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Topic Subject:Ra guide
posted 04 May 2004 08:39 AM EDT (US)         
Okay, this guide is going to be about wel.. Ra. In my opinion the most versatile god in the game. With a very nifty bonus with empowering priests (E_S_O_is_dumb : Taunt 009 Ooooooh.mp3). Sad enough, Ra has been nerfed so much in the past times, that a lot of ppl left him as their best god. Thats why I am making this guide to pump up the spirits on Ra.

General Overview

Well, Ra has different ways to go. Uber-migdol with Sekhmet+Osiris (gives Cavalry archer : 10% extra health, 10% extra speed, and 24 range, so in combination with burning pitch, they kill buildings better than anything) (gives Camelry : 10% extra health, 10% extra speed, and makes it with desert wind the fastest unit in the game : 7.80!! (E_S_O_is_dumb : Taunt 029 Scream.mp3) Only matched by Valkyrie : 7.60) Combine thhat uber-range extra speed cavalry archer, with the fastest unit in the game : raiding is inevitible. Or Ra can go for barracks units : Ptah+Sekhmet+horus. With spearmen having a neat 110% bonus attack vs cav with greatest of fifty. But games mosly dont last that long. But now lets look at Ra's priests.

Empowering does :

Gathering +15%. This does not mean 15% faster. NO! It gives 15% extra resources for free with everty drop off. So if you bring in 100 food, you get 15 food for free. Which is neat.
Building time dexcreased 30%. This is also very good for making those forward bases quickly. You can pop out barracks in less than 15 seconds. So you have a whole forward base in less than a minute.
Training + tech research 20% faster. About the training, this is SO GOOD. If you put down 4 barracks and have them all empowered by priests, you can make 5 more spearmen in a minute than if they were not empowered. This is great for "panic building", when you're under attack. This way you can pop out a good defense against lets say a loki rusher.
Buildings +50% attack rate. This actually means they get +50% attack.I always build my towers in, but keep a priest inside too. (not in towers, just next to the tower) and empower the towers. This is a real advantage in early defence, as those little attacks will be beaten off more easily and faster.

Also, Ra's Pharaoh empowers even better than normal Pharaoh's. When 100 Food is dropped off, an Isis or Set Pharaoh empowerment would mean 20 food for free. With Ra, it is 25 food fore free. And also compare them with building empowerment. If you have a fully-upgraded citadel with pharaoh empowerment, you have a nearly indestructable citadel (well, with exception to siege then :P )

Well, that is pretty clear. Also... People say that Ra sucks on water. In you look at the fact that he doesnt have any water MU's, you'd say YES. But people often forget something... Ra gets the best siege ships of all civs. Stones oof Red Linen + Funeral Barge = Arrow ship + building killer. You will dominate the seas... until those nasty hammerships come out. But they can be killed by your nasty Kebenits.

One aspect of Ra is called gay. Villierush. you get someones TC very soon, get your economy stable, and take it before the 6 minute counter is over. This is uber, but it is difficult to really master. I have seen lots of attempts to villierush me by sandshifting. Only 5-6 villies will arrive, you really have to practice with sandshift. And dont't forget : use the hands of the pharaoh. It comes in handy with the extra range.

Ra branches

I will explain in detail Ra's economic/mythic/military branches and explain why they are chosen, and how to best use them/follow them to your victory.

Military Branches :

There are 2 main brnahces for these : Migdol or Barracks. In one way, they can be mixed together, on the other hand they cannot. The Barracks branch = Ptah+Sekhmet+Horus. The Migdol = Bast+Sekhmet+Osiris. Hey! Wait! Why choose bast when Ptah is much better? You need bast becouse, what do you need when you're making Camels and Chariots? Food and Wood and Gold. Gold is needed for both, so do heavy on these. But wait a moment, we haven't got anything extra on wood and food. YES WE HAVE. With Bast we gain Sacred Cats and Adze of Wepwawet. These are only half of a normal economic upgrade, but heck, if you're faster, you can make more, and thus having an army earlier, or an army bigger than your opponent. If you combine the tech with a priest you got 5% + 15% = 20%! This equals a Pharaoh (without Ra bonus). This would only be achievable for Isis next to ra with the New Kingdom tech from Osiris. So what Isis gets in Mythic, you get in Classical. so this is a huge advantage.

Well, now the barracks branch : You go Ptah, and as soon as you go Classical get Shaduf upgrade. and start massing those farms. With Ptah, I find it handy to make lots of wadjets. Becouse they are like a sword in the ass to infanty. 3 Wadjets take out 15 spearmen. Handy if you see counter infantry around (they perform VERY well against TA's). When you go Heroic get Sekhmet for Citadel (10 pop = SUPER) and slings of the sun. Slings of the Sun slingers + Wadjet are a great combo for killing anti-inf. As well as counter-inf and archers. With Mythic you go Horus and get those nasty upgrades.

Economic Branches :

Here you can choose from 3 branches :

Map Control by outbuying them (ie about 3 Tc's in classical, and have his base surrounded by Migdols). This is to keep your enemy under constant pressure while you are making a whole army, while he is losing his on your migdols/Tc's. This strat requires heavy Tc defending. So in Heroic you can go Hathor, Get Sun-dried mud-brick, and medjay. And your Tc is safe with long-lasting mercs and a stronger TC (get fortified TC as well!) The Classical is no matter. If you have too much gold, get Ptah for shaduf and mass on farms. When you lack on gold, get bast for her techs, get to heroic, plop down market and start selling excess food and wood, recieved from bast techs. with mythic you go osiris for the new kingdom (remember to cast SoO on the 2nd pharaoh, then you will get another pharaoh, giving you 2 normal, and 1 demi-god pharaoh). Just start empowering each of wood food and gold with them, so you will get of each recource more. When you've built him in, start the recource gathering. Just make an army and rip his (beep). If it's atties, garrison 5 priests in each migdol and keep watch for those nasty attie MU's. Just pop them out of the migdol to kill the little tiny Behemoths.

Well this branch is red becouse it is not such a good one. This is very special for an eggy god. Fast Heroic. The strat on itself is VERY good, but since Ra is 100% nerfed, it has nearly been reduced to nothing. My advice is to stick to Map control, or a rush in classical. With this strat, you need to have about 22 vils (12 on food) when advancing. Go Ptah, do shaduf, plot down farms, go Heroic, and prey that you won't be rushed once you go heroic. With the FH you definetly need Hathor, becouse her Petsuchos excel vs classical units.

This is the classical rush. You get a fast classical, but once you get classical, build a TC as close to an enemy's base as possible, start pumping vils and priests, build barracks, and pump more vils to gather extreme recources. I usually plop down 4-5 barracks. Vs attie you need at least 7. They mass units like hell and the attie unit build time is close to 0. So you need masses. And keep them pouring to his base when you attack. Do not spare and army for yourself to "finish him off" Remember, one villie gets away, he will gather recources, build new base, and boy : atties always strike back. Vs greek i advise to adapt: vs zeus more axemen, vs Poseidon more spearmen, vs Hades more slingers. Vs other eggys you should better do more slingers in combination with spears. When you plop down an army of spears, he will send axes to massacre you, so send slingers to massacre his axes . same goes for the norse : TA --> Slingers

Mythic Branch

There is only one Mythic branch in my opinion. I call it : ranged invasion. Go heavy on wood and gold as soon as possible, go classical as ptah, and use your wood on lots of wadjets, and when you go heroic under hathor build 5-6 rocs, with lots of petsuchos, go mythic under osiris, and make mummy's lots of them. Use your GP on your pharaoh. Now load all rocs with the Mu's and your SoO. when you attack use your Son to kill the heroes, and use your Mu's to crush normal army. Then move your catapults in to finish off the buildings. This is the main strat for myth units. Btw, use the rocs to escape again if necesarry, especuially with your SoO who will be targeted at alot. You should use your petsuchoi as a meatshield.

Quoted from IamRa's article about Sekhmet as Heroic Goddess. all credit goes to him what is in lime :
As i play Ra mostly...i have decided to Change up and have been picking Sekhemut over Hathor and i have won my last 10 games....quite intresting lets look at Sekhemut's Bonus
Citadel-Plus 10 pop...this is very "Under-rated" and im almost close to saying this could be the best GP in the game if used allows you to "Out number" your opponent bye 10 pop spaces at equal Town Centers...and with Ra you get uber rax or uber migdols unints...this makes him an OP isis in terms of the quality of troops Ra can field on top of his stellar Economy...not a bad deal

Slings of the Sun-I don't use this one much...but i will does make Slingers maul infantry just like greek Toxtoes...and really renders Hyapist, Axemen and throwing Axemen useless as it increase the Slinger damage bonus against these types of troops to insane levels...

Ram of the West Wind-Adds 50 Hp's and 10 Crush attack to Siege towers, Good tech if you can afford to get it..combined with Siege Engineers they lay the smack down on buildings

Stones of Red Linen-Boosts Catapults and Siege ship crush Attack

Bone Bow-Prolly my Fav tech..just makes Chariot Archers "Insane" with 24 range...the opponent really can't stop your a Fortress won't protect his precious villes on an outside goldmine cuz the Chariots can get out of range of the Fortress and still pick off your also makes them much better at mauling infantry at range...quite fun to see players foold infantrey at you...while you hide Bone Bow charioits behind a TC/Migdol and just maul his infantry watch em drop like flies with Proper Micro

Tired of Age of Buildings?...Tired of Villagers being able to kill Siege Weapons so quickly?..then Sekhemut is the choice for you let me introduce you to TA DA!

THE SCARAB-Villes can't ville them....they thrash buildings...are very hard to kill...and with Ra's Rain+Cheap can afford alot of them...tired of games Dragging on to mythic age? and Titan Age?...go Sekhemut...i have won 9 games in a row players can no longer turtle under buildings as scarabs eat them and are very hard to kill...Chariot Support kills any hero's that try to kill your scarabs...

Just a Note...With Sekhemut's Bone Bow tech...Massed Chariot Archers will Simply "MAUL" most other units at range...especially with a Meatshield/Buildings...also...with Bone Bow Chariots have a Range of 24....they out range a Fortress...this means your opponent can't really stop your raiding...and he can't effetivly protect his goldminers...your Chariots will "Out-range" his just sit quietly out of range and just pick of his's quite nice...and with Ra's HP and speed bonus..they are harder to kill...and can run away much faster making hit and run tactics all the more easier and more effective

Just some time you play Ra go Sekhemut...try it...feed your opponent Scarabs...let the Scarabs munch on his buuildingd and kill many villes with Bone Bow chariot archers...

Well this was about it, i will soon add another part to this guide which will be an in-depth strat including screenshots (yay!)


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hr Meyer
posted 04 May 2004 09:50 AM EDT (US)     1 / 16       
Petscuchos as meatshield? Aren't they "very" long-ranged? Use som normal combat units. (says da newbie).

Well, well. Good guide, maybe it's time for reading it now

posted 04 May 2004 10:58 AM EDT (US)     2 / 16       
really not needed, but could be a nice reasource for inexperienced players untill chrono_jj's guide comes...

it just seems like you skimmed through all the well known aspects of ra, in an effort to get put in theris' guide to the guides



(E_S_O_is_dumb : Taunt 009 Ooooooh.mp3).

not really needed

mabe go into more detail next time, or suggest something new? i didnt see one build order, and you dont give reasons for getting each tech, and as this is a newb-friendly guide, your target audience doesnt know what every tech does yet.


If you have too much gold, get Ptah for shaduf and mass on farms. When you lack on gold, get bast for her techs, get to heroic, plop down market and start selling excess food and wood

surely if your low on gold, you would want to get shaduf too? its a gold-saving tech i find that eggys usually have an excess of gold late-game, so trading with a market later on, when your army/econ has already been stunted isnt going to help.

all in all, ok guide

posted 04 May 2004 11:22 AM EDT (US)     3 / 16       
I'll add it to the list.

former Age of Mythology Heaven and Age of Empires III Heaven forumer||former member of Ambition Designs
"An eye for an eye, and the whole world goes blind" -Gandhi
Akenaton SunLord
posted 04 May 2004 01:17 PM EDT (US)     4 / 16       
verry interesting. sounds like you take an exes of resorses for granted.
posted 04 May 2004 05:58 PM EDT (US)     5 / 16       
to ipso :

If you want to save gold, you get shaduf, and it's a gold saving tech. As you said : Eggys have too much gold later in game. I especially do with Ra, and i testes a difference between shaduf-farming and shaduf-less farming. (normal farming is about plopping down 12 farms in one go). It saves about 500 gold. I'd love to sacrifice some wood for it.

And about that I haven't made a build order :


i will soon add another part to this guide which will be an in-depth strat including screenshots

still working through some parts of the build order on map types, and I still have to get some good screens, not planned ones, but those of real online games, or else you just fool ther ppl.

I think I will have it done within 3 of 4 days, depending on the quality of the games I am going to play online, which is beyond my control.

For those that do not know what each tech does :

Bast :
Sacred Cats : Farming speed increased by 5%. This equals half a normal farming upgrade (plow, irrigation, flood control)

Adze of Wepwawet : It should increase wood gathering by 10%, but tests from other players have revealed that it only is 4% or 5%. Also it reduces the time of which trees are being cut down. In 1 minute it can save 20 total villager secs (a villager gathers without upgrade an everage of 3 recources a second...)

Ptah :
Shaduf : Reduces farm cost from 70 gold to 47 gold. Halfens the build time.

Scalloped Axe : Axemen get +10% attack

Leather Frame Shield : Spearmen get 10% pierce armor improvement

Electrum Bullets : Slingers get +10% attack

Sekhmet :
Stones of Red Linen : Catpult and War Barge gain +30% attack.

Bone Bow : Chariot Archer range increased by 4. This gives that Chariot Archer a total of 24 range, meaning he can shoot at a Fortress, Hill Fort, Migdol or Palace without being shot at.

Slings of the Sun : Slingers gain 1.3x bonus damage to Infantry. They already have a 3x multiplier vs Throwing Axemen and a 1.5 Multiplier vs Hyphasist and Axemen, making them deadly to infantry counters.

Hathor :
Medjay : Increases the lifespan of Mercenary's from 45 seconds to 75 seconds.

Sun-Dried Mud brick : building Hitpoints increases by 10% (x1.1) and they cost 15% less.

Horus :
Axe of Vengeance : Axemen get a x3 multiplier vs buildings. Making them effective at killing buildings when massed.

Greatest of Fifty : Spearmen have +10% hack armor, and they get an extra multiplier vs cavalry. They originally have a x1.1 bonus attack versus cavalry, but when you research this tech they get x2.1 bonus damage

Spear on the Horizon : Spearmen have +10% attack and +30% hitpoints.

Osiris :
Desert Wind :Camelry have +20% attack, +20% speed and +20% hitpoints.

New Kingdom : You can have 2 Pharaohs at a time instead of just one.

posted 05 May 2004 12:42 PM EDT (US)     6 / 16       
Not bad, but why isn't FH good for Ra? You can use locust+rain to boost your eco while not boosting your enemy's to much. Also you get super camels/chariots.

The best clan ever is TOAO Clan!
posted 05 May 2004 01:04 PM EDT (US)     7 / 16       
My vote for best Ra tech is Desert Wind.. 7.9 speed is INSANE and their pathing becomes wonderful, just shift click onto the next enemy, it's great.
posted 05 May 2004 01:43 PM EDT (US)     8 / 16       
Antz, FH is good for Ra, but if you're not 1700+ or so you won't have an army by the time you go Heroic. It works well on me, but I have seen people get to Heroic at about 8:00 without an army. I just send 7 elephants and it is gg. While I still have an army of about 40 barrack units in my town...But I will think about it in posting the strats for this guide.

to mowie : I agree and I don't. Without doubt it is the best tech Ra can get becouse it will give him the fastest unit in the game. BUT it is only availible in Mythic, and games often don't last that long. And there is a chance that you might have to choose Horus over Osiris (Especially vs Norse in late game to keep up with their super-ulfsarks. you need those strong spearmen). If I'd have to choose a tech in a regular game I'd have two choices :

economic : Shaduf. It is soooo gold-saving. You NEED this tech every game, even if its heavy hunting map.

Military : Bone Bow. It makes Cavalry Archer perfect for sieging buildings. but remember to keep camels as a meatshield.

Also, Skin of the Rhino is a GREAT tech. Egypt's laborers are slow, so there is more chance that they will get killed while fleeing in raids. This way they can fight back. One time a guy raided me with Copper Heavy Raiding Cavalry. I had about 12 vils on gold, and he attacks with 8 raiders. My vils had Rhino tech.. none of his raiders survived, none of my villagers got killed . If those villagers were greek they would have lost.

Btw, desert-wind Ra camels are 7.80


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posted 05 May 2004 02:16 PM EDT (US)     9 / 16       
some nice points, wilhelm

about a FH though. properly done, you can have a migdol and around 6 camelry/ca's at 8 mins. you wont have elephants unless you did a fh yourself, and he will have ancestors too. it is extreamly hard to dislodge a migdol that early in the game, and if he knows what he is doing, he'll be raiding you if you dont attack, which will make it that much harder to go heroic. i am talking from an isis point of view, but imo, set can have a more powerfull fh. animals + ancestors + migdol making units will stop you long enough for him to boom over you and/or get another cheap migdol up. its a really powerfull strat

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posted 05 May 2004 04:03 PM EDT (US)     10 / 16       

I've been trying to learn Ra for months with little success and I've allways FHed. Maybe it is because of that I've failed...?

The best clan ever is TOAO Clan!
posted 05 May 2004 04:13 PM EDT (US)     11 / 16       
agreed, but with FH Ra, you get a very good raider, which is very fast on its own, but gets a 10% extra speed. For a Heroic unit it is extrmely fast. About elephants : they are the toughest human unit, and if you get CA with bone bow you can easily kill the enemy's counter-cavalry inf. although Camels tear a combo of Elephants and Bone bow CA apart. Thats why I raid the area before I attack with elephants and CA, and keep raiding him till death while i'm attacking, and keeping the Camel near to kill his if they attack Elephants. But Set animals are best in Archaic. When I play set I usually have about 8-9 wild (hostile) animals at 2:50 or so and start attacking vils. This gives a huge blow. But your point on set is good. Another point on FH is that with Ra, you get the Rain boost in the first place (i mean whats left of it after you used the food on heroic upgrade) and I always empower gold with Phar after hes done scouting. So this way the food-gold costs can be balanced, but a lot of people will go mainly for long-ranged CA. Which disrupts food produce, and that way you won't get good building destroyers --> Elephants. The combo of Elephants attack, CA kill elephants counter and Camel raid and kill other camels is the best.

And a lot of people go heroic with ra without an army, plot down migdols and attack, while I am Agressive early in classical early on and keep flooding axemen. they are cheap and very good in masses. I will describe in my strat how you can do an about 7:40 heroic while still having a constant flood of axes. An Isis or Set FH vs someone agressive in classical is not wise. Thats the power of Ra. He can do a FH while still being very agressive early on. Ancestors can hurt when Isis, sure. But as I stated : Ra has excess gold EVERY second of the game. I usually carry 5 or 6 priests with my army for healing and to kill Mu's. Also : Garrison 4 priests in 3 migdols standing next to eachother works well in several ways.
1. When priest empower building Repair is 15% faster.
2. Building will fire arrows faster (if empowered)
3. with priests in Migdol it has greater attack
4. Ungarrisoning 12 priests = bye bye ancestors or any MU.

also when you are bast cast eclipse when enemy isis is about 40-50 seconds heroic. That usually the time it takes to find a good spot for Ancestors + Eclipse. if you hvae sphinxes use them to attack. Make sure you send in massive attack in the time eclipse has effect before she can do eclipse+ancestors combo. This works fine for me, but it is crucial that you time it right. A good thing too is : attack with about 5 sphinxes, 2 scorpion men and your army, cast ancestors, eclipse and the enemy is dead. but im not quite that of an isis player, but she lacks what Ra has : heavy raiding

Darth Persia
posted 05 May 2004 04:14 PM EDT (US)     12 / 16       


Vs other eggys you should better do more slingers in combination with spears. When you plop down an army of spears, he will send axes to massacre you, so send slingers to massacre his axes . same goes for the norse : TA --> Slingers

Umm, i'm not 100 percent sure on this, but slingers are only good against enemy archers. I don't think, unless you outnumber them 3 or 4 to 1, that you will be verysuccessful with them. And, if this is in Heroic or beyond, why not use chariots?


There is only one Mythic branch in my opinion. I call it : ranged invasion. Go heavy on wood and gold as soon as possible, go classical as ptah, and use your wood on lots of wadjets, and when you go heroic under hathor build 5-6 rocs, with lots of petsuchos, go mythic under osiris, and make mummy's lots of them. Use your GP on your pharaoh. Now load all rocs with the Mu's and your SoO. when you attack use your Son to kill the heroes, and use your Mu's to crush normal army. Then move your catapults in to finish off the buildings. This is the main strat for myth units. Btw, use the rocs to escape again if necesarry, especuially with your SoO who will be targeted at alot. You should use your petsuchoi as a meatshield.

Pesteuchos as meathsield? Why not slingers or archers as a meatshield to? unless your enemy is a complete newb who has no idea that heroes counter myth units, you're gonna get killed quicker than anything. The whole point of a meat shield is so you can protect units like the estuchos and other ranged units that are more fragile. This is like having your archers be it's own meatshield. It's pointless.

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posted 05 May 2004 04:29 PM EDT (US)     13 / 16       
Antz, let me give you some info on FH :

With Ra you need about 22 vils when advancing, make sure you empower food with pharaoh when going classical, and empowering gold and wood with priests. Also make sure you hvae husbandry. Go Classical under Ptah. Send you Phar to the gold and priest from gold to food. Get shaduf asap and farming upgrade. Mass farms and get phar to empower food and let priest empower gold again. Also, when you are advancing, click a vil form TC and then autoqueue button. So you will immedietly be making vils when you get classical. Assign most of them to food and wood. use wood you have on Wadjets, (I usually carry 5 or so in my army) and build 4 barracks near enemy as soon as you go classical, empower them all with priests. This way you have constant axemen flow and still reach heroic before 8:00

AOTS has got lots of ra FH games, take a look there.

posted 05 May 2004 04:40 PM EDT (US)     14 / 16       
If you are good you know how to kill heroes at range. Petsuchos are the best MU meatshield after Colossus. Why do you think I keep my rocs around? when the petsuchos gettin down, I escape, heal with SoO and get back. and the SoO will kill the heroes no problem. And petsuchos have 55 attack. 4 petsuchos kill Ajax in 4 beams. with only one of them dying...

and :
Slingers DO have a bonus attack vs counter inf : x4 Archers, x3 Throwing Axemen, x1.25 Hypaspist/Axeman


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posted 05 May 2004 05:09 PM EDT (US)     15 / 16       


4 petsuchos kill Achilles in 4 beams. with only one of them dying...

Is this a typo? Maybe you meant hersir and not Achilles cause if Achilles gets to this 4 petsuchos he is going to make leather belts out of their hides in record time. I know that cause I'm a Hades player myself

posted 05 May 2004 05:23 PM EDT (US)     16 / 16       
argh... it is supposed to be ajax... it IS a typo. Achilles rips up anything. sry for that. I played hades before, so...

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