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Topic Subject:how to place triggers
posted 11 March 2003 08:33 PM EDT (US)         
where do i go to place triggers i tried looking in place objects under triggers but they arnt there. i know how to use them but not how to place them
posted 11 March 2003 08:43 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
On the left pannel, you will see the button Insert. Click that to create a new trigger.

Once you have created your trigger, there will be another Insert button on the right hand side, which lets you create new effects.

posted 12 March 2003 09:54 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Triggers are like a loaded gun, hence the name.

The main reason to have a trigger is to make an "effect(s)" happen under a curtain"condition(s)."

If setting the triggers are yout problem then look at your conditions "condition(s)," an exampel of how to fire a trigger is a timer it works somewhat like this:

What you see:

[Units in Area]

[Center Unit(s)]
This is where the units need to be to activate trigger, you must select the item on map before clicking the button for it to work.

[show unit]
shows the unit you have selected to be your unit center

[Unit Type] (must be spelled corectly)
This is the unit type that must be near the "centered unit" for it to work

Distance from Selected unit or area on map 2 radius = 1 tile with terain grid on

<, >, = =>, <= masic math symbols ex. =< means equal to less than

[xNumber] how many units of type need to be in radius for trigger to work

[Grant resources]
[Player #] Player to recieve food
[x number of food]

What occurs:
When x number of specified units, are in the radius, food will be granted to the player set player one time only. (unless you loop the trigger) but then you should add a timer condition.

Thats a pretty basic trigger but they are all based the same, you need conditions to make an effect happen when desired.

Hope that helped there is some great trigger help on this site. Ive gotta run but im suresomeone will post the URL.

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