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Topic Subject:Why Age of Mythology will be interesting...
posted 17 April 2001 06:37 PM EDT (US)         
If I had a nickel for every time some forum member mentioned the artwork of the prior Age series not being unique.

Based on the two screenshots and the initial hints of three mighty cultures, gods, trolls, I presume that the artwork will be unique and awesome. Of course, three cultures are not necessarily civs, but can include much variety, and at this point in the game, who knows if the cultures will have other branches.

I can only imagine the complaints that will issue forth from the gods throwing lightning and meteors. Probably worse than the trebuchet whining.

Let us remember that resources are required in order to have military, villagers, etc. I canít wait to see the counters available for the spells as well as the resources necessary for spell casting. Instead of The Rush, we probably will have The SpRush (Spell Rush), hahahaha. Players also could have games with no spell rules, etc.

Already sooo many complaints about the HISTORICAL tragedy that has happened.

Since myth and lore played such a huge role HISTORICALLY in peoples mindsets, this game is historic. All that ES has done is include the added feature of fantastic creatures and god interaction to match what civilizations thought back then. I wonder how the Anubis and presumed Kraken (that we all have seen), will affect the civilizations? I am very interested how to use the minions to influence the various cultures.

I enjoy the game play of RTS, i.e. strategy and micromanagement. Mix this in with more active player involvement, if my assumption is correct about the god factor, and I think the potential for an awesome game exists.

∑ Heroes involved in the game versus only in campaigns.

∑ Since every iteration of the AGE series has been better than the prior, I am excited to compare this product with the prior items.

I eagerly await the word from E3 in May.

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