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Topic Subject:Stat for Egyptian God Power
posted 30 April 2004 04:24 AM EDT (US)         
After the stat of Greek's god power, this time goes to Egyptian's. Again, let me know if I make any mistake, thx!

Rain - last for 60s
1)X3 rate for your farming and fishing; and X2 rate for all other players's. (but the bug makes fishing does not give you more food)
2)To block all god power during god power period

Vision - Reveals on map for 20s

Prosperity - X1.8 gather rate on gold for 50s

Shifting Sands -
1)Teleports all your units in a range of 5 to another location
2)Teleports enemy in following ways:
150hp minimum to villagers
600hp maximum to villagers
800hp minimum to other units
4000hp maximum to other units
rate of teleports: 40%

Eclipse - affect on all your MU(titan also)
1)1.5 attack bonus on attack
2)1.5 bonus on special attack+half recharge time
3)+15% hack armor
4)+20% speed
5)Monuments gather favor 30% faster
6)Block all god power

Plague of Serpents - summon 9 serpents
90 HP
7 Hack attack
15% hack armor
20% pierce armor
0.1 vs Villager
0.5 vs Hero

Sea Serpent
110 HP
8 Hack attack
5% hack armor
20% pierce armor

Locust Swarm - Target on farms or fishing ships for 20s
1)20 hack damage to villagers and fishing boats per sec
2)40 hack damage to farm per sec

Citadel - change you or allied TC to powerful Citadel
1)+50% hit points
2)+10 pop slots
3)+3 attack (12X3 pierce to 15X3 pierce attack)
4)-10% track rating
5)+10% hack armor (45% to 55%)
6)+2 attack range
Once Atlantean's tc is changed to Citadel, it can't generate favor

Ancestors - summon 13 minions on land or lost ships on sea

140 HP
8.5 hack attack
35% hack armor
40% pierce armor

Lost Ship
200 HP
6 pierce attack X3
30% hack armor
20% pierce armor

Son of Osiris - Transform pharoah into super unit
cast SOO on second pharoah will makes you have SOO + two pharoah

stat for Son of Osiris - benefit from age upgrade, armor upgrade and myth tech upgrade
420 HP
60 hack attack
30% hack armor
50% pierce armor
X5 bonus vs MU
X3 bonus vs Set animal

Tornado - always start with middle of target, then random pathing (Not work on farm)
8000hp damage minimum to buildings
9000hp damage maximum to buildings
1500hp damage minimum to units
3000hp damage maximium to units
600hp damage minimum to villagers
1200hp damage maximum to villagers

Meteor - always hit target on first hit, others are random
(work on farm)
5000hp damage minimum to buildings
9000hp damage maximum to buildings
1200hp damage minimum to units
4800hp damage maximium to units
450hp damage minimum to villagers
1000hp damage maximum to villagers

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posted 30 April 2004 09:52 AM EDT (US)     1 / 16       
Good article!


Meteor - always hit target on first hit, others are random

In fact, Meteor will always try to reach its minimum damage, even if that results in really non-random patterns. For example, put 5 units in a straight line and meteor them - not only will they all be hit in sequence, but they'll all die instead of just being tossed around. I think Tornado might be similar, although I haven't tested it.

Programmer on 0 A.D., author of Norse Wars, co-author of Fort Wars.

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The Hunter666
posted 30 April 2004 06:02 PM EDT (US)     2 / 16       
They aren't random, they follow a pattern
The first hits on the dot, second far to the left, third to the right-bottom corner so if u put the main target slightly to the top left 2 meteors will hit it and boom.

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posted 30 April 2004 06:35 PM EDT (US)     3 / 16       
i think that units and buildings get diffrent sequences- units are targeted.

the funniest thing to do with meteor is to use it on his last villie to end the game. way ott

posted 04 May 2004 09:54 AM EDT (US)     4 / 16       
Meteor is completely random
The first hit can also be NOT in the middle (where you target ur GP)

(id: Sp3ctre)
posted 04 May 2004 10:53 AM EDT (US)     5 / 16       
Every time I've used Meteor it always has one hit in the middle of the Effect Area. Thanks for the Information, however Tornado seems so random, it instant kills the most random amount of units, plus it always moves the wrong way. I prefer Meteor for it's consistancy!

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posted 04 May 2004 11:19 AM EDT (US)     6 / 16       
This has also been added to the list.

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posted 04 May 2004 04:44 PM EDT (US)     7 / 16       
I am pretty sure that rain doesnt make fishing boats to give you more food. It is supposed to do this, but ES never fixed it.

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posted 04 May 2004 06:03 PM EDT (US)     8 / 16       
Good guide, although you made one error a192. You forgot to include plague of serpents. Don't forget this defensive saver!
posted 04 May 2004 06:13 PM EDT (US)     9 / 16       
13 attack
140 health
35% hack armor
40% pierce armor <--- minion stats
5.0 speed
16 LoS

18 attack (3 arrows of 6 attack each)
200 health
30% hack armor
20% pierce armor <--- lost ship stats
6.0 speed
12 range
24 LoS

7 attack
90 health
15% hack armor
20% pierce armor <--- Serpent stats
5.3 Speed
18 LoS

8 attack
110 health
5% hack armor
20% pierce armor <--- Sea serpent stats
5.3 Speed
18 LoS

minion GP kills its created units after 60s. Serpents are permanent. Lost ships cannot attack villagers/gatherer/dwarf/laborer/civilian/caravan/fishing ship. Serpents do x0.1 damage vs villies. Sea serpents cannot attack fishing boats. Lost ship can transport units.

add plague of serpents to the list and put the minion and lost ship stats in the guide.

Nice work of posting guides to GP's of all civs, gives real insight


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posted 04 May 2004 09:21 PM EDT (US)     10 / 16       
I play alot of isis and every time I do meteor:

first hit is right on target
at least one more hit on that same target (always)
then the rest usually goes for units, sometimes it seems to just hit all over the place, and other times it will actually try and kill things.

posted 04 May 2004 09:56 PM EDT (US)     11 / 16       
Thank for you guy's update. I have fixed some of errors. Let me know if I still have any mistake. I will fix Greek's god power stat next.
Gamer man
posted 07 May 2004 08:18 PM EDT (US)     12 / 16       
for me, strangly enough, the meteor NEVER hits its target, and teh tornado allways moves in the right dirrection.

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posted 07 May 2004 08:24 PM EDT (US)     13 / 16       
Tornado will ALWAYS take out a tc but meteor wont always do that.
posted 07 May 2004 10:46 PM EDT (US)     14 / 16       


Tornado will ALWAYS take out a tc but meteor wont always do that.

Oh, it is because meteor always hit middle target first hit(100 hack+900 crush damage), then somehow random next all.(maybe have pattern I dunno)

Tornado will damage unit and building within range of 8.
It does 20 hack+100 crush damage per second)

To compare minimum damage of meteor and Tornado on buildings:
Meteor = 5000 (work on farm)
Tornado = 8000 (NOT work on farm)
What do you see from above stat?

Meteor damage will hit whole range of target randomly, the building around tc and farm will absorb meteor damage.
But for toronado, it does better min building damage, the only path for tornado do so is to take out tc or castle, then move random path to other buildings.

posted 08 May 2004 11:40 AM EDT (US)     15 / 16       
Locust summons 4 swarms in TT (boosted from vanilla which only spawned 3)

Proto unit stats for tornado attack:

<action name="HandAttack">
<param name="MaximumRange" value1="8"></param>
<param name="Rate" type="All" value1="1.0"></param>
<param name="Damage" type="Crush" value1="100" value2="12" options="AttackSelf|AttackAllies|AttackEnemy|AttackGAIAUnits"></param>
<param name="Damage" type="Hack" value1="20" value2="12" options="AttackSelf|AttackAllies|AttackEnemy|AttackGAIAUnits"></param>
<param name="AttackAction"></param>
<param name="MuteDamage"></param>


<action name="HandAttack">
<param name="MaximumRange" value1="12"></param>
<param name="Rate" type="All" value1="1.0"></param>
<param name="Damage" type="Crush" value1="900" value2="4" options="AttackEnemy|AttackGAIAUnits"></param>
<param name="Damage" type="Hack" value1="100" value2="6" options="AttackEnemy|AttackGAIAUnits"></param>
<param name="MuteDamage"></param>
<param name="AttackAction"></param>

Remember that anything that causes damage has a corresponding unit in protox.xml (including gps though some like undermine are hidden units)

oh and both Tornado and Metor have powerblockers

"Norse players should shut up about them thinking Norse are underpowered..Bunch of idiots" - Olympus_MU

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posted 12 May 2004 08:30 AM EDT (US)     16 / 16       
I play Isis a fair bit too but I don't always go meteor.. a good opponent won't cluster all his buildings together, and meteor's not much cop against units (cos they can run away)

SoO is handy in some cases.. meteor in others..

BTW off-topic Daz105, but the Penguins site's quite, quite maaaaad !!

mmmmm... beeeeeer....
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