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Topic Subject:Decent Set rush guide?
posted 30 April 2019 07:45 PM EDT (US)         
I've seen a lot of strategy guides for Egyptian rushes, especially ones that use Shifting Sands through Ra and Set but I've always had a problem with the fact that it's too risky. If it doesn't work you might just end up in a worse position than your opponent. So I present to you my "Not so risky Set rush".

Please do make suggestions, if you know a guide very similar to this link me it and I'll make edits/delete mine. I would only consider myself a "slightly above average player". However, I've tried this several times, I'd very confidently give it a 80% success rate.

Goal: Hit Heroic as fast as you can, everything else needs to be ready by the time you get Ancestors through Nephthys.Your Villagers (Laborers)

-2 Laborers build Granar, empowering Pharaoh, Hunting dogs
-Next 4 Laborers to food
-1 to build Mining Camp then 2 houses and first Monument -> 8 houses-3 Laborers to gold
-4/5 to wood till you've collected 325 wood (For Picaxe, Plow, Shaduf).
-Upon reaching 100 gold, Take 2-4 Laborers from wood, build Temple, then back on wood
-2 to gold, 2 to food, one more to gold and the rest go on food till Classic. (Go Ptah for Shifting Sands)

In the meanwhile
-Send your Priest out to find as many animals as he can convert. Look for wild animals (crocodiles, elephants, lions, rhinos)-Scout around priest with your Hyena, locate his next animal(s) to empower
-Train 1-2 priests and immediately send them for converting.-Get Feral upgrade through your temple. (Buff for animals)
-Squeeze in another priest during/after Classic. Reach a total of 3 priests.
-Use the converted animals to scout the rest of the map and then rally them up where your forward resources are.Games are too situational for me to put exact steps after classic, remember not to build a Barracks, but do build Armory right away, and sort your Laborers to hit Heroic as fast as you can. It's important to keep your Laborers close together for later use of Shifting Sands.

Once you are almost Heroic, engage on the enemy base with Priests, converted animals, Pharaoh, myth units and Set's animals.

If you face a large army with unfavorable tower spawns, use your Ancestors, send everything else to attack the town center while keeping myth units for enemies.

The reason I like this rush more than any other comes next: Examine the fight, if you see that you're likely to win, send in the Laborers with Shifting Sands, Destroy and build Tc.If the enemy is winning, you can retreat or use Shifting Sands to bring your units along with a few enemies into your own base under towers. This is going to be a big blow to the enemy either way and not so much for you because you'll be the one on the offense with the enemy having to respond to your decisions.

Like all strategies, there are a lot of places where this one might not work. Here are some I'm aware of.
-Against Atlantean in most cases (e.g Oranos god powers, heroes, first god powers)
-Isis (Monuments disable god powers nearby)
-Set (good against rushes)
-Loki (Hersirs will cause a struggle)-Nu Wa (First two god powers)
-Against boom

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