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Topic Subject:The double function of the
posted 05 March 2003 01:49 PM EDT (US)         
Bleh,i forgot to finish the title of the topic.Plz delete this cause i double posted[b]

The common function of the [b]Units In Area condition as we all know is a simple as its name.It is usually used to fire an effect when a certain number of units is in a specified area.
I.e.if you want a trigger that converts ulfsarks from player 1 to player 2 when they are near a temple,the Units In Area is the appropriate condition to use.

Now,what might not be known is that with a very simple "trick" the Units In Area condition can be used as Player Owns Units/Buildings condition.All you have to do is set an unkillable unit/object as a center unit and put a very big number in the radius box.
This means that the specified area will cover the whole map,so the effect will fire whenever the number of the specified by the designer units exist on the map.

An example would be the best way to describe this...
Say you want a trigger that alerts player 2 when player 1 has built a siege camp,so that say the first will then start a counderattack.You should then use the Units In Area Condition like this:

Condition=Units In Area
Center Unit=i.e. a rock or a cinematic block
Unit=Siege camp
Radius=i.e. 1000000
Operator= == or >=

Anything you want...

With this condition the effect will be fired whenever player 1 owns a siege camp on any spot of the map.

P.S.If you have problems understanding the Units In Area condition,check this usefull thread:,10294,0,10

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