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Topic Subject: A Guide to the Automaton
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posted 20 March 2004 03:21 PM EDT (US)   
A Guide to the Automaton

After a few weeks break, I am back to cover another Atlantean MU: The Automaton. I hope you have all been enjoying ManticoreKiller's Greek and Norse MU guides - I know I have, and I think he will be doing one on the Einherjar next week.

As for the Automaton, they are well known for being cheap, weak and good in groups; and as being Leto's (apart from Spider Lair) only weapon in the game.

Let's look at their stats:

Cost: 90 Gold, 8 Favour, 2 Pop Spaces
HP: 200
Speed: 3.75
Hack Armour: 40%
Pierce Armour: 44%
Hack Damage: 11

x3 Bonus vs MUs

Special attack: None
Special ability: Ability to rebuild and heal other Automatons
Upgrades available:
Hephaestus' Revenge - Increases HP of Automaton and allows them to regenerate
Volcanic Forge - Increases Pierce Armour of Automatons

In general, quite slow with quite low armour and attack, low HP, but look at that cost! Less than 100 resources and only 2 pop spaces. If you're looking for cheapness, the Automaton is your unit. The Automaton is the cheapest Myth Unit in terms of population (apart from the Dryad) and resources (apart from the Promethean).

Being cheap is one thing, but being effective in battle is another. How does an Automaton do one on one with a basic hoplite?

NOTE: All units have been upgraded with Medium line upgrades and Copper armoury upgrades. All buildings have been upgraded with the Masons upgrade. Any other upgrades will be stated
All attack rates are tested per hit, not second. This is fine as the Automaton attacks every second.

Test 1: 1 Automaton vs 1 Hoplite (Zeus)

Hoplite Stats:
HP: 126
Speed: 4.70
Hack armour: 41%
Pierce armour: 23%
Hack damage: 9

Automaton does approximately 7 damage to Hoplite per hit.
Hoplite does approximately 6 damage to Automaton per hit

Automaton kills Hoplite in 20 seconds with 88 HP left.

As any melée myth unit should, the Automaton beats a basic infantry unit, although I was a little surprised with how much damage the Automaton received. Not bad for it's cost though, how does it do in groups?

Test 2: 5 Automatons vs 5 Slingers (Set)

Slinger stats:
HP: 78
Speed: 4.00
Range: 16
Hack Armour: 31%
Pierce Armour: 28%
Pierce Damage: 3

All slingers die in 21 with 5 Automatons still alive

Not really a surprise due to the slingers weak armour and attack, it was just a way to show how they do in groups. Remember, that the Automatons heal each other after this battle to full health to fight again. Also remember that any ranged unit faster than a non-ranged unit it is attacking will win with good micro.

Well what about cavalry? Can Automatons be used effectively to defend from raiders?

Test 3: 5 Automatons vs 5 Raiding Cavalry (Thor)

Automatons win with 5 still alive

Now this was a surprise. I thought the RC would actually manage to kill one or two of those metal warriors, but no, seems that Automatons make nice defenders again cavalry in the Classical Age.

From these tests we can see that Automatons are pretty weak fighters by themselves, but in groups they can be used effectively against weak ranged units like slingers or toxotes if they can get to them, and to defend against raids.

What about against buildings?

Test 4: 5 Automatons vs 1 Economic Guild (Oranos)

Guild stats:
HP: 460
Crush Armour: 14%
Hack Armour: 34%
Pierce Armour: 95%

Automatons destroy guild in 15 seconds

Maybe not as effective as the Cyclops, Einherjar or Sphinx, but their low pop cost means you can make more from the pop space; 2 Cyclopes only destroy the guild about 2-3 seconds faster than 4 Automatons.

Well now we've looked at their basic attack, it's time to examine their special ability: being able to rebuild and repair other Automatons.

  1. While idle, any injured Automaton can be healed by another Automaton
  2. If an Automaton dies in battle, they can be rebuilt by another Automaton
  3. It takes 12 seconds for an Automaton to rebuild another Automaton
  4. The Automaton's healing rate is approximately 17 HP per second. (That's faster than the Valkyrie and Priest, but slower than the Caladria}
  5. Injured Automatons cannot be healed by Priests, Pharaohs (including SoO), Valkyries or Caladriae
  6. Injured Automatons can only be healed by other Automatons, The Healing Spring GP and the Restoration GP
  7. Two Automatons can heal each other at the same time; the healing rate is not affected.
  8. Once "dead", an Automaton cannot become rebuilt until its HP has reached the maximum amount
  9. Restoration and Healing Spring will not increase the HP of a "dead" Automaton
  10. "Dead" Automatons can only survive 45 seconds before they cannot be rebuilt and are removed completely from the game.
  11. When another Automaton begins to rebuild a "dead" Automaton, the time allowed until that Automaton dies restarts, giving 45 more seconds. Once that Automaton stops rebuilding it, the 45 second countdown starts again.

Hephaestus' Revenge

Cost: 200 Gold, 15 Favour
All Automatons are now called "Warrior Automatons"

+ 60 HP for all Automatons
All Automatons now regenerate 1 HP per second

In my opinion, the only reason to get this tech is for the extra HP, which is quite a substantial considering that Automatons only have 200 HP to begin with. The fact that it lets Automatons regenerate I find very strange. It isn't really necessary considering that Automatons can heal each other.

Volcanic Forge

Cost: 200 Gold, 50 Food, 18 Favour

All Automatons receive 12% pierce armour, giving them 56%

Quite a basic tech, but a bit pricey just for an armour improvement.

Considering that Leto only has 2 techs, and that both affect Automatons, I don't think that either one is anything spectacular, and should only be bought if you have a stockpile of resources (which you shouldn't) and you're massing more than 5 Automatons at a time

Further Notes:

The Automaton defeats all Classical units one on one
The Automaton is defeated by all Classical heroes (including all Atlantean heroes}

The Automaton is defeated by all Classical MUs apart from

Automatons can be affected by Mythic Rejuvination and Celerity

Automatons are affected by:

  • Medusa Stone Gaze
  • Perseus Stone Gaze
  • Mummy's Minion Change
  • Argus' Toxic Acid
  • Lampades' Chaos
  • Frost Giant's Ice Breath

    However, The Automaton can be rebuilt when affected by Medusa, Perseus and the Mummy's instant kills - but not by the Argus'

    Suggested Usage

    Automatons are cheap. That's their main strong point. You could practically call them human soldiers in terms of their pop space. They are not mega-powerful classical units like the Cyclops or Sphinx, but don't be fooled that they are as weak as some say they are. If you're going Leto, Automatons will be the only offensive thing you have: No free heroes, no healing and no military techs. Automatons can be used effectively, but once your opponent sees you advance through Leto, you can expect the heroes to be around the corner.

    Saying that, if kept away from heroes, Automatons can stand they're ground pretty well. Defending from Raiding Calvary and Hippikons works very well, and keeping 3 of them at your base can be useful to keep attackers away.

    If you're going to mass them and use them offensively, split them into 2 or 3 groups of 4-5. Send one group with your army as support. This should draw out your enemy's heroes, leaving the other groups of Automatons to take out a few houses or raid gold miners away from the main base.


    As Leto's only real weapon, Automaton's need to be strong, or at least they need something. That something is their cost. Considering the amount of wood and food you'll be spending on Turmae and Villagers, hopefully you should have a bit of gold to spare. Definitely make Automatons to defend a TC when you're booming as Gaia, and use them to put pressure on the enemy.

    Against Greece: Basic support and defense against Hippikons. Automatons beat Hipps cost and pop effectively, so make use of this.
    Against Egypt: Probably the worst civ to use Automatons against. Massed priests will get at them easily, and you won't have time to rebuild any by the time the spears and slings get to the Automatons' bodies
    Against Norse: I'd say that Automatons excel most against the Norse. Defend against RC, destroy stray houses and raid dwarves. Hersir shouldn't be too much of a problem due to their speed, just mind the TAs
    Against Alantis: Up against Oranos and Kronos Turma heroes Automatons fall easily, so defending from raiding is not the smartest tactic. Maybe keep them at home to defend from any Prometheans who start attacking your towers.

    They may sound funny, and you can always hear them coming by the sound of their metal boots marching towards your base, but the Automatons were designed with one thing in mind: the price. Massing them is easy, and keeping them alive is even easier if you manage to retreat them in time. They may not be able to lead an assault on a base like the Cyclops or Einherjar, and they may not stand up to units as well as the Anubite or Minotaur, but they make excellent defenders and reasonable support units.

    When your opponent goes Leto, as long as your they have gold and you're low on heroes, you should expect to hear the men of metal marching towards you at some point.

    Thank you for reading everyone.

    Next week ManticoreKiller will be doing a guide on the Einherjar I believe. The week after I will be continuing with the Egyptian Myth Units.
    Please vote for the Egyptian Myth Unit I should do in 2 weeks:

      War Turtle

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  • Replies:
    posted 20 March 2004 03:27 PM EDT (US)     1 / 91  
    Ownage, you rock AC

    I vote Mummy, can you also test him vs the Stymphalian Bird 1v1 without him using the Special?

    posted 20 March 2004 03:44 PM EDT (US)     2 / 91  
    Awesome guide AC, though your colour choice for the Promethean could contrast more with the background so it's easier to read.

    I vote for the Mummy

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    posted 20 March 2004 03:50 PM EDT (US)     3 / 91  
    I would have to say Pestuchos. Great guide, keep it up =D

    Wanna hear someone smart talking? Well, you're at the wronger poster...
    posted 20 March 2004 04:24 PM EDT (US)     4 / 91  
    Great Guide!
    I vote Mummy
    posted 20 March 2004 04:34 PM EDT (US)     5 / 91  


    Test 4: 5 Automatons vs 1 Economic Guild (Oranos)

    Guild stats:
    HP: 460
    Crush Armour: 14%
    Hack Armour: 34%
    Pierce Armour: 95%

    Automatons destroy house in 15 seconds

    house? lol,
    thanks for the good guide, keep it up.


    [This message has been edited by KOTD_Mikaiu (edited 03-20-2004 @ 04:34 PM).]

    posted 20 March 2004 04:46 PM EDT (US)     6 / 91  
    Great guide!

    I vote for Petsuchos



    posted 20 March 2004 04:50 PM EDT (US)     7 / 91  
    Hes back! Hes back! Eeeeeeh! I vote Petsy-crocky
    posted 20 March 2004 04:59 PM EDT (US)     8 / 91  
    w00000000t! AC is back!
    Good guide man, i vote sphinx

    EDIT: still working on html skills, did it wrong again...
    THANK GOD FOR HTML Webmonkey

    [This message has been edited by Bel_Garion (edited 03-20-2004 @ 05:29 PM).]

    posted 20 March 2004 05:18 PM EDT (US)     9 / 91  
    Great guide, I always thought automatons were useless before I read this. petsuchos
    posted 20 March 2004 05:47 PM EDT (US)     10 / 91  
    posted 20 March 2004 05:53 PM EDT (US)     11 / 91  
    One time a guy had like 15 hersirs, all i had was 10 automatons and some arcus. I just barely won the battle, and one automaton remain. And geuss what? All of them got rebuilt. Thats 900 gold, 80 favor and temple build time saved.
    "These guys are good"- PGA Golf
    Great guide! I think its your best yet
    I vote for Avenger

    I told you I'd be back.
    posted 20 March 2004 06:02 PM EDT (US)     12 / 91  
    Great guide!

    Althoyght I never play Atlanteans now I know who to defend vs those guys (more than I did before I read it :P ).

    I vote for the Mummy

    The best clan ever is TOAO Clan!
    posted 20 March 2004 06:47 PM EDT (US)     13 / 91  
    posted 20 March 2004 07:13 PM EDT (US)     14 / 91  
    posted 20 March 2004 07:44 PM EDT (US)     15 / 91  
    I've realised the ture power of the Automaton for about a week now (only just started Kronos). I find that when Massed with Arcus, they destroy Greeks, Atty and Norse (Massed Priests are too good though). Automatons also get a bonus against MUs (x3 according to AoMH Unit Tables) so a group of 5 is pretty good at countering the lack of Heroes Atty have.

    A group of 10 Automatons is really ownage, but used offensively they kinda suck. Automatons IMO are only to be used for Defense AND The Crippling Blow (e.g. a Vortex onto the last TC). They can't heal people well in combat, so if you lose one behind enemy lines, you ain't getting it back!

    They could be good raiders, if you just make sure none of them die!

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    posted 20 March 2004 08:24 PM EDT (US)     16 / 91  

    Its tourist season, get your rifle.
    Foreign tourist meat is good.
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    Dont run from your fears and sorrows.
    Drown em in soda

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    posted 20 March 2004 08:45 PM EDT (US)     17 / 91  
    do they have a bonus vs other MU> i ask because i see that it defeats the centaur which i know has a bonus vs MU and with it's first shot it should do a lot of damamge (special is 2X attack...bonus is maybe 2-4X =4-8X attack on first shot)
    posted 20 March 2004 09:16 PM EDT (US)     18 / 91  
    Main page

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    posted 20 March 2004 09:19 PM EDT (US)     19 / 91  
    Do "dead" automatons cost pop?


    posted 20 March 2004 09:26 PM EDT (US)     20 / 91  

    What came first, the chicken country or the egg colony?
    posted 20 March 2004 09:28 PM EDT (US)     21 / 91  
    posted 20 March 2004 09:33 PM EDT (US)     22 / 91  
    No dead automatons DO NOT cost pop. When you Mass Autos you generally get a lot of Over Population if units are queued. This is because 1 Automaton dies, 1 unit takes his place, then the first Automaton is repaired.

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    posted 20 March 2004 09:46 PM EDT (US)     23 / 91  
    yay he's back

    i'm gonna have to vote for an old favorite, the petsuchos

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    posted 20 March 2004 09:56 PM EDT (US)     24 / 91  
    posted 20 March 2004 10:04 PM EDT (US)     25 / 91  
    From what I understand, "dead" automatons do not cost pop, thus allowing a clever player to exceed his pop cap.

    I always thought Leto was the worst God in the game, but Oceanus is IMO due to his awful, awful God Power and pitiful myth unit that benefits you the most by scouting the map early on. Automatons are cheap and effective when they are allowed to engage an enemy. Never bother with the upgrades, hoever, as even FU they are hardly a force to be reckoned with.

    I vote Anubite

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