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Topic Subject: Gaia strategy
posted 02 July 2021 05:35 AM EDT (US)   
Hello, I need some advices. I playing this game about 3 months, my current elo at new Aom is about 1650. But i some kind a one tricky pony - I can play only with atlanteans, if I trying other civilization - Im totally noob. After 3 months research, i found that best for me is Gaia (i think so, maybe im wrong). My questions to higher elo players, who has experience with Gaia is, Is she now a viable option (is she strong, or maybe shes not worth to play?), and what tactics I should use, to maximize all Gaia benefits. Is my start strategy good? (here it is: 1 vill makes eko - hunting dogs - food, 2 vill food, third vill wood(same time wood research from eco(dont remember title), 4 will gold(upgrade at eco too), 5 will food, 6 same, 7 gold, advance) next villager after advance going to build 2nd TC, while at that moment i making 2 Cbarracks and spamming turma. from 2nd TC I making villagers too, and when i get some food, i start making murmillos. Ussually i reach 130 pop and then advancing). 3 lvl i making destro/murmillo/arcus, 4th level - destro/fanatic/arcus. Never making contarius(since i saw no one making them with atlanteans at higher elo). My gods choise Oceanus, Rhea, and 90 percent of time Hekate. So guys, any tips of Gaia are welcome! P.S. sorry for terrible language.

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posted 04 July 2021 12:36 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
it's an alright strategy - but what if you get rushed?
scout well and if you see a rush do a different strategy, else you're likely going to get cut off from hunt and won't have food to feed your 2 town centers and army

more than that, people expect a similar (all economy) strategy from gaia so they don't even need to scout you to know what you're doing (since most gaia players do a similar thing)
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