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Topic Subject:Aphrodite
Rodrigo Cabanillas
posted 04 October 2004 11:50 PM EDT (US)         
Its aphrodite worth it?

I mean Poseidon really benefits from thracian horses and Apolo is a great god (also it benefits hades archers).

I like aphrodite and i think its really worth it because:

Gp while compared to bronze super units and the undeground passage its really useful i think curse is still a decent gp if used against archers, also if used fast enough it can even give you a nice amount of food (if used home against an small army).

Divine blood is in my opinion the best myth tech ever, it turns your villagers into real combat engeeners, they build as fast as an empowered building, or faster. They also move pretty fast allowing them to reach the battlefield (since all villagers are slowly built in your tcs it can be pretty annoying).

Also it really benefits their respective gods, since Poseidon gets the militia, the more buildings you get, the more militia that will come off making it difficult for attackers. Hades gets the strongest buildings, with tons of hp.

Golden apples is nice, it can give you enough favor to get those insanely expensive hephasto techs, or the deadly chimeras.

posted 05 October 2004 00:33 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Although that is true hades archers with the bonus
The bow of enyo
Arrow of sunlight (Apollo's archer tech, I forget what it is called)
Poison (or is it plague) Arrows from artemis makes hades archers so good.

and with 20 tox with the bow of enyo, arrow of sunlight and medium toxotes I have beaten 40 heavy turmae with bronze upgrades.

I won the battle but a few contarii killed half of the archers.

Rodrigo Cabanillas
posted 05 October 2004 01:30 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Yes hades archers are indeed terrible, but i found that most of my games dont even last enough to get the tech, since its so expensive, compared to weapon upgrades (which benefit all troops).

Also apollos gp is a pssive one, so you cant expect it to save you or to finish the enemy.

So i think Apollo would be a great choice for games that last more, like team games while aphrodite would be a better choice for a game that ends quickly

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