my own FH would at least work OK as a counter to Egypt's potentially insane Fast Heroic time. And I don't mean vague strategy guidelines, I need something SPECIFIC with actual numbers - a build order.

So, any build orders for a Atlantean and Greek FH? Or any better ideas for counteracting an enemy's FH? I'd love to see them and finally get this frustrating, irritating-a*s tactical hurdle and learning curve out of my way.

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Legendary Raider
(id: avaget)
posted 01 February 2019 01:12 AM EDT (US)     1 / 4       
look up gaia fh - same build with all atties.
for greeks only hades makes sense to fh with athena-aphrodite and his strong fortress
Heretic of December
posted 03 February 2019 02:46 AM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
You may already be doing this but train units to counter those your opponent has. Also try and avoid fights unless you think you can win.
That AoM Guy
(id: aom expert)
posted 03 February 2019 08:37 PM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
how are you with the hotkeys?

Check out my YouTube
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Sword of Scarlet
posted 04 February 2019 00:29 AM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
In general people don't fh as Greek because they dont get much out of the heroic age; it is usually the better play to just grab town centers and have a big classical army while building your economy so you can jump straight to the heroic age and effectively skip the heroic age.

As for atty I'd only advise FH if you are doing a Behemoth strategy against Ra (and *maybe* Isis), and I'd recommend a 2tc FH so you get a stronger economy and more favour for the behemoths.

You do a 2 tc archaic and grab your 2nd TC and pickaxe and advance to classic at 615 (start advancing at 515 to hit classic at 615), and as soon as classic chuck up an armory then jump straight to heroic, and grab handaxe while advancing and prepare to spam arcus/behemoths. As for build order basically just make sure to always have A LOT of vills on food and dont overgather the wood until you start advancing, get just enough to build buildings and train citizens and also dont put too many on gold, you only need 500 gold and its easy to go over. You can put your herdables next to your gold/wood gathering side for that instant switch once youve gathered exactly the right amounts.

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