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Topic Subject:Campaign Tricks and other discoveries
posted 22 February 2019 04:25 PM EDT (US)         
Hey everyone,

I wanted to list some of the craziest tricks you can do in the campaigns:

In the Guardian scenario from the original campaign, it is possible to teleport your villagers to the destroyed villages to rebuild them and destroy the army from that side of the canyon pass.

During the final Tartarus Gate level, it is possible to destroy the army of Gargerensis without bringing Thor's hammer together. If you use your healers wisely, it is actually possible to destroy the gate ram.

During the assault on Olympus if you use your ancestor god power wisely, [by wisely I mean if you use it close to the temples, you will get a massive army] Using the pig god power also works. Just move your pigs to the temples.

There was originally a countdown for the dig site in the final Egypt level of the campaign. After a while the passage way still opens, but there is no dialog or countdown to indicate that. -And for some reason Setna's Osiris piece is already in position while Setna is nowhere to be seen after the intro. Someone butchered this scenario.

During the final level of the Norselands scenarios, it is possible to go up the other side of the hill via an enemy battle boar. -During this scenario it is actually possible to defeat the entire Gargarensis village behind the walls. But it is very hard to achieve.

If you don't plant a Gaia tree in the final scenario, it is possible to destroy the whole enemy base, - which makes the whole scenario that much easier.

If you destroy all of the enemy units in Eitri and Brokk's forge, there is no reason to wait 10 minutes.

Reed of Nekhbet relic only appears in the Amanra scenario, where she invades Kemsyt's island.

It is actually quite easy to destroy every single temple in the canyon pass during the Skult level, as long as the town center hasn't been built yet.

During the Rampage level if you destroy all of the enemy units other than the Titan, before the first village is destroyed. Everything becomes so much eaiser.

Using the serpent or ancestor God powers, very early on in the Osiris piece scenario, makes that scenario extremely easy.

Using the pegasus relic all of the norse temples can be replaced without destroying the two other villages.

Only way to truly kill an immortal campaign hero, is to build a building on top of them.
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(id: avaget)
posted 22 February 2019 11:58 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
very good read, and to add mine:

in the last level of the golden gift campaign with dwarves (loki's temples) you can go into diplomacy menu and change enemy/ally/neutral settings like you could in multiplayer custom game with "locked teams" unchecked
That AoM Guy
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posted 24 February 2019 08:58 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
very nice, knew a few things but about 80% of it was new to me

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