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Topic Subject:thor showcase predictions
posted 03 April 2002 04:08 PM EDT (US)         
As most of us know the thor showcase is coming up this week. In this thread make you predictions about what features/units/godpowers that will be unveiled.

I predict
walking trees

troll or undead unit

Go ahead and make your predictions.

Whoever is closest gets a prize

like knowing your the best :P

Quin tu instanc orationem hinc veterem ataque antiquam amoves
EOS: sword_master_1
posted 04 April 2002 02:01 PM EDT (US)     1 / 4       

Quin tu instanc orationem hinc veterem ataque antiquam amoves
EOS: sword_master_1
posted 04 April 2002 02:40 PM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
i think they will final show us the frost giant again
posted 04 April 2002 03:44 PM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
I hope that they will explain the Troll. This is still a total mystery.

Gods will perhaps be
2nd age Ull/Balder
3rd age Skadi/Heimdall or Aegir
4th age Freya/Sif

And I hope to hear about MU's like (in the same order as the gods above)
Thor's Nidddhog
2nd age Deer Men(?)/Fire Giant
3rd age Frost Giant/Mountain Giant or Kraken
4th age Hraesvelg*(?)/Troll

GPs will probably be for Thor something with Hammers and Thunder and for the others it will be a big revalation, since we do not know many Norse GPs (perhaps Ull's "Walking Woods" and Skadi's "The Great Hunt" and Balder's "Healing Spring")

* The giant eagle Hraesvelg, ("corpse eater"), sits at the edge of this realm, overlooking Helheim from the top of Yggdrasil. In the form of an eagle with flapping wings he makes the wind blow so the putrid smell does not grow stagnent for those here, for this is not the place of torment. Freya's kinda related to birds (remember her feather cloak), so that why I chose it for her. Valkyries are not possible for her, I think, because in the screenshot of this week we saw Valkyries & Gullinbursti's toghether. This means that Frey and Freya could be worshipped together, and I think they're both Mythic Age gods. At least, they deserve it.

Hel, Lady of Darkenss
She's the Bottomless Pit,
The never-ending struggle to release that which is now denied.
She's the keeper of all that is hidden, secluded and forbidden,
The mistress of the locked door.

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posted 04 April 2002 04:52 PM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
i'm hoping that we'll get to know what the following building is

i think one of the upgrades of Thor will be called Thor's Hammer.

I also wanna see what settlements look like. Some new MUs would be cool too.

Finally, I want confirmation on what the lighthouse is for

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