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Age of Mythology Heaven » Forums » Strategy Discussion » How good is Odin in TT?
Topic Subject:How good is Odin in TT?
(id: Legendary_Jarl)
posted 26 June 2004 02:25 AM EDT (US)         
I have been considering lately to get AOM TT, but before I do I want to know, is Odin any good in TT? or is it dead against Atlantean and Eggy? I am a 1700 aom vanilla player and I am having some troubles with Odin.., I need to improve.

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Yohan Hoogland
posted 26 June 2004 03:30 AM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
Odin is considered to be one of two weakest gods in TT.

You can better pick Loki or Thor.

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posted 26 June 2004 05:23 AM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
Unfortunately that is the case

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posted 26 June 2004 05:48 AM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
I used to play Odin and I think he can still be played in the TT, just raid the hell out of the enemy and use his stronger hill fort units. Legendary_Jarl, I expect you are an experienced Odin player so you should be fine. Loki and Thor are stronger though.


posted 26 June 2004 06:13 AM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
be inspired wiht Hopes Odin and you will just fine...

he defeated One of the best Ra players

one of the best Thor...

with his crazy Odin rush..

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posted 26 June 2004 09:32 AM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
Well. I like odin. Since vanilla for 3 years I have been odin and no one else. Odin has very good qualities and people should recognice them. Units can heal 50 health in 35 seconds. Healing your horses from a raid and then raiding back with fully healed units. They heal while fighting too! Odins jarls have a frichen 350 health when upgraded and can destroy myth units, archers, prondromos, catapults, infantry, anything! It's meaatsheilds woop anyones butt. It has like 14 attack and 50 armor and 60 sheilds. It's stats are like a myth unit. Odin has ravens which can scout and look at every gold mine in the map in about 50 seconds making you availabilty to raid them. They can find what units the enemy is making so u can make counters. Odin hunts 10% faster. With hunting dogs you can even preform an fh which I used 3 years ago and I was the first to think of an Odin FH ( proud of it ) ALso u can mass rc in classic with all the food you got. Odins combo god powers are very helpful if all used at once. Undermine 2 towers, walking woods in the enemies place, then fimbulwinter while u go in for the huge attack if he is 16 - 17 that will usually kill them! hillfort units have +10 or +20%. I forget but anyways that is very helpful! If 10 odin huskarls verse 10 norse huskarls odin has like 5 remaining! If ten odin jarls verse 10 norse jarls there are about 6 remaining jarls for odin. With all upgrades then they both have 50 armor about and 60 health about. Both have 14 attack. But the norse player has about 180 health and odin player has 350 health and 10 vs 10 FO odin jarls will beat FO norse jarls with I say all 10 remaining. Odin is my favorite god. I don't understand why others don't like odin. He is very good
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