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Topic Subject:Versitality of Set
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posted 06 May 2004 06:49 PM EDT (US)         
OMG i just played three Set games and used three completely different strats and won each game. Its so amazing how different each of the three games were and how strong set is in every situation. The animals may not be OP but they are still very good.

Its alfheim. I convert a few bears and make a lot of hyenas (hyenas are IMO better than apes since they take less pop slots for an equal power). My hyenas wreck the Odin players forward base before it really begins. He does mount an attack on me at about 7:30 though but with some mercs and my animals i beat him back easily. I get to Heroic at a bit past 8 minutes (using the priest to give me extra deer). I then vision my opponents base. I see what units hes making and what other things hes doing and note it all in my head. At the same time the vision found one of his nearby tc's. I shifting sands a load of my vills over to the tc and take it at about 9 minutes. I then spam a migdol stronghold at the FB and at my gold mine. I pump out migdol units as well as siege. I figure that i have no real use for all the hyenas and bears that i have so i send them to attack his wood (i didnt want him to get huskarls as they kill migdol units). They kill about 10 vills and run away. Then i send them in to take out some buildings. They take down 2 longhouses, an armory, and a house before they are vanquished At the same time ive taken EVERY other tc at around 13 minutes (there were only 5 tc's. Weird) I am raiding him like hell and he finally attacks my FB. I use ancestors and with my migdol and my army i easily beat him. Then i attack his base. First i meteor it, then i take my army+seige in and wreck his base. I have to say that this was a pretty easy win against a player that wasnt that bad.

This game was on watering hole. Seeing as it was watering hole i decided to see if an archaic rush would work. I made a monument right away. I put only 5 vills on food before i put some on gold so that i could get hunting dogs fast. I went pretty gold heavy and got a temple down rather early and pumped out priests. With four priests converting and my pharoah spamming monkeys (not hyenas since pop doesnt matter now) i had an army of 6 rhinos 4 elephants 5 lions 3 hyenas 4 aurochs 2 gazelle and 8-10 apes at about 6-6:30. I immediately attacked. I cast plague of serpents which took care of the Thor players army and used my animals to attack his vills and take down buildings. His military buildings were down easy and i took out at least 2/3 of his vills. My monkeys died to arrow fire but the rhinos eles and aurochs were all still alive taking stuff down. He actually had like 4 hersirs when i attacked but they were so outnumbered that it didnt matter. Anyways i got to heroic at about 9-10 minutes while foiling all his plans to rebuild (i didnt even attempt to take down the tc. However when i cast ancestors on his tc he resigned.

The map was oasis. Usually on oasis i aim to animal steal but when i visioned his base i found there werent any animals to steal. So i just used my priest to convert other hunting farther out. This supplied my eco. He also was used to get a few apes and such converted. I got to classical at 5:35 minutes with an army of 15 animals (mainly hyenas and apes). A bit later the Loki rush came. Luckily i had gone very heavy on gold and could afford to spam mercs and priests. The mercs killed his hersirs, the priests killed his MU's and the animals, towers, and plague of serpents killed the rest. His FB was rather close so i spammed a couple of mercs and used the animals to take that down. Now my eco was still good since i had researched eco techs in the transition to classical so i went to heroic. By the time i got there it was 11 minutes. I immediately went to mythic and took a forward tc. I suspected he had a good army but then so did i and i had ancestors at my fingertips. So i went and took the forward tc. I then spammed like 4 migdols there. He attacked before they were all up and as i had thought ancestors saved me. My animals were back defending against raids. Once i was in mythic i researched thoths elephant tech and his eco tech. My eco was then up to par and i was spamming CA and eles a lot. After a few futile attacks on my FB (he couldnt attack anywhere else since i had walled it all up) i started some raids. Then soon afterwards i used meteor on his military buildings ran in with uber elephants and killed him. He used walking woods but my priests took care of it and after that his base was toast.

Basically i am simply amazed at the versitality of Set. I fast heroiced, semi fast mythiced, and archaic rushed to victory using the same god. And these are not strats i usually use. I usually stop early rushes with animals and serpents, mass a barracks army, gain map control, get to heroic at 10 minutes, put an animal at each gold mine, take tc's, spam migdols, raid and use my GP's to win. However some of these strats are very good. The fast heroic was particularly good since i had taken every tc before most norse players even get to heroic. I also liked the migdol spamming since basically my FB was impregnable, my animals were stopping raids, and if he went all out on my base then i would take down his base first with my siege and GP's. The archaic rush was basically unbeatable and the semi fast mythic was very good since the faster you get meteor the more damage it will do and my early animals became uber in mythic. Set kinda has the Thor effect where you have no clue what he'll do. The guy i archaic rushed probably didnt make many defenses since he wasnt expecting that. The guy i fast heroiced didnt go to heroic earlier since he probably was expecting a classical fight.

posted 10 May 2004 08:29 AM EDT (US)     26 / 41       
In my Mind set is the #2 eggy but hes still the most fun eggy. Isis is to boring and Ra i find myself doing the same thing.
posted 10 May 2004 08:49 AM EDT (US)     27 / 41       
Set is much better than RA unfortunately:

1) Scouting.. can't stress how big this is
2) God Path
3) Water maps (2 offensive powers)

posted 10 May 2004 02:13 PM EDT (US)     28 / 41       
All right, I fired up some set in AOM (original) this weekend, and I really do like playing him. I started out at 1600 on a dead account, and got to ~1690 without losing (five games I believe). I then lost one game against a 1740 (don't remember what god...Isis I think), and won two more. That put me at 1715, and after that I couldn't get a game. That was all on Saturday. I was trying to get a game all day Sunday (at least five attempts).

Bottom line, Set is fun, he does take extra microing, but it is not impossible to be good with him (like so many nubs love to claim). After playing him on AOM, I go Loki in AOT, and boost my score by 50 point.

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posted 25 June 2004 05:00 AM EDT (US)     29 / 41       
In the past i have tried other eggy civs like RA and ISIS.Because i have yet to see a expert using Set. This forum here provided me with the intentions of bringing the Set into the major gods used by experts section. thnx for the story and the inspiration. It really sucks how they nerfed him and Ra though. it hurts....really hurts..thnx.


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posted 25 June 2004 01:12 PM EDT (US)     30 / 41       
There are a few ppl who used to be at the top of the ladder until very recently, who played as set fairly often.

Lately, though, theres been a tide of new meat, including one Zeus player (!) who got to the number 1 slot for a bit.

posted 25 June 2004 03:59 PM EDT (US)     31 / 41       
Nice post!

Hey, I've got a neat little trick for Set. Instead of waiting for your villagers to have to kill your Set animals, just delete them. It saves a fair amount of seconds when eating your hippos, elephants, and rhinoes!

Just be careful what you're selecting before you press delete, however .

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posted 25 June 2004 06:33 PM EDT (US)     32 / 41       
I haven't played vanilla since TT came out, so below I'm talking about TT.

Set can be still very good in TT, even with animals nerfed so badly (overnerfed, imo), but he's not easy to master. I've been playing Set for the last few months exactly for that reason - most of the time now, as we entered age of Isis, you gotta really out play your opponent to win with Set. And it's fun.

Just few strong points of Set:

- BEST scouting out of all civs (vision/animals/priest):
Cast vision in the middle close to opponent (corner-side on medi), send hyena scouting, priest converting SMALL animals - monkeys, wolves, birds (crowned something), lions - fast to convert, great LOS. By 3 minutes you should have virtually no dark spots on the map.

- BEST rax's units out of all Eggies (Ptah-Sekhmet-Horus) + Set’s slings’ bonus:
Not much to say here. Rax units are great, most of the games you don't need anything else (except for siege). However, you'll need camels to fight eles, so watch out for Isis/Ra FH, since spears are not cost/pop effective against eles, unless they are Horus-upgraded. You might want to throw in few eles yourself.

– 25% Cheaper Midgols( Set’s bonus):
Enough said.

- Access to Shaduf (Ptah):
Helps with economy A LOT.

– Access to Shifting Sands (Ptah):
One of the BEST classical GP (it was beefed up TT) – take forward TC/establish forward base by 6:30 or earlier – best option; stop rush, sending those hersirs/MU to other side of the map; attack from behind with siege.

– Access to Citadel (Sekhmet):
Cast on your BACK TC to get extra 10 (I believe) pop – very handy;

– Access to Scarab (Sekhmet):
Great siege MU. Two scarabs can destroy average base, provided you take out heroes.

– Access to Tornado (Horus):
Descent GP. Can take ¾ of opponent’s army; take out defensive lines; also, it’s great to cast it on group of houses, if opponent is silly enough to build them in group – instantly drop in pop (make sure you are killing his army at this point ).
Another thing. I’ve never had OOS errors with Tornado. Not a single time in many many games. However, I’ve heard people do. So use it wisely – if you are winning and you know you can get OOS, don’t use it. If you are losing… .

Few last things.
Never stop scouting. In early Archaic – with animals, in late Archaic and up – build and re-build obelisks. Opponents goldmines, all TC, “safe zone” (raiding-prevention zone) around your base and opponents base should be visible to you all the time.
Re-task your villies: goldies went to build TC, there is no gold nearby – send them on wood, woodies back at home on gold, etc. Use fishing ships to build obelisks and docks when it’s reasonable.
Get economy upgrades as soon as possible with Set. Literally, not researching handaxe on archaic-classic transition or forgetting about Shaduf will cost you a game with 80% probability.
Never stop producing villies, better from 2 TC once in classical. You need them to make up for Set’s weak economy. Generally, once you build a TC, queue villies on closest resource and re-task other villies accordingly.
Be aggressive, get map control early, better – opponent’s forward TC in classical with Shifting Sands. There are few advantages to this, from my point of view, apart from obvious surprise, since your opponent won’t be expecting an eggy to be so aggressive. First, you are shifting battlefield from your home base. Second, you spread your economy, so if he raids you home base it does not harm you much. Third, you can actually raid him effectively, since your spears are produced in close proximity to his base. Forht, you’ll need pop space for villies and army. Think of it this way – extra TC is not only additional pop to you, but also fewer units for your opponent. Don’t forget about Citadel as well. Cast it as soon as in Heroic on your back TC. Fifth, literally, it is IMPOSSIBLE to take eggy’s TC in classical – 1-2 towers nearby, garrison units into TC, pharaoh empowering TC, villies repairing – no way he can take it down. Sixth, do not stay in Classical TOO long – get to heroic, get siege, few eles – gg, usually.
Beware that clever opponent will go to Heroic ASAP, to get siege and take down your TC. Anticipating this, get to Heroic yourself and use Midgols etc.

I’ve done quite a few times. Even if opponent KNOWS for sure you are going to take his forward TC in classical, even he builds around it, even he goes classical first and gets few units plus free MU etc, 8-10 goldies with pharaoh build extremely fast while free wadjet and animals defend it. The only thing if he has 10 hunters nearby .

posted 26 June 2004 12:49 PM EDT (US)     33 / 41       
Long time set player, as the name can say. People are starting to relize this. Egyptians aren't bad, Set isn't bad. If you whopp peoples butts on ESO as set alot, my advice is to move up to higher ranking opponets with same strategies, see, the good thing about set in real life, is that, if you win a lot, you become popular, because most people are too stupid to see the light of the Egyptians...

The heir of Set proclaims:

Isn't it odd that villagers are the only ones who can attack trees?

posted 26 June 2004 03:43 PM EDT (US)     34 / 41       


Long time set player, as the name can say. People are starting to relize this. Egyptians aren't bad, Set isn't bad. If you whopp peoples butts on ESO as set alot, my advice is to move up to higher ranking opponets with same strategies, see, the good thing about set in real life, is that, if you win a lot, you become popular, because most people are too stupid to see the light of the Egyptians...

Dude, stop spamming your biased opinion. NOBODY in their right mind would think eggies are weak. You are probably playing 1400 newbies who made 1 barracks, got owned and think that eggies suck. Eggies are so OP, hell, just the fact that your god is eggy already makes him good. I remember in Vanilla... when everyone went on a Set craze :P since a bunch of top players got up there with Set, people went mad and half of ESO was playing Set. Most were unsuccessful(including me...) because Set is hardest to play, but if you play him right you can own. I think the animals were seriously overnerfed in TT. Set... most people ARE NOT too stupid to see how ancestors+eclipse, easy to spam military, and uber god powers are good. It is just your illusion.

posted 26 June 2004 04:26 PM EDT (US)     35 / 41       
Actually, the main thing people actually notice about Set is teh god powers. Besides, people just dropped him, and we are attempting to bring him up more in power. (People spam the norse...O.o

The heir of Set proclaims:

Isn't it odd that villagers are the only ones who can attack trees?

posted 26 June 2004 04:44 PM EDT (US)     36 / 41       
Set does not get Eclipse. Ancestors without Eclipse suck. So, please... Top players in Vanilla were playing Set because of free army in archaic.
posted 26 June 2004 06:48 PM EDT (US)     37 / 41       
I wouldn't know, never played 'vanilla'

The heir of Set proclaims:

Isn't it odd that villagers are the only ones who can attack trees?

posted 26 June 2004 07:21 PM EDT (US)     38 / 41       
egyptians are the best civ its just new players think they suck cause they dont know how to use them to their fullest. Someone could use isis, not do a fh, and fight oranos in classical then say egypt sucks cause they got slaughtered by cherios or something.
posted 27 June 2004 05:07 PM EDT (US)     39 / 41       
ANUBITES RAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
posted 27 June 2004 06:01 PM EDT (US)     40 / 41       
I am willing to concede there may have been more, but to the best of my knowledge I've only played against 3 Set's in the well over 300+ rated games I've played in AoM/TT combined.

In other words, I played against more Loki's yesterday alone than Set's since I bought the game back in July of last year.

Set has never been popular in the sub-1750 level where Loki/Isis/Thor have always dominated. EVen during "Age of Set" in Vanilla (1.06) there was never many Set players in that ratings bracket.

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posted 27 June 2004 07:34 PM EDT (US)     41 / 41       
True, I find that I'm one of the only Set players ever online. Everyone would rather use Isis or Ra! I play AoM for fun, so Set HAS to be the choice

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