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Topic Subject:A Guide for Ra players
posted 13 May 2004 02:19 AM EDT (US)         
Okay this is a Guide for people intrested in learning how to play Ra, for those who may have just started playing Ra, and also just a little insight i suppose on the inner workings of how to effectivly play Ra, and also includes a Simply Strategy that doesn't Rely on Fast Herioc's or any other Gimmics to make you competitve but this strat and guide will build on "Foundations" that i feel are Fundamental to playing Ra (Egypt in General) so 1st lets take a look at Ra's Bonuses


-God Power Rain-This God power Causes it to Rain all over the map Increasing your Vilagers Farming Speed bye 300%...this is "HUGE" early in the also increases ally and opponent Farming speed bye 200%...this GP is all about timing...if you can use locust swarm before casting can reap large benifits later in the game From it...Also it blocks all GP's from being used anywhere on the map for a full can make a Nice God Power Block in certain Situations IE:Getting Titan gate up or Wonder up, Stopping a player from ceasefire/Frosting you, or interupting or stopping an Ancestors+Eclipse Combo

Pharoah's Empower at 25% instead of 20%-This is a nice means you get more outta of a resource then Isis or Set Pharoah's also means villes gather more per drop..overall a Econ Bonus.

Monuments are Cheaper and Stronger-This is an okay bonus...means you can incorporate Monuments into your build much easier without putting as much of a strin on your also goes right in line with all the Mythological Techs at Ra's decent Bonus

Camels and Chariots have 20% more Hp's and are 10% Faster-Now this is a Good Bonus...not only does Ra's Camels and Chariots have more HP but they are also faster..which means they are a much more effetive Meatshield and will live alot longer...Think of it..Base Isis Camels have 137 Hp's...the Base Ra Camel has 165hp' you can see Ra's Camels and Chariots are much superior to Isis and Sets..very good Bonus indeed.

-Preists can Empower Buildings/Drop Sites-Not a bad Bonus...the Empowerment Rate was increased bye 5% on gathering sites..Ra Preists Empower at 15%..which means you can have a much better econ then alot of the other civs...which means you afford more troops/upgrades/techs...and getting 15% more outta a resource isn't quite's good to have atleast 1 on food and 1 on wood with Pharoah on gold and your econ is in good shape...also they help against myth unit raids.

-Skin of Rhino-Ra's Unique Tech...think of it as a Super-Loom from AOK/ gives villes more hack and pierce armor and also gives them more attack...this tech makes your villes better "Frontline" also makes them much more difficult to kill in raids...and it also makes them capable fighters in fighting off small raiding parties...Skin of Rhino=Freedom...use it..i feel it is prolly the "Best" overall unique tech outta any of the other gods get..Super Villagers are never a bad thing.

Ra's Minor God Choices



Was the Egyption God of Creation his improvements Benifit Barracks units and Technology

-God power Shifting Sands-This GP can be useful for Town center stealing, or just needing to transport somewhere quickly Shifting Sands isn't bad, also it can be used on ranged units IE Chariots,Toxtoes, ect to transport them out of the backlines into your tower fire to give you an advantage in a battle, is also good for transporting some raiders away from your villes in a pinch.

Myth Unit-WadjetThe Wadjet is a very useful is Ranged...they recover Hp's and they receive a "HUGE" Bonus damage against other Myth units...which means Wadjets are effective Myth unit Killers...they are extremly tough when they have any type of army in front of them...Wadjets with a meatshield are something to be feared...Also a Wadjet will Split a Promethean in 2 shots...just an example of how much damage the Wadjet does to myth's having a few of these guys with your army makes myth units less of a threat...and they only cost wood and favor...makes them easy to afford.

Ptah's Techs

Shaduf-Now this is just an "Awesome" reduces the cost of your farms bye 33% and halves their build time...this Tech goes Hand in Hand with Ra's God power Rain cheaper and faster built farms means you can take advantage of Ra's Rain GP earlier in the game...and with not as much of an investment...means more farms earlier..not a bad deal

Leather Frame Shield-This is a Decent Tech gives Spearmen more Pierce Armor...stack it with the regualr Armory ups...makes Spearmen more resistent to Arrow Fire and is a tech i usually get..especially against Greek/another Egypt or an Atlantean opponent.

Electrum Bullets-This Tech Boosts Slingers attack, Again Stack this with your regualr Armoy up's...but it does boost your slingers attack making them more effective and is a tech worth getting when you can afford it...really helps outin Slinger wars/or dealing with Atlantean Turma's.

Scaloped Axe-This Tech Boosts Axemen Attack, again stack with Armoy usefull if facing a Norse opponent or an opponent that is massing's boosts your Axemen making them more effective.


Was the Egyptian God of Cats and Daughter of Ra Her Improvements Benifit your Econ and Villagers

God Power Eclipse-It Turns Day into Night it increases Myth unit Attack,Hack Armor, Speed, and Special Recharge time...It Also Makes Monuments Generate Favor faster during the Also Blocks all other GP's...good uses for this GP are when you have a Bunch of Myth units, In conjunction with a Titan, or to serve as a God power Block to Stop Flaming Weapons/Walking Woods/Cease/Frost or Ancestors.

Myth Unit SphinxThe Sphinx is a "Good" Myth fares well against most units, and has a Crush attack which makes it effetive against buildings...having 2 Upgrades means it's effetivle throughout Classical, Heroric and Mythic..1 upgrade for each age..and the upgrades only cost wood and favor...definitly a good myth unit to go with your army...and the high pierce armor of the Sphinx means it's quite resistant to arrow fire.

Bast's Techs

-Sacred Cats-Makes Villagers Farm 10% faster(Heard there is a Bug and it is actually only 5-7% but still for it's price...that's nota bad deal...faster is faster IMO and can never go wrong with faster food flow.

-Adze of Wepwawet-Makes villes Fell Trees in a "Single Blow" and gather wood Faster(Heard it doesn't take affect till you have the 2nd Wood upgrade Bow Saw researched)..again for it's price...faster faster..can't go wrong with this tech.

-CrioSphinx-Upgrades Sphinx to give it more Hp's, more Attack and more Crush attack...if you can afford this tech get it...especially if your using alot of Sphinx's.

Hieracosphinx-Upgrades Sphinx to give it more Hack/Crush Attack and More Speed...again..if you making alot of use of Sphinx's then get this tech...they don't cost a whole lot...and if you can afford these techs..they pay nice rewards.



Sekhemut was the Egyptian Goddess of the Desert and Warfare her Improvements Benifit Siege and Archers.

God Power Citadel-This a very "Underated" God power...with lots of uses...It provides +10 pop..which means you can outnumber your opponent at equal Town also Cancels out Isis +3 pop cap per TC...also if doing a "Fast Herioc" Citadel...means if opponent has 2 TC to your means your only down by 5 pop slots rather then 15...just something for you to think about.

Myth Unit ScarabThe Scarab is a "Siege Weapon" Myth unit...they are very good at trashing Buildings...and they are much harder to kill then a Siege tower as villes get no damage bonus against them....and they cost food and favor...with Ra's Rain GP you should be able to afford a few of these guys to help you take out key fortresses and other strategic positions.

Sekhemut's Techs

Bone Bow-This is a "Very good" Tech if your making use of lots of Chariot increases their Range bye 4 tiles...making them more effective raiders, and they can outrange even buildings...the added range means they kill infantry more effetivly as they can attack the infantry from farther away...this is a "Solid" tech if your using alot of Chariot Archers

Slings of the Sun-Now this is a "Really Handy" gives your Slingers Bonus Damage against "ALL OTHER INFANTRY" which gives your Slingers the Dual Role of Counter Archer/Counter Infantry..makes them like Greek Toxtoes with more Also Increases the Bonus Damage Slingers get Against Axemen/Hyapist/Throwing Axemen...which makes Slingers More Effective at killing Counter-Infantry...a good tech if you like to use alot of Slingers.

-Ram of the West Wind-Boosts Egypt Siege Towers Giving them more HP's and More Crush expensive Tech..but if you can afford does help drop buildings a bit faster.

-Stones of Red Linen-Increases Catapult/Siege Ship Crush Attack....not a bad Tech to get in mythic Age to help drop buildings faster with your Catapults...combined with got Uber Siege.


Was the Goddess of the Sky and Fertility Her Improvements Help your Buildings and Mercenaries.

God Power Locust Swarm-This God power Attacks your opponents destroys Farms and will kill Villagers not garrisoned or out of range...good to use to cripple opponents econ or to trap a few outside goldminers with Camels and them Locust them for an easy 10+ ville kills, can also be cast during Ceasefire to Prevent the Zeus/Poseidon "Ceasefire Forward TC steal"

Myth Unit PetsuchosThis is argued bye many to be one of the Best Herioc Age myth units...and im not gonna argue with fires with 100% accuracy at range, has a small crush very darn good with a Meatshield in front of them they can deal large amounts of damage at range...they also get a Damage bonus against other myth units...but not as big of a bonus as the wadjet gets..

Myth Unit Roc-A flying Transport...good for scouting or for flying raiding parties from 1 side of the map to another...also famous for the "Roc Drop" putting some siege towers inside of a Roc then dropping them behind enemy lines can really wreck havoc on an unsuspecting enemy.

Hathor's Techs

Medjay-Increases Mercenary Lifespan...a Good tech overall...longer living Mercs is a boost to the over-all Egypt army...means you can use Mercs more "Offensivly" then you could without this mercs can travel longer distance across map if need be..if you go Hathor...definitly get this Tech.

Sun-Dried-Mudbrick-Is a tech worth getting for it's gives buildings more Hp's and Reduces their Gold Cost...this means Farms,Barracks,Migdols,TC,Obelisks,Lighthouses,Wonders,Siege-Works and Towers are Cheaper and have more Hp's...means you can spam Buildings also increases the Hp's of your "Free Houses and Drop Sites" as also effects Town Centers.

Crocodopolis-Increases Petsuchois Range...i never get this tech...i usually forget but it is good if you have the spareresources and are using alot of Petsuchos.



Osiris is the Husband of Isis and the God of Judgement and the Underworld His Improvements Benifit your Camels.

God Power Son of Osiris-Tansforms your Pharoah into a Lighting Wielding Demi-God This is prolly the "Best" Mythic God Power in the game...simply because of "How Long" it can last...if you keep him within Fortress range to Garrison in and behind a Meatsheild of an army...the SOO can just wreck complete HAVOC on the opponents army...Firing Chain Lighting...he is nothing to mess around with...although he can't be healed...try to keep him alive as long as you can...he is a "big" boost to your army...beware of Zeus's bolt God will Kill SOO instantly.SOO also Slaughters Myth units like crazy making them pointless to use against you as long as SOO is alive.

Myth Unit Mummy an "awesome" Myth unit...has an Instant Kill attack...can turn even Greek Collosus into a Minion...killing it instantly...Proper Micro of their Special will rob the opponent of their most powerful units...keep behind a Meatsheild for optimal effectivness.

Osiris's Techs

Desert Wind-Increases Camel's Attack,Speed,and Hp's...this is an "Awesome" just make's Ra's Camels incredible and it makes Cav all that much useless in face of These Super Ra Camels...With Desert Wind..they become the Fastest unit in the Game next to a FU Sphinx under can really Wreck some Havoc with Ra Desert Wind Definitly an Upgrade Worth Getting.

New Kingdom-Gives you a 2nd Pharoah..this is a nice Econ Boost...1 Pharoah empowers market..the other on a TC and farms or in the front lines...definitly a tech you should get every game if the game goes to mythic age and you pick Osiris this tech is a "Must Get"

Funeral Barge-Increases Kebenit Attack against Arrow Ships...not a Tech i get too often as sea battles are usally over bye the time you get acess to this tech.

Atef Crown-Increases the Lifespan of the Minions your mumy makes with it's special, gives the Mummy more Attack, and Hp...i usually don't get this tech...but if you got spare resources and can afford it i suppose maybe...


Horus was the Son of Osiris and Isis and the Egyptian God of Veangence, His improvements Benifit your Infantry.

God Power Tornado-Creates a Twister that damages both units and best targeted where there is a cluster of buildings as the Tornado moves randomly...but a god God Power to Decimate a Forward Base or to take out a Titan Gate.

Myth unit Avenger The Avenger is a "Mauler" of a Myth unit...Good hack armor, High Attack...only cost food and favor which should be in abundance bye Mythic Age...Avengers are "Hardcore" Fighters...they love to just smash things...also their Special is they spin around like a Whirldwind with 2 swords slashing every unit around them for massive damage.

Horus Techs

Greatest of Fifty-This Tech gives Spearmen More Hack Armor and a 100% Bonus Damage against Cav...a good tech to get...Spearmen Really Rip Cav apart after they get this tech.

Spear on the Horizon-Increases Spearmen Attack and Hp's-This is a very good tech to get as well...Makes your Spearmen all the more Stronger...and for their cost...prolly the most cost effetive unit in the game...a FU Spearmen owns...and are easily massed and quite fast and have good armor stats.

Basic Strat for Ra

This Strat is not Designed for Flashy "Fast Heriocs" or any type of "Gimmick" not saying "Fast Heriocs" are "Bad" im just saying for the average player...those types of Strats are too hard to get "Good" with in a reasonable amount of time...thas why im going to share with you the Strat Below which will help the newer players get competitive with Ra in a Decent amount of time( This Strat was Inspired Bye Gx-Iron Former Number 1 on ESO)This Strat is desinged to make for "Strong Military Operations" in the Classical Age.


Now Before we Begin i know we have heard how Migdol units are all this and all that...well...the only Migdol unit i think really is worth a Darn is the Chariot Archer...the Elephant is only useful for Close Range...the Camel just cost too much gold and too much pop for a Unit that does the Same Job as the Spearmen, the Spearmen costs "Less" which means i can use all the surplus gold to spam Merc Cav which is a "Better Investment" then hosing your gold on all Migdol units...Don't get me wrong a few "Camels" or Chariots for support is fine...but 75-80% of your human Military units should be Barracks units...Ra gets every up but Serpent Spear for Barracks units...Barracks units may not be "pop Effective" But they are "Cost Effective" you can afford to lose alot more Spearmen that only cost 20 gold, then you can Camels that cost 70 gold....catch my drift? gonna be very "Aggressive" with this not gonna sit back and just be raided and gonna take the raid to him...and secure map control with a Decent sized army...and Head to Herioc age to use a Sige Attack+Mercs to end the game before opponent can reach Titan Age....i have won my last 10 games with this does just takes practice...but it's decent enough to get you competitive in a decent amount of time...and it is flexible..with that being said on to the Strat...

The Below Strat takes Advantage of the Ptah+Sekhemut+Horus God Path, Ptah's Shaduf and Barracks Tech's, Sekhemut's +10 pop and Archer Techs, and Horus Barracks up's...Sekhemut is more important in this strat then need to "Outnumber" your opponent to win with this strat..and Sekhemut's Citadel power gives you a much easier time in Achieving this...Your gonna basically beat your oppponent with Hardcore Barracks unit spam+Siege Cheese+Mercs+Myth units and Priests..Remember Egypt wins bye pure numbers...they have weaker troops gotta just out number your opponent...

Basic Strat

Land map-You wanna Send your 1st 2 Villes and Preist to nearest Food source(Perferably Hunting) and build granary...Send Pharoah to scout a lap around your base looking for Relics and goldmines, 2nd food source ECT..if heavy hunting map Research hunting dogs...if not...Build 1st Monument later in Archiac or research Husbandry.Before Clicking up to Classical on a Land map you should be around pop 24(pop 26 if you made 1 extra preist to empower) shouldn't have any more then 2 on wood in any more then that will slow your advance time too much...but atleast 2 so you can afford pickaxe gold mine upgrade.During the Transition to Classical Age you will want to build your 1st monument when you Click up for Classical you should have roughly around 13-15 on food, 4-5 on gold, and 2 on wood Also besure to build houses around your towers to protect them

Classical God Choice PTAH

When the Gong hits for Classical Age take 3 villes and Build 3 Barracks, have your TC pump villes on to wood until you have atleast 7-8 on wood then shift back to gold...when you have the wood and favor, research Shaduf...and also Skin of soon as your Barracks are complete Begin pumping Spearmen...and Slingers as you can...Depending on your opponent and what he is making you want your army to consist of 40% Spears and 60% Slings

If Against Poseidon more Spears then Slings, Also try to get a good "Mix" Against an Atlantean Player in Classical...Egypt..Ra in Particualr has the Econ and Troops to straight up fight an Atlantean in Classical Age...Rain means he can Flood Spears that will beat Both the Turma and the Cherio...just gotta Flank the Cherio's with a Few Spears and they will Drop

Over all you want your Army to look like this in Classical Age
Spear+Sling+Atleast 4 Preists+3-4 Wadjets

Keep pumping Villes and get Line ups, Econ techs and armory techs as you see fit...Lots of Turma's? get pirece armor up's 1st, Lots of infantry..get Hack armor

With this an "Aggressive" Defense...your gonna prevent your opponent from tkaing your TC's while you secure your TC's for yourself...When you have Shaduf Researched and atleast 12 farms and Husbandry and Plow Cast Rain to boost your food should have atleast 2 TC when clicking the Advance to Herioc Age Button Pick Sekhemut...Also just keep Spamming Barracks as you press forward and add all your Barracks to a Control group so you can train from all of them at the Same time bye mythic Age you should be producing from 12-15 Barracks...maybe more...just flood units at your opponent.Also Slings of the Sun is a Must Tech here

When you Hit Herioc Age...a Migdol on a Goldmine in the Front lines is important for are Towers later in Herioc/Mythic can produce a "few" Camels/Chariots for Support...but still mainly Barracks units..Also a Siege Workshop is a also got a Free Scarab...if you have the favor...que up another...if things have gone well...up to this have atleast secured your TC's..and opponent has secured his...unless he is have a pop Advantage over him due to Citadel... you gotta press this advantage once in Herioc age..Fortified Tc is top priorty..also the Heavy Spear and Heavy Sling as well as any Armory techs you need...don't forget Slings of the Sun...with that Tech..your Spear+Sling combo just got all that much better against infantry is time for the Big offensive...send about 5 Spears to attack a remote Production site...once part of his army of a few units show up...lauch your offensive on his forward...the 2 Scarabs+a siege tower or 2 and your army and you should with some luck and good micro beable to smash it this point..bring villes up...lay a migdol to fight under...and lay 4-5 more barracks forward and keep puming those units.Also Tower Like No Tommorow...Forcing your opponent to Fight Egypts weaker Army under Tower Fire will really tip the odds in your Favor...also if ya have the gold and need a push so to speak...spam those Merc Cav into the batttlefield to help you get over the hump

It's very important in this strat that once your win a gotta press forward...attack his econ...raze his whatever you can to cripple him...Also you can never make enough Barracks...i can't stress this enough...the more you can pump from...the faster you supply's improtant when you gain ground that you keep droping barracks so you can get reinforcements to the battlefield much faster.

This strat relies on once you get the "Leverage" Pop advantage you gotta press it until your opponent is dead...don't ever let up.

Also watch out for those sneaky players that try to sneak siege behind your lines and attack your main base with them wheile he thinsk you are the mini-map..leave a few spears at home if need be...

I feel with this will atleast make ya competitive...and you will get better over time...even with me it;'s a work in progresss...i can never beat an Atlantean plyer in Classical with Ra until today...i totally owned an Oranos's all in the micro i suppose

Well good luck and i hope you liked my guide..hope i helped some people wating to learn RA.

I Also want to thank and Give Crdit to AOM heaven for the Pics...kind ahelp me convey my points and were really descriptive and Helpful

I also want to thank all the Forumers here at AOMH for all your great Advice and Constructive Critism on playing this game you guys have all been a great help.

Hope you enjoy.

posted 13 May 2004 09:47 AM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
Good guide, just some thoughts:

- Hathor is so awesome. It's a personal preference thing, but I like being able to have 3 or for petsuchos in the army. Also sundried mudbrick keeps you "in the game" longer, especially with your strat... Trying to take out 15 barracks with the HP techs and mudbrick would easily let you regroup your army twice.

- You are really at a disadvantage vs. forward building thor players who spam raiding cavalry. You have to get crennelations and hope for some "easy kills" in this scenario, while giving up LOTS of map control.

- Champion spearmen are the best unit in the game.

- In mythic age, go with OSiris 98% of the time. Osiris really changes the whole dynamic of the game.. Also mummies are needed since you don't have nephyths priests to help defeat battle boar or collosi spammers.

- Remember that having full pop is better then upgrades most of the time.

- Remember to bring your empowering priests forward to battle in the heroic and mythic age. By this time, you'll be gathering from 2 or 3 gold piles and wood piles, so empowering any one of these isn't as valuable as having them in battle (remember they heal!!)

- Chariots + spearmen my fav combo. Chariots are so easy to double click (to select all), and they're fast, and easy to get a few free kills.

- Pure camels + siege tower spam is nice too, once you have 40 on gold.

- A well placed locust swarm can win the game, I've taken out 10+ villies mining..

- Get that 2nd Pharaoh on the market. Also a tip, when you research the 2nd pharaoh, waypoint your TC to where you want him to spawn to... For instance the front lines, or a gold pile. Remember in mythic he's a 24 attack healing beast!! Amazing value!

- you can empower tech research!! Grab a priest and empower the temple so you can get shaduf faster. Empower your migdol to get heavy chariot faster, etc etc.. it all adds up

I have forgotten!! Can someone post the order that you must follow to get the TWO pharaohs + the son of osiris?

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posted 13 May 2004 10:18 AM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
I'll add it.

former Age of Mythology Heaven and Age of Empires III Heaven forumer||former member of Ambition Designs
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posted 13 May 2004 11:21 AM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
cast the gp on the SECOND pharaoh and you'll get another one in a few secs. btw great guide

In the beginning there was nothing-which exploded.
posted 13 May 2004 06:56 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
cool guide thanks!!
posted 13 May 2004 09:05 PM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
great guide, started playing ra again !
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